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Social Media

Looking to be proactive and grow your social networks for your business?

Get your very own social media campaign created for your company. Social marketing can be a valuable way to create a community associated with your brand or improve branding awareness there are a range of options available to you.

We will post on a regular basis with unique content to various networks on you behalf. We aim to post twenty times a month, the idea behind this theory is to become known as a 'publisher' on social platforms. This level of posting will increase the awareness and also act as signal for your brand. We will use content from around the web to post on social media, for example an articles related to topic or industry of your choice. We encourage the visitor to click on your posts and direct them back to your website where possible.

We post unique content based on your industry whilst also posting general information about your company, service or news that is related. We also posts with hashtags to increase relevancy. Posts are scheduled to be sent simultaneously with other accounts.

Some features of the Social Medial packages include

  • Unique content created and submitted daily to your social networks
  • Social  allowing you to access and view the progress of your campaign on a live basis at any time
  • All content is created and scheduled before so you can see what is being submitted
  • Look active online and stay on their radar
  • A range of automated and audience engagement
  • Daily monitoring of your account to respond to any enquiries
  • Social Media data is available
  • Custom graphics to engage users
  • Encourage click through's to your website

We also can provide social advertising - so your adverts can appear on social networks