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Digital marketing, even more so in recent years, has become an essential strategy for all businesses. So, knowing how digital marketing helps to grow business is important knowledge for any company – it's like not knowing the off-side rule! There are many advantages to growing your business through digital marketing, here are the top three benefits as well as our guide on how to kick off your digital marketing game – ready, set, go!

1. Mass reach

2. Brand awareness

3. Engagement

The Brief – Determining how often you should update your website
Golf Betting Club is a leading golf tipping site. The website had originally been built through website templates and do-it-yourself prototype structures. We worked with the client to discover what problems they were having with their current website, how they would like to develop the site in order to reach new audiences and how the new build would respond to their current audiences needs and behaviours.

There are so many advantages to having a strong website. A website that not only looks and feels good but visually represents your brand can drastically improve your businesses presence. It’s likely you already know this. But what you might not realise, is that it not only matters what your website looks like but how it is built.

We are going to explore the benefits of using a professional website builder as opposed to self-building.

Rhys Welsh Web Design specialise in Mura web development in Cardiff. Having been working with various CMS for many years, we can work with everything from simple websites to complex web systems.

We believe the Mura CMS is perfect for organisations of any size. Whether you are a small business, start-up or enterprise, our Mura CMS developers in Cardiff can work with you to build a custom solution.

Customer ex ROI

Customer experience in the digital world is evolving constantly. That’s why marketers should keep up with the latest trends in customer experience. In fact, Enhancing and personalising customer experience is the biggest priority for more than 55% of businesses.

Businesses with a good digital customer experience (CX) can expect to charge a premium of up to 25% on their offerings. However, a poor CX can put off customers.

great web design brief

You want a new website, and your web design Cardiff agency will ask for a project brief even to be able to provide a quote. Your website brief is the starting point that will pave the way for the creative process from there on.


Here are some questions to ask to be able to create a good web design brief.

Driving quality traffic to your website is wonderful. However, it’s of no use if that traffic does not convert.

As a matter of fact, about 96% of visitors coming to a website are not ready to make a purchase. This means that you must leave no stone unturned to impress your visitors, improve engagement and create trust.

Here are 5 new features you can add to your website to help convert visitors.

In late September 2015, a Google employee discovered that the Google domain was available for sale. He purchased the domain to see if it really was possible to buy that domain. Although he remained the owner for all of 5 minutes, this story goes to show the importance of renewing your domain on time.

At Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff, we highly recommend that you set your domain names to auto-renew. Here are 5 good reasons to do so.

 No matter the size of your business, if you are looking to grow your revenue, you must grow your website and your social network presence.

Having a website is not enough. You need an active online presence if you want to see your sales grow.

Here are 10 reasons why you must grow your website and social media presence.

Cyber attacks and website attacks are on the rise. The need for website security is higher than ever before. Hacking poses a huge threat to your business. That’s why it’s important to secure your site and the data it contains.

In this post, we explore five reasons why you shouldn’t ignore website security.

Looking to reduce the number of abandoned baskets on your online store? It’s not easy to see a customer reach the shopping cart only to abandon it. However, all’s not lost. There are some proven techniques you can leverage to lower your site’s cart abandonment rate without completely redesigning your online shop.

You must have come across the words ‘HTTP and ‘HTTPS’ at some point or another. You must have seen the green padlock on your Internet browser. This lock signifies an HTTPS protocol.

So why do some website URLs begin with HTTP and some with HTTPS?

This is a common question many clients ask during their initial consultation with our web development Cardiff agency.

People take less than a millisecond to form an opinion about the websites they land on. And when it comes to your online presence, first impressions mean everything. The first impression you create with your website depends on a variety of factors including structure, spacing, font, symmetry, amount of text and more.

So why is it important to make the right first impression on your website visitors? Let’s take a look.

You know that content is the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. Be it your social media presence or your blog, content is critical. Coming up with content is a top priority for you. Week after week, you promise yourself to make social media for your business, only to end up forgetting it.

Many times, coming up with content ideas can really slow you down and it’s easy to forget it. Here are some fantastic content ideas for your social media posts.

You just met with a website designer and came out of the meeting confused. You thought the web designer was speaking an entirely new language.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. A web design Cardiff expert can speak English too, but sometimes we can’t avoid the use of jargon. In this post, I explain some of the common phrases used by website designers.

A knowledge of these phrases will ensure you can make the most of your meeting with a web development Cardiff expert.

It can take anywhere from a few days to even several months for Google to crawl a site and assign authority to the domain. How soon your website will be indexed by Google depends on a variety of factors. These include a website’s overall structure, the age of a domain, how popular the website is, whether the content can be crawled and the authority of your website.
When it’s a new website, it can take quite a while.

Content is an important part of online marketing. But the truth is that very few companies actually produce viral content that gets shared like crazy. Without a high level of engagement, your content is unlikely to fulfil its purpose.

However, there are several ways to create shareable social media content. Let’s take a look at some top tips.

As a business owner, you are already pressed for time. Marketing is a proactive process that needs dedicated commitment in terms of time and attention. Perhaps you might be putting too much on your plate.

Consider delegating your online marketing activity to us. We will take care of all your digital marketing efforts including social marketing for your Cardiff business. Here are 7 ways you will benefit by delegating your online marketing to us.

8 things you can do today to improve your website's Google Ranking

A whopping 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. This is not going to change in the foreseeable future. That’s why SEO has to be the number one priority for your website.

You might hire the best web design Cardiff agency to build a stunning website. But it won’t be of much use if your website has no visitors. Without a strong online presence, you’re better off not having a website.

Here are 8 things you can do today to boost your website’s Google ranking...

Your website’s domain name is much more than an address. It represents your brand and it’s your online identity.  Naturally, you’d want to choose a domain that suits your business, is memorable and easy to promote.

Given that good domain names are already taken, find an available domain that’s easy, short and inexpensive is a complex task. Here are 10 tips to consider when purchasing a domain name...

Starting your business is a dream-come-true, but alongside the highs of entrepreneurship, you will come face to face with the real struggle of generating leads, converting leads and managing a tight budget.
Not only must you build a strong customer base, you will have to keep saving money. Managing your online presence is a highly cost-effective marketing strategy that takes your brand right in front of your audience and helps establish your brand. You’ve hired a web design Cardiff agency to build a stunning website for you. But that’s just the beginning.

If your website is still not compliant with GDPR, now is the time to hire a website designer in Cardiff to fix that. The deadline for GDPR compliance is 25th May 2018 and non-compliant businesses will be penalised up to £20 million or 4% of their turnover.

Every freelance web designer wants to step up to the next level. Sure, you like the freedom that being a freelancer brings with it, but you can still be a freelancer with a much more professional setup. It’s easy these days what with web design studios and offices in Cardiff available for rent on hourly/daily/weekly and monthly basis.

Here are five reasons why working from a spacious Cardiff web design studio can help you produce better websites for your clients.

The simple answer to this question is yes. We are going to tell you why…

1. Build a brand and increase awareness

You may have the best product in the world but without an established and recognisable brand then your business isn’t reaching its maximum potential. Apple, Nike and Microsoft are examples of the importance of building brand awareness. You probably won’t encounter someone who doesn’t recognise the famous Apple logo and the ‘Just Do It’ tagline. Social media plays a huge part in maintaining that brand awareness. Where do you see the latest Nike collection? Possibly when someone shares an ‘exclusive offer’ on Facebook. How did you know about the new IPhone 8 launch? Someone has retweeted an article on twitter unveiling its release.

Social media allows your business to develop its own personality and establish itself firmly within its marketplace.

A Google business pages is a small snippet or snap shot of your business details - generated from a search results.

But why it is important?

Your Google Business page is a powerful tool that will improve your company’s digital present. Here are some reasons why your business page can help you make more sales.


web Challenge 01

“The Talisker Atlantic Challenge is one of the toughest events on the planet,30 teams will take part in the race, covering 3,000 nautical miles as they row between La Gomera and Antigua.”

Our Web Team have worked with Paul, Nick, Hector and Matt to help with donations and market their team as they are competing to overcome some of the most extreme conditions known to man, which will be a true test of strength; both physical and mental. During the crossing, the boat will be completely at the mercy of the ocean, whilst extreme winds, Atlantic storms and sunstroke all pose equal threats.

Introducing the newest member of the Rhys Welsh Design Team

Duke | Catering Manager/Office Dog

Apart from the obvious – dogs are amazing, there are actual real-life benefits of bringing your pet to work. Deciding whether it can build better websites will remain to be seen but for the purpose of this post – we’re going to say it most definitely does.

So, how can office dogs help build better websites?

On average it takes 7 seconds to form an opinion. First impressions are key + you want to wow at first glance.  You need to ensure your website is standing out from the crowd and that’s why we’ve devised 10 reasons why getting a responsive website will help your business grow.

As a web designer it’s a thought that always occurs to me. When I’m creating a website for my customers – do they need to have an SSL certificate for their website?

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that is used to authenticate the identity of a website. The purpose being to encrypt the information sent to the server making for a safe, user friendly connection.
Information online is sent from one computer to the other to reach its destination. Any computer in between the original and the destination server can visibly see the details sent over.
So whether you’re a company, web designer or looking to create a website to showcase your work, you need to be thinking: do I need an SSL certificate?


Borja is a Digital Designer who assists with maintaining a range of design projects, including both graphic and web design for Rhys Welsh Design Team.

Borja holds two Masters Degrees: one in Graphic Design and another in business (MBA). Having an in depth understanding of both fields allows Borja to add further value for our clients.

Borja grew up in Malaga, Sevilla and Campo de Gibraltar - places where Picasso, Velazquez or Murillo lived. Having this background has inspired him to develop his creative skills and pursue his career in the design and communication industry.

Start this New Year by re-assessing your business website. Accelerate your website’s performance and transform it into a true business asset with the expert guidance of a professional web design agency in Cardiff. Here are 5 key website and business tasks that you may want to undertake as part of your New Year resolution.

1. Revisit your Website Design

An outdated design is reason enough to drive your potential customers away. Go for a website redesign if it’s been 3 or more years since you had it designed. If your business has changed so should your website.

It is equally important to be available to your customers through your website on any device. It is time to turn “responsive” in design. Tuning your website to meet rapidly-evolving technology is a sign of a forward-thinking business. Audiences are more likely to trust such businesses.

As an experienced website design expert in Cardiff, Rhys Welsh can craft a stellar website for your business.

Having being approached by a company based in England, I was asked to create a new brand, stationary and various marketing material and a website.

The site was created so the client can edit pages and illustrate the upcoming events and auctions - and highlight the company itself.

When going live the client expressed the following:

" Pleasure working with you and appreciate your help. We are very happy to continue as a regular customer! "

The Website Project Details

A complete new design, content management system and a fully responsive mobile website to account for all devices was built for the international student exchange program that work with the government. The design brief was created to account for their audience and picking the correct layout and imagea were key.

Some of the features include a drop down menu, slideshow, twitter and facebook feed, newsletter sign up integration and interactive map.

safety website project

Project Overview

A redesign of an existing company website set up the new website features a full screen slide show, drop down menu all built using a content management system protected by security monitor and firewall - for peace of mind.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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Product Design website


The client required a website that matched their range of clients and over 20 years of experience. The overhaul took a different approach and we decided on a vibrant and cleaner look, as oppose to the complete black look which complimented the industry. The project has many product for the visitors to explore and a very bright and graphic homepage, with drop down menu to enhance the user experience. The website is fully mobile responsive, meaning it will behave in a different way dependent on the device - for example on mobile phones it will show a vertical format, with larger buttons and reductions in need to zoom in.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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Selling luxury business products that visitors can view and purchase online. Visitors can make orders online using PayPal payment gateway. The range of products are in various categories and the client has complete management over all aspects allowing the website to grow with their business.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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A branch of solicitors operating out of South wales have had a new look and feel with a full content management system allowing the client to manage and update their own site. Some features include a personnel finder that links visitors to an appropriate page, slide show, drop down menu and multiple contact forms for various branches. The website is fully responsive meaning it will adapt to mobile and tablet users, displaying a page to reduce zooming in and enhance user behaviour.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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A animal transportation specialist offering a range of services for you and your pets. The site was renovated to improve a range of features but needed to also maintain the branding and highlight key selling points to help with conversions.

Some features of the website include a slide show, drop down menu, map and contact form.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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A new website design for a well established Architects practice based in Cardiff and South Wales

Design and Functionality Features

A new look and feel concept, using full screen background image and a new structure to highlight the companies portfolio work and previous clients.

The website uses a CMS (content management system) to allow the client to add and edit existing pages.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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A complete new brand and company start up looking to sell expensive and top of the range accessories and clothing from their online shop.

First a brand was created to target their sophisticated audience that are looking for a top end product. The clean look allowing detailed products was the approach taken from the homepage to product pages.

Design and Functionality Features

Some key features of the website include a full shop system offering a range of functionalities that cater from product displays to order details.

The online shop is fully functional and visitors can purchase products as a guest or a registered member. The one page checkout allows for a quick and easy purchase for the customer. The design was created to engage with visitors who enjoy top end products and quality.

View the embedded image gallery online at:





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Having had a bad experience with previous website projects, I was approached to design a new website idea that the client required. The design was produced with a specific target audience in mind. 


The website uses call to actions to make it easy for users to get in contact quickly. A copywriter was brought in to enhance the text and free up time fro the client. A double colum mega menu was created to enhance the drop down menu and usability.

View the embedded image gallery online at:




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A car specialist offering a range of unique services that aren't common with standard garages wanted a new website to demonstrate their key selling points


Professional photographer and web designer worked closely with the client to achieve some great results and images to help sell their services. Other website features include a thumbnail scroller, drop down menu, google map and gallery effects.

View the embedded image gallery online at:




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A groundworks specialists offering bespoke work to clients


A brochure style website project with a range of features including a slide show, numerouse thumbnail galleries as well as demonstrating previous work, case studies and testimonials.


View the embedded image gallery online at:



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The client intend to release a new documentary to be shown on Channel 4 and required a website design that they are proud of an happy to show. The site was designed with some direction to the type of style they require. Images were provided from the real footage and used to illustrate the niche type of work they provide to the large tv channels in the UK and abroad.

The Features

The website was build using a content management system (CMS) and allows the user to add and update pages with ease.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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1. Write “How-to’s”

Write a page or 'step by step' guide answering a question that you may get asked from time to time.
If they are asking the question, other people may be searching online for the same answer.

2. Listen to your customers

Tweet / Post / Email asking a question to your followers, and use their answers as your next blog entry.

3. Look at trends on your social networks

Take a look at the many social networks, to see what posts have been 'shared', 'retweeted' and 'liked' the most.
Researching the most popular content will help you blog in the right direction for your website.

4. Get controversial!

Controversy is risky business but if done correctly, you can help generate a valuable piece of news - that visitors will want to read.

5. Invite guest bloggers

Ask experts in your industry to write a small piece, they get publicity - you get valuable content.

The Design Brief

Create a brand and website set up to enable online sales of a range of products

The Solution

The design was created for pet owners who care about their pets - the vibrant colours and choice of cute animals was one of directions given by the client. The visitor can view the shop, looking at various categories and sub categories to locate their products before purchasing.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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 Website design for vintage cars company

 The Design Project..

The brief was to create a design that stands out from the competition and help sell their vehicles and service

The Features

A wide screen format accounts for all screen sizes and utilizes the space effectively. In order to help convert sales and save time a couple of contact forms were applied to the website system

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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The Website Project for a product supplier company

French based company providing domestic and commercial decking, fencing, railing and cladding products to the UK market recognised the need for a UK style website to sell their european products. The website will be used as a marketing tool, especially when giving client explanations of the finer details. A tab system, drop down menu, multiple full screen slideshows were used to enhance the customers online experience.

What the client says...

We have just gone live and the feedback has been amazing, the site looks great and has exceeded our expectations by some margin. Rhys has been a pleasure to work with and a real asset in getting the web site and brand off the ground. He understood the brief right from the outset and took the time to listen to our feedback and delivered exactly what we asked for. The whole process has been really easy and stress free. A web site is an integral part of any business and I cannot recommend Rhys enough. If you are looking for a web developer who will go the extra mile Rhys is your man.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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The Website and Branding

The client's head office are based in France and have another office in London,  specialising in providing english speaking accountant services in France.
The brief involved a complete re-brand of the logo, and then followed on to the website

A local photographer took a range of images for the site to give the independent look and feel that we desired

Other functions including a 3rd party news feed so there website is kept up to date with any of the financial and accountancy news

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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 Dental Practice in Cardiff Website Design

The Design Project

The client had a single page website and wanted to raise the profile of the business - especially as they were celebrating 10 years in business. The project started with a complete rebrand, and developed a new logo that uses the iconic Castle Coch outline, which was hand drawn. The design project then led to the website project using their existing brand colours. In order to achieve a 'real' business look we worked with a local photographer to really promote the businesses services, staff and property. Some features include a full screen slide show and thumbnail galleries

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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The Brief

To redesign an NHS website, helping raise the profile and awareness

The Web Design

With access to a huge selection of image from the MOD, this allowed the website to capture variouse target audiences and also attract the visitors eyes with a striking image.

The site involves a number of pages including a referral page, resources and usefull links


Client Comments

"I’ve just had a quick look at the website.
I think it’s really good. I am very pleased with the work you have done for us."  

Martin Ford  - Directorate Manager Adult Mental Health
Cardiff & Vale University Health Board



View the embedded image gallery online at:


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Client: EST

The Brief

To create a website that matches their company, and stand out from the average accountancy website

The New Website

The new look website was produced to represent the fast growing company with a number of employees and have two offices based in Wales and England. The project involved a photography session, videos, and interactive website functions.


What the client has said...

"We recently engaged Rhys to update our website. After an initial meeting Rhys very quickly understood what we wanted from the new site and that was captured in the initial design concept.

Rhys managed the process from concept to final website including bringing in a professional photographer, he was responsive throughout and talking through ideas for the website was always an enjoyable experience.

We are delighted with the end result and most importantly the feedback we have received from our clients has been nothing but positive.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Rhys to our clients."

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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Design Client: Cello Gathering

The website was for a worldwide cello course company run by some well known cellist players. The client was not satisfied with previous website company and decided to start again.

The design was targeting a specific audience and key features had to be put in place. Various functions include a fully managed system fir the client and a homepage slideshow


Website Design Project: Calon Rhiwbeina

The Website Design Brief

A new local business based in Rhiwbina, Cardiff setting up a womens boutique wanted to educate visitors on the type of clothing they provide and their contact details.

The website was created to attract the target audience and provide Element Selectioninteresting images of products

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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Website Client: Zenith Construction

The site design brief

Having had issues with their previous website company, a new concept was required to represent their business and evergrowing portfolio. Following the website the client required stationary designs ready for print.

The Final Product

The design uses an angled framework to give a 'construction' style, used in conjunction with the strong branding colours. Other features include a thumbnail gallery to showcase their latest work.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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Web Design Client: Whitchurch Golf Club

Design Brief

One of Wales's most prestigious golf courses required a new website to match their high profile. The club required a content management system so they can update their site with the constant tournaments and social events

The Website

The website design had a huge range of functions and sections. Members could now log in an access registered only pages. A calendar section allows the administrator to manage events which show visitors what was happening at any point in the year. Other features include a members directory, galleries and a hole by hole guide.

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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Plastering Company

The Website Brief

A local tradesman working in the South Wales area required a website for their business. Having being reccomended by another client a meeting was arranged to outline thier requirements

Web Design

A striking image was used to instantly inform visitors of the services provided. As a growing business

View the embedded image gallery online at:




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Website Design Client: KG Roofing and Building

Design Brief

Having worked with the London based company director before he was confident to all the design would be developed to his taste. The requirement was to create a new brochure website design to represent his new business

The website

Looking for a professional look and feel, and a system allows the customer to add and edit pages instantly, perfect for a growing business. The slideshow, focus boxes and angled design helped provide an enhaced user experience.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

 What the client said...

"Once again, thank you for creating yet another masterpiece."



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Web Design Client: Little Casino Company

The Brief

The client had previously purchased the company and decided they were in need of a new look as the old website was targetting the wrong audience.

The Design

Capturing the thrill and excitement of casinos a concept was created to instantly impress visitors. This was enhanced by the use of a slideshow and drop down menus. The design encoraged the company to get their unique selling points across in the form of a mission statement

View the embedded image gallery online at:


"I worked with Rhys to design a web site for our Fun Casino Company. I was keen to work with a local Cardiff designer and Rhys offered great advice and a personal level of service that stands him apart from many others. Traffic to our sight is continuing to increase and Rhys has even worked on making improvements after the launch. I will continue to work with Rhys on the developement of this and other sites in the future."



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Design Client: TerraBella

Design Brief

The business sell a range of top end gems and jewellery for consumers. The client had previously abandoned a project with another website company, as they were not happy with the results and in particular the overall first impression. The new website had to sell their products in a professional and eye catching manner

The Online Shop

a complete new brand and overhaul, together with a new shop system provided visitors the availability to puchase products and pay online. Imagery was a key influencer for visitors and this played a key role in the design. Multiple slideshows and galleries were applied to the design.

View the embedded image gallery online at:




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Design Client: A Fine Line

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The Brief

Create an online brochure website allowing the client to approach big american film production companies. The idea is when the client visits their website they will be impressed by their company and portfolio.

The Design

A concept was developed to compliment the film industry but allow the client to understand the level of expertise they have. In this case the stunning images of the design clients work were used - certain images were used to make it obvious the services are being offered. For example the opening images shows a lovely film set piece quite obviously on a film set. As you explore more of the site the various sections help confirm the company know what they are doing. The system built allows our client update their site instantly.



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 Web Design websites cardiff



Understanding your Buisness Cardiff Websites

1. Understanding your business

The idea is to find out as much information about your business or organisation, as well as establish the objectives. Target audience is a key area so it is important to understand who the website will be used by. For example the objectives of the site may include raising the profile, help generate leads or provide an effective information resource for users.
Each business is different and has unique selling points, its important that all information is gathered to ensure we go in the correct direction of the project.
This can be achieved in a number of ways either in person, phonecall, skype or email - whatever works best for you.
Design Research Cardiff Websites

2. Design Research

A considerable time is spent looking at competition within your industry, and looking for inspiration from other websites and projects.

Finding the correct image for your business is vital part of the project and first impression for users - time is allocated for this reason. As a strong believer in planning, your concept will be mapped out from start to finish always working to the next stage to ensure a prompt delivery.

Design research is generally work that is carried out behind the scenes in order to achieve the next stage.





Concept Development Cardiff Websites

3. Concept Development

A bespoke design will be developed and presented for you to use as your online presence.

It is important to get the correct design as it will be judged by your target audience, and help generate leads for you.

Each concept is a custom design and never a ‘template’, I believe forcing a company in to an ‘off the shelf’ template doesn’t work - or more importantly, have the desired impression on users.




Concept Presentation Cardiff Websites

4. Concept presentation

You can expect to see the concept in a pdf format.
Any changes will be made or remade until you are 100% happy with the proposed design layout

The idea is to get a concept that you are happy for it to represent your business, so any changes will be made as requested - once the design is signed off it will be built in to a web format for you.




Building of Web Structure Cardiff Websites

5. Building of Web Structure

Once the design is signed off the web build will begin, transferring a graphic concept in to a fully functional web format.

All structural parts, navigation and images will be applied at this stage, ready for content to be applied at a later stage.





Hosting of Web Files Cardiff Websites

6. Hosting of Website Files

The website needs to be hosted in order for people to access your website.
All files are usually uploaded to a dedicated server which are secured in a data centre based in one of the leading hosting companies in the UK
For more information please go to:



Brower Functionality Testing Cardiff Websites


7. Browser and Functionality Testing

The site will be tested in various browsers and functionality will be checked for usability.

This is to ensure the user experience is positive.





Population of Content Functionality Testing Cardiff Websites

8. Population of Content and Functionality

The content provided for the site will be applied to all the individual pages.

The options are your text and images can be provided by yourself or this can be arranged for you (at an additional cost).

The site will be set up, so it will be in a position for you to take a look.

This way you can experience the initial impression with all aspects in place.





Snagging Revisions Cardiff Websites

9. Snagging & Revisions

At this stage the website is presented to you before going live.

You can expect to have a temporary link for you to view the website on your computer.

The site can be checked and you can confirm before we go live to the public.






Go Live search engine notifications Cardiff Websites

10. Go live and search engine notifications

Once the website goes live, Google will be notified by a number of signals.

This will be put in place prior to going live - to speed up the process for google to find your website and in turn help users using search engines






Web Tracking Cardiff Websites

11. Website Tracking

Websites will be tracked, and many detailed statistics about your website's traffic and sources can be accessed at any point.

These stats can include visitors, visitor locations, time spent on site, flow of pages visited and much more.

The idea of tracking is so you can instantly monitor the websites performance and use this data to help with your websites progression.





Security Installation Cardiff Websites

12. Security installation

As well as the already provided hosting security and support, additional measures are provided and your site is applied with a 3rd party security scanner that observes the site every 3 hours, and will fix any issues if they are to arise.
This is for peace of mind for my clients, for more information please see:

More information on security for our websites >




Ongiong Maintenance Support Cardiff Websites

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Looking for ongoing relationships there are may options available for your website, as your business grows so should your website.

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#PutYourPantsOnYourHead #HelpHollie



Help Hollie Campaign - "Pants on your Head"

charity-web-design-cardiffA family based in Cardiff received some bad news, as their 9 year old daughter had been diagnosed with a rare case leukemia, and desperately needed a bone marrow donor match
  -  After some guidance I created a brand and website in order to increase the chances of finding a match

The ultimate aim of the website was to promote the increase in bone marrow donors.  Some people never find a match and others can wait years...

the '#Pantsonhead' campaign was born. The story starts when the Hollie's uncle put his pants on his head to cheer her up. The campaign raised awareness by encouraging the public to take a photo of themselves wearing their pants on their head and post it on twitter!

The campaign was unique, attention grabbing and with the success many celebrities and sporting legends got involved

The new website helped promote their campaign, along with their social networks and determined/persistant family members.The website had a range of pages and the more popular being the gallery page of the huge list of stars, friends and family.

To name a few..

  • Gareth Bale - International Footballer (Real Madrid)
  • Sam Warburton - Lions Captain
  • Geraint Thomas -Olympic gold medalist

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The goal of the website was to find a donor, the campaign hit newspapers, news broadcasts and even was the highest trending keyword in Spain! (thanks to Gareth Bale).

As of July 11th, a donor was found as well as increasing the bone marrow database of donors

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.43.12

Below are just a small number of celebrities and sporting icons that were involved with the campaign

The campaign was so big it reached

  • 160 Countries
  • Over 11,500 Visitors
  • Over 27,500 Page visitors

…and counting

The exposure was unbelievable, being featured on the BBC evening news, newspapers and shared all across many social networks…etc

However the aim of the campaign was to encourage donor registration, and in turn increase the chances of Hollie's match being found. Amazingly the number of donors increased dramatically

  • In Wales, between 12 June and 23 June, a 2,580% increase in online registrations.
    In terms of web visits, a 1,530% increase  compared to  the same period last year
  • In Cardiff between 12 June and 23 June, a 2,600% increase in online registrations.
    In terms of web visits in Cardiff, a 2,250% increase compared to the same period last year
  • In the UK, between 12 June and 23 June, a 170% in online registrations compared to last year


More Media...


A lot earlier than first anticipated and a few weeks on Hollie had the news all her family and friends had been looking for.

Hollie found her match. This increased her chances of survival and in the journey increased everyone else's in the same condition. The campaign achieved what they set out to do! and in a very short space of time.


With her treatment and despite the huge efforts to find a match Hollie sadly passed away

The funeral as expected had a huge turnout, and it was quickly established that the family wanted to continue the legacy that Hollie had left and immediately started raising money for Anthony Nolan trust to help others like Hollie.


24 Hour Spin Event

spin charity eventHelp Hollie introducing an event to raise awareness and money for their chosen charity (Anthony Nolan)

The website evolved dramatically, including the content and the look and feel - The site needed a Christmas feel and required an online booking system so volunteers can book their slot ready for the event. The event created by Hollie's parents involved a '24 hour spin bike ride'.

Volenteers would take turn to make sure the bikes wheels would move 24 hours non stop.

Volenteers would book online and take it in turn to have their go (30 minute slots) - and get sponsored along the way. Despite the early hour and late night slots unbelievably 2 bikes were fully booked in just over 24 hours (thats 96 slots/people)
At this point more bikes were then introduced!

The charity event raised a staggering £18,000 (and counting) for Anthony Nolan Trust, and also other events were created such as the 'Penybont to Paris bike ride' and a 'ball' to raise awareness. The amount is set to increase with the introduction of new events

I anticipate the legacy that Hollie and her parents had begun will continue for a very long time. Her family were an inspiration and was amazed by their huge driving force and people power to to really give Hollie a chance

I very much enjoyed working on this charity project for a local campaign, despite Hollie not being with us today, it was a great cause - and was a website project that I will never forget.




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The client is an online business offering nutritional supplements that promote fitness and wellbeing. The website was also expected to work hard to educating the visitors in the potential benefits of the supplements and hence had to be extremely informative without being arcane. I welcomed the opportunity of building an e-commerce site because this would definitely be a feather in the cap in my career as a freelance designer Cardiff.

The Client

The client is in the business of supplying fitness supplements that increase the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, a process that yielded several benefits such as increased levels of energy, improvement in the breathing function, nutrient absorption as well as mental focus and alertness levels.
A regular consumption of the supplements also aided removal of free radicals, heart rate reduction, injury recovery, and increase in quality of blood, as well as improvement of the functioning of the bodily immune system.

Design Challenges

The biggest challenge of the website design was to look completely professional as this needed to appear scientific and grounded on rationality. Due to the nature of the subject, it was decided to stay away from the hype and the hoopla that was typically associated with products that promised the world but had little scientific basis to their claims.
Information was required to be presented logically and in an uncomplicated manner so as to be easily understood by common people who were concerned about their health and fitness.

Project implementation

Information provided by the client was logically sorted out in terms of what customers were most likely to be seeking. As a result, the home page had clickable buttons that lead them to pages dealing with the benefits of the products separately for fitness and wellbeing.

Individual pages were dedicated to each of the products and provided the details of the expected benefits accruing to the customers. This made it easy for them to select the most appropriate product for their individual needs. The e-commerce page was very simply laid out to prevent any buyer confusion.

Colour Schemes and Page Layouts

The page layouts were executed be an extension of the brand personality. The primary benefits we all listed upfront in easy-to-read fonts and language with an image of the relevant product. It was immensely gratifying that I, as a freelance designer Cardiff, was able to make the client appreciate the design approach. I am happy to report that the results were extremely satisfying and did justice to my reputation as a leading freelance designer Cardiff.


The request for development of a website for a personal trainer specialising in fitness for women who are planning to have babies or who are in the post-natal stage was an absolutely new territory for me even with my considerable experience as a web designer Cardiff. I am so glad that I was able to demonstrate a complete understanding of the client requirements as well as customer sensitivity in a subject that is completely personal.

The Client

The client is a qualified fitness professional and instructor for first aid administration. She is also a fully-insured member of the apex UK body, Register of Exercise Professionals. The client conducts fitness classes for mothers and babies, gym and juniors, core regain and blast, suspension training, body-tone, meta-hit, MMA for fitness as well as yoga for mothers. The target audience of the website is all women who are concerned about their general health and fitness levels before, during and after bearing children.

Design Challenges

The prime audience of the website comprised mothers-to-be and mothers who were likely to be seriously preoccupied with other issues that normally occur in households with expecting mother, newly-born or very young children. Accordingly, the design principles needed to revolve around easy page loading, simple layouts, and logical flow of information that addresses all the fundamental information requests in an intuitive manner.

Designing the Site

The site design incorporated attractive images and basic text that captures all the essential points of each service offer. The home page is an attractive medley of images that are selected to be attention grabbing and arousing interest about the website contents. All pages thereafter have been kept minimalist with the accent on delivery of vital information encapsulated as briefly as possible.

Accent on functionality

Pages are designed to load faster with restricted use of images. Images were carefully selected keeping the fitness and children environment in mind. The accent was on making the pages look very professional by keeping them simple and uncluttered. Each page is provided with a response device that makes it easy for interested customers to quickly send out an enquiry to the business owner.

Proper Information Structuring

As a leading web designer Cardiff, it was a challenge to properly classify the many activities and areas of expertise of the client without ending up confusing the website visitor. The home page itself features the various selections possible so that visitors with limited time on their hands do not have to read the entire contents of the website to figure out the various service offers. To add to the credibility factor of the clients a separate page has been dedicated to news.
While this not only demonstrates the commitment of the client to stay abreast of the developments and trends in the fitness industry, it also presents a warm and welcoming personality of the client to attract future business. I consider this website as one of the prominent success stories in my career as a web designer Cardiff.


The best part about being a web desig company in Cardiff is that you get to collaborate and work with some interesting clients for their web designing projects. It is always an interesting experience to understand a client and identify what he wants or how he wants to portray his business through web design. A website is pretty much a must in today’s time. You cannot thrive in the world of business which is largely digital today without a good web marketing and web design scheme. For Cardiff Aesthetics, here’s how I worked things out,

Why the Pretty Faces!

Well, Cardiff Aesthetics in simple terms makes you pretty! How else can a new reader online figure that out within seconds of reaching the website? Sure, the name is a dead giveaway but when it comes to selling a service or product – if you like what you see, you’ll be eager to go in for it, wouldn’t you? That’s why the home page has pretty images of people with well placed content that leads you to the other sections.

Blue Soothes

The content theme is blue or black in most places. Blue soothes. When it comes to aesthetics or cosmetic related surgeries– your content or site should soothe the client not scare them away. Everyone who has gone through improvement surgery will have their moments of doubt. So, I chose blue to go about things. Not only do the pretty faces welcome more people, the blue content helps make them read more about the services!

Why is Simple Essential

Every company will sport a website today. It is important not only to focus on making your website stand out, but also to make it work for you. A simple website where the content is well placed and the overall layout easy to access will win more clients over.
The more complicated the site gets, the faster a potential reader will ditch it and move onto the next site available. This is why the plain simple white background and bluish font became the overall theme of the website. It looks simple, makes the images of the clients or treatments stand out while also ensuring readers have a good feel when reading it.

What the Focus Was

You may want to change the way you look or fix something about you to feel good on the whole. Treatments offered by Cardiff Aesthetics helps clients achieve that. The focus on the site is on  what ‘better’ the company can do for you. This is why I focused on the Home Visits, the Treatment Description and related information on the first page itself.


As a professional web designer the focus is always on finding clients and aligning my ideas with theirs. Every client has a general idea of what they want when it comes to their website or how they want it to generally look. If a web designer in Cardiff cannot understand the core of what a client aims to portray online through his or her website, then no design will be good enough. It’s all about focusing on the right overall theme, colour scheme, content, image placement or overall layout. So this is what I did for Video Productions company.

How the Theme Came About

Every company or business owner would have an overall objective or theme they want to portray for their company. For instance, some brands may want to be considered youthful while others would like a more mature image. The image is portrayed accordingly by designers via online content or print media. As a web designer company, I sat with my design client, understood their core goal and image and thought of using pictures to highlight their essence. The overall theme is image based because a production company essentially deals in images and videos. The home page itself showcases client’s portfolio – a great way for a new potential client to immediately see what Crackling Productions is all about.

Why it Looks Different?

Most websites have the Home, About Us, Who we Are and other similar sections. As a designer I can easily play around with this. While I obviously couldn’t disregard these sections, I didn’t make it the first thing you see on visiting the page. That is because, what the company does should come out as soon as you visit the site. It saves time and focusing on images and keeping the tabs up on the corner made sense here.

The Focus on Functionality

If you add too much on your website, it becomes harder to manoeuvre and read everything. The website should be functional and easy to read. Even with a quick glance, you can see how easy it is to skim through the services the production company offers and what they do.

Colour and Content

White and black are the basic colours to keep content simple. It helps to play around with image and image quality but when it comes to the site content, the size and its layout should be planned smartly. The Video Productions website’s home page sports a simple black and white content colour. This makes it easy to read. The sub sections too have the same colour coding with variation of font and shades to go with what is being said on the page.

Image Quality

As the cardiff designer working on this, the quality of the images for the production company website had to be at it best. The challenge was in placing good quality images at the right places to showcase the core services. This is why you will find that the images become the main focus on this site


Be it local markets or the international scenario, brands everywhere compete hard to stand out in the crowd. One of the best possible ways to try and inch a step forward and create a strong foothold in the minds of your targets is by showcasing a thoroughly creative yet to-the-point website with proper branding objectives. People often identify brands by their colours, services, overall image and professionalism and accordingly choose to be loyal to it, or not. Be it consumer goods or otherwise, good branding and a great website can help you create that much required foothold.

Now how do you brand a PR agency?! Making a website for an agency that ideally helps brand others is anything by easy. But the challenge is fascinating too.

At first, it’s all about understanding what your client is about. Once you know what they are about, it is that much easier to try and portray them through a sense of design and right colour – essentials of a good website. A company website has to be attractive yet informative enough to hold the target market’s interest for long at the end of the day.

I first focused on trying to pick a good design scheme that represented in one shot what the client could do for its targets. A door or window, seemed relevant in this state, at the end of the day, good branding opens the pathway to a plethora of options and success. The first step is always about implementing the right design, the rest simply follows in terms of content. Every website has to have that bit of basic information in place that you can’t play around with. What you can adapt is the design and colour to a large extent.

I chose simple colours that made the key design stand out. Basic light shades of green and purple. Branding is all about taste and distinctive collaboration. Colours that aren’t too loud or those that make the content hard to read were out of the question. If you play around too much with design and content, you land up with a confusing website. It is important to keep things simple, elegant and unique.

The challenge typically lay in trying to portray the public relations agency as a one-stop shop in a single frame. On hitting the website, that is what the client would want to tell its customers first. This is where a smart mix of the right words and design elements as well as placements came into play.
It was an interesting project in all, to be making a website for a branding agency that brands brands! A good challenge for this web designer in Cardiff.

Medical Web Site Design for a South Wales Client

Creating websites requires sustained effort and a lot of creativity. In addition to these basics, you need to have the ability to identify with the image of the industry your client represents. A web designer has to be creative enough to make a funky fashionable website for a boutique on one day and then a more formal toned website for a medical company or doctor on another. This is obviously subjective, its important as a designer I represent the colour, design, graphics and layout of a website meant for medical purposes.

When I was working on this business's website, the idea was to create a website that is rich in content, simple in design, yet interesting. Making a formal medical website is the usual way forward, but there is no rule against adding some colour and fun to the pictures and layout. How else would a target customer or potential patient feel good by reading the website?

I focused on using big size images as the main design for the web site cover page. The images showcased happy older people, which in one way represent the people that would ideally suffer from the medical problems the doctor in concern deals in. I used some happy family style portraits too, to indicate freedom from the pain of arthritis and related ailments, the main illness the doctor here focuses on. When you visit a website, especially one that offers a particular service, you would need to feel a sense of comfort in order to continue reading it.

Since the tone had to be more formal, I used basic shades of blue and white. It’s simple, easy to read and showcases a mature image. Blue is also comforting in many ways and also represents the medical sphere to a large extent. Since this was a more service oriented website that focused on healing people with medical conditions, it made sense to use a more content rich layout. Readers need to understand what the doctor is talking about, what he can offer them and related facts. Segregating the information under appropriate tabs was an important task. In a medical website, you have to be clear about what you want to say and how to say it. You cannot bore the reader but you cannot be too brief either. So, in a way, the website had to be content rich.

The main challenge was representing all of this is a creative yet formal manner. With the use of right colours, shades and placement, I think it worked out pretty fine. The site looks mature, reader friendly and is informative enough. Interested readers will after all need to seek appointments to follow through! I’m glad as a freelance designer in Cardiff I got to work on this.

Working on the design of the vintage home needs and lifestyle store was a real delight. Owing to the nature of the website, I needed to push my creativity to another level and come up with a design that had a very elegant vintage appeal, without looking boring or dull.
I have recently had numerous queries from people who want to know more about selling products online. The main benefit of selling online is that you can expand your reach beyond geographic boundaries. Furthermore, maintaining and operating an ecommerce portal is easier and more cost effective than a physical store.

Vintage website design

The client

The client is a seller of vintage goods online. The product catalogue includes cutlery, books, dressing table sets, jewellery, sewing materials and accessories, and several other products related to home and lifestyle.

Target customers

Target customers of the website are all those who like vintage products for their homes. The products are not very expensive and hence, cater to a wider section of consumers.

Design challenges

I don’t mind confessing that this is one of the most interesting projects I have handled.
The first, and the biggest challenge was to infuse a vintage appeal into the website. Secondly, the website needed a lot of work. For one, the client’s previous website did not have online selling features. So, a complete ecommerce portal had to be designed. The third challenge was to create a website that could help the client in their rebranding campaign.

The design

I spent a lot of time coming up with a layout plan and colour scheme. The objective was clear – to create a vintage appeal. So, after a lot of brainstorming, I finally came up with a layout that subtly reflects Victorian home interior theme.
Instead of using solid coloured background, I have used a typical vintage printed wallpaper style in a soft baby pink colour. This, by itself, creates an old-world charm to the site. Using a wallpaper serves another purpose. It creates a homely feel to the page, which is in tune with the type of products sold on the website.
The wallpaper pattern is used strategically on the page along with white spaces in order to make the page look spacious and pleasant. Furthermore, I have used a light grey floral printed border to enhance the vintage appeal.
If you notice, ornamentation of the page is purely vintage, be it the use of a wood nameplate suspended on a link chain, the simple detailing under the “Visit our Store” button or the images in the header section.
The heavy picture frame on the Home Page, which is used instead of the conventional slideshow has an old world charm as well.
The Home Page also has a prominent list of categories in order to simplify navigation on the site. The other pages of the website follow the same layout pattern. However, each page is customised as per its purpose. For example, in the product page, I have used pictures to depict categories.
Since the website is an e-commerce portal, I have included a user-friendly shopping cart. The check out process is easy too.
With its instant connection to vintage, the open and friendly feel, and functional features, this website helps in branding, customer engagement and easy selling.

The client says that it is perfect!

View the embedded image gallery online at:


When I received the project of designing a website for an accident repair centre, I was excited because I never had the opportunity to work on a website of this nature before. I am happy that I could meet the client’s expectations.

The client

The client is primarily a provider of repair services for vehicles involved in accidents. Additionally, the company also refurbishes alloy wheels and customises Volkswagen transporters and Vivaro vans. It is accredited by ATI and approved by Mazda and Hyundai.   

Target customers

The target customers of the company are car owners in general. More specifically, anybody whose car has been damaged in an accident can use the services of the company.

Design Challenges

The client’s old website was very basic. It simply had text on a white background. It was low on visual value as well as engagement value. So, I needed to completely refurbish the website and design a new portal that reflects trust, professionalism and reliability, while looking attractive and engaging.
I realised that the new website would also be instrumental in the company’s branding campaign. It was important to create the right impression of the company through the website.

Designing the website

The two things that I dealt with first were the colour scheme of the website and its layout. I decided to make the website look very clean and uncluttered without compromising on its professionalism and reliability factor. The final colour scheme was a combination of grey, white and deep navy blue.
The intention behind using metallic grey is to relate the colour to cars. The use of this colour is restricted to the slider on the home page. The rest of the background is done in pure white. The other predominant colour is navy blue. This colour symbolises dependability, solidarity and trust.
Visually, it offers a powerful contrast to both grey and white.
Grey is also a formal and professional colour. White makes a nice neutral background. On the whole, the colour scheme and the placement of colours on the page present a very balanced and powerful picture that makes visitors want to find out more about the business.
The layout is simple and neat. I have restricted ornamentation on all the pages. They provide the required information in a straightforward manner.
A unique thing that I tried out in this website was to use pictures instead of textual content in most of the pages. This theme is followed on the pages such as Home, Services, Gallery and Bespoke.
On the other pages, textual content is very brief and short. This concept makes it easy for visitors to grasp the real essence of the business. It also helps them browse through the pages quickly and see what the business actually looks like. The experience is almost like visiting the workshop personally. The client approved the concept since its engagement value as well as the visual value is very high.
For the About Us section, I decided to split the content into different pages. Since the client wanted the website to build trust among visitors, we created a separate page that provides brief biodata of the company’s core team.
The website has functional features such as drop down menu, contact form, Google maps integration and slideshow.
The client is happy and so am I!


View the embedded image gallery online at:


Working on the website of a Maintenance Outfit posed certain unique challenges and overcoming them added enormous value to my experience as a web designer.

What is the business about?

This Maintenance business is a company based in Cardiff. It provides total building maintenance services and boasts of a client base that includes hotel chains, retail outlets, large office blocks, nursing homes, industrial units, factories, football stadiums, leisure centres, hospitals and many others. In the eight years since its establishment, the company has grown tremendously and was named the 26th fastest growing company in Wales in the year 2011. The company has now expanded to Bristol region as well.

Target audience

The target audiences of my client are businesses and service organisations, as mentioned above.



The nature of business was a challenge because a website of this nature needs to imply a very high level of efficiency, professionalism, meticulousness and a no-nonsense image. The second challenge was to make it appealing to its diverse customer base.

Overcoming challenges

When customers visit a website of a business of this nature, they expect to see professionalism. They have no time for unnecessary frills that only add visual value to the website. Therefore, I chose a neat and clean layout with white and grey background highlighted by dark orange.

Grey is a stabilising colour and when used strategically, it makes the web page look formal, elegant, dependable and mature. White enhances these characteristics while simultaneously negating the drawbacks of grey because too much of grey can make the page look depressing. In order to add a dash of colour to the neutral colour theme, I used dark orange/red, a colour that indicates passion, aggression, determination and stimulation.

The colour theme remains constant in all the pages of the website. In fact, if you notice closely, I have used pictures that predominantly have these colours so as to make the website look very well coordinated and consistent. Although a visitor might not notice the matching colour theme, it does contribute tremendously to the overall homogeneity of the website and enhances its professional appeal.

Having established the colour theme, the next important consideration was the layout of the page. As you can see in the website, the layout of the home page is very simple, short and offers maximum information without having to scroll much at all. The objective of this presentation is to help visitors obtain information within a few seconds of their arrival on the page. Such a quality is crucial to business websites.
I have paid special attention to making the navigation very easy so that information is easy to get. In my experience, I have noticed that making information hard-to-get increases bounce rates tremendously in business websites.

Along with the home page, the website has five pages and each of these have sub pages. Each page provides detailed information about the respective heads. The website has several functional features such as content management system, drop down menu, custom slide show and contact form.

So, the choice of colours and the overall design of the website personify the ethics of my  design client – a meticulous, dependable and professional company that moves forward with determination and passion.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


As a passionate web designer, I always look forward to designing websites that present a certain level of challenge. The website for a Villa rental opportunity was a great experience. It is my pleasure to write a case study about this project.

What is it about?

The website was for the Villa, a luxury air conditioned villa available for rent in Sandy Ridge, Florida. The villa can comfortably be shared by two families. It is complete with five bedrooms, swimming pool, free wi-fi, electronic safe, games room, large flat screen television and lots of other features.

Target audience

The target audience of my design client are tourists and visitors from around the world in general and Americans and Canadians in particular. The age group would be between 30 and 60. The villa is not among the most affordable but can be afforded by upper-middle class and affluent families.


The main challenge was to make the villa look very attractive and inviting through the web pages, while making it suit the sensibilities of the target audiences. I had to design a site that could entice tourist to visit the villa. Another challenge was to infuse the character of the location and the villa into the website so that target audiences get a feel of what to expect when they visit the place.

Working on the website

Florida is known for its sunny weather, beaches and infinite fun. In order to infuse these elements into the website, I decided to use colours that reflect the character of the sea and sand. All pages of the website have a common background picture depicting the sea, the far away horizon and the beautiful yellow sunset. This typical sea scene of Florida runs as a common theme throughout the website.

The villa is pleasant, sunny, bright and sophisticated. So, to include these elements and to retain the Florida theme, I have used colours of the beach – light sandy brown and white, with blue highlights in the form of text bars and lettering. Since the design needs to appeal to the sensibilities of a wide range of target customers, I decided to use white generously in order to keep the pages neutral, clean and simple.

Designing the Home Page was a challenge because in addition to engaging visitors by its appearance, it had engage visitors by catering to their purpose of visit, which is to obtain in-depth information about the villa.

I planned the layout so that all important information about the villa, including the location, available amenities, attractive pictures, pictures of the nearby attractions, booking button, testimonials and reviews, contact information and important links are present on the home page without making it look crowded.

The website has six other internal pages that provide detailed information about various aspects of the villa. In a website like this, pictures play a very important role because they show visitors what they get. The client provided some great pictures of every room of the villa and the surroundings. This was great help for me since all I had to do was to use them strategically in suitable pages.

There is more to this website than what meets the eye. The website has a built-in content management system that helps easy uploading and editing of content. It also has a contact form.  

The website shaped up really well and the client was very happy with my job

View the embedded image gallery online at:

What the client said...

"We needed a new web-site to advertise a Villa we have in Florida as our old site was really looking tired.

Rhys came to visit us at home, took on board what we needed and came up with a web-site which we are really thrilled with.  The web-site is really professional and we feel confident that it will increase bookings for us.
Nothing was too much trouble for him to do and it was a pleasure to deal with him.  We also know that if we had a problem that Rhys is only on the other end of the phone to help us.

We would certainly recommend Rhys to anybody looking for a web-site to be created.


Hosting website design

IT has become a big part of all sorts of business practices. Communication, among other things is all digital now and companies have had to embrace it. Cloud hosting is one aspect of IT that has gained a lot of popularity. When looking for a cloud hosting service, you must make sure that they offer you the following qualities;

  • Resource Visibility
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Tools and automation
  • On demand self service
  • Resource Pooling

A cloud hosting service that guarantees you the above qualities is more advantageous for your needs.
Cloud hosting is a concept that most companies and organizations engage in because it provide a lot of benefits. Cloud hosting provides easy access to information. Customers get the chance to access your services easily. This means that feedback is better. You also save up on costs because you require less human resources. Cloud hosting also allows for wider target market and audience. All people need is access to the internet and they can get all the information they need. It also provides more flexibility. You can choose to change service providers without worrying about people having issues. You just have to make sure that you get the best possible cloud hosting services. Seeing as you don’t require a lot of human resource, you spend less on training. The costs you save on personnel training can be used on other aspects of the business. Cloud hosting also gives you the chance to keep an eye on your projects. Monitoring of ongoing projects is essential and you have the chance to do that easily. Business practices are also more streamlined. This means that you increase productivity and profits without too many compromises. With cloud hosting, you can access your cloud, data anytime. It doesn’t matter where you are really or what time it is. This means that you can take care of business whenever you want to. This is why it is important to exercise caution when selecting a cloud hosting service provider.

This is why the website is a vital selling tool used by this company - this is how people search for local business and services. We spent a lot of time getting the correct message across to visitors. The informative brochure website explains alot of areas in order to convince a potential customer. Feel free to explore this project and get a feel for the brand developed for this company based in Bristol.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Television Manufacturer work with local freelance designer

Having entertainment on the move is what everybody hopes for. When you are out on a road trip, you want to keep up with the news. You can also catch a movie when you get tired of watching the trees rush by through the window. Having a TV in your caravan can be just what you need. Getting a TV set that is suited for the outdoors is a dream come true for most people. You don’t have to worry about missing all your favorite shows just because you are out camping. You want to get your favorite channels when you need them. Getting a system that provides this for you is the best news. This means you can move from one place to another without having to worry about your entertainment news. You want a system that is able to withstand all the changes in weather outside. You want a TV that can withstand all the bumps in the road when travelling.

Just because you are not in the comfort of your home does not mean you can’t do the best with what you have. There are some people who are always on the move. They never get the chance to stay in the house even for a minute. These kind of people would appreciate having their entertainment needs taken care of. A TV that can withstand harsh weather is just what people like this need.  Living in the wild does not mean that you can’t keep up with the latest TV shows or news or sports. There is no excuse to let yourself get bored out there on the road. You can get a system that provides for your mobile life. A system that understands exactly what you need when you are travelling. Pimp up your caravan with LED and LCD screens are bound to change your travelling experience.

As you can see this company has a lot of passion for on the move televisions, this was converted in to a web format so the visitors can understand the quality associated with the high value items. The website project has a range of functions including slide show, television graphics, download centre, contact forms and many other features to help promote their brand.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Largest Club in Wales gets an online make over

Hockey is one of the most exciting activity games that you can take up for your spare time. You could also take up the game as a fulltime engagement because apparently in England, there are ways you can earn a decent living by playing hockey. Just like most other activity games, hockey has been linked to several benefits ranging from retaining and maintaining health, social cohesion, team work and help players develop other qualities of life like sportsmanship, responsibilities and intellect.
Talking of health benefits, hockey has lots of short runs and rests, also known as interval training. Interval training is so important in enhancing cardiovascular performance as well help in burning excess calories associated with inactivity. On the other hand, when referring to hockey and social benefits, you realise that hockey is the game that really brings people together. There is solidarity among spectators when they come together to cheer their teams. Incase it does not involve a lot of spectators, the few players involved get really taken into the game and will often meet for a match and in the process tighten their social ties.
However, the challenge facing many hockey enthusiasts is how and where to start the game. There is a general lack of knowledge about where to meet other hockey fans around their areas. In case you are looking for somewhere to meet with your fellow hockey lovers, you should consider one of youth hockey clubs. These host numerous hockey events in Wales and around UK. These are excellent for post high school or college people who might have parted ways with their fellow hockey comrades after completion of their education. However, the same clubs still host high school students especially during tournaments. For those who have discovered the magic of hockey clubs in reviving their love for hockey can attest to the fact that hockey club is the best way to experience hockey for their social, physical and intellectual development.

When working with the club we needed to portray all aspects of the sports that the members know and love. All members join for many reasons so it was important to get all these areas across when visiting the website. The use of design and restructuring the site has encouraged a new use for members - whether it is checking fixtures, results, news or the next upcoming social event. The web design project was produced to the comittee and is now constantly being updated.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Branding and Web presence for South Wales Therapist

Just like human beings, horses need proper care. Studies have shown that horses also experience stress and other related problems such as fatigue. You should always make sure that your horse is in good health. This is where massage therapy for your horse comes in handy. If you want your horse to give you better services, you have to make it happy. Remember, how you treat your horse determines the kind of relationship you will have with it. If your horse is frustrated, it will always give you a cold shoulder. Grooming your horse is very important because it enhances its performance.

With regular massage therapy, your horse will have well enhanced muscle tones, which are needed for better performance. With the right muscle tone, a horse will improve on its movement and flexibility. If your horse has an injury, you should take it for massage therapy because it helps to promote the healing process. When your horse is massaged properly, it will enjoy a smooth blood flow and an improved nutrient supply. Remember, it is important to ensure that your horse has strong muscles to help it offer better performance. For this to happen, the horse needs proper nutrient supply to the muscle. That is why regular massage therapy is very important.

Once there is a smooth flow of fluids in your horse, waste and other unnecessary metabolic by products will be carried away easily. Another important reason why you should give your horse regular massage therapy is that it will help to deal with inflammations and swellings in your horse’s joints. This in turn will help to prevent conditions such as joint pain. It is also important to give your horse this therapy because it helps to reduce muscle tension. This therapy also helps in balancing the horse’s body and enhancing homeostasis.  

As you can see their is a lot that needs to be accounted for, this is why a bespoke website design allows my client advertise their personality and services. The website has a range of features including a contact form and online gallery. This brochure website and branding has been produced for a new up and coming business based in Cardiff.

Various angles and pages of the design

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Have you ever been mesmerized by an untouchable house interior, one lined in smart wooden staircases and wooden finishing on windows, doors and such?

In such a case, you definitely dream about your own house interior looking something like that. However, as you move further to other areas and see more and more other creatively done house interiors, you widen your scope of what you really would like your own home interior to look like. In the process, you are gathering more ideas. In the end, you combine all those ideas to create one set of a grand idea. Now you want to present the idea to a designer who will simulate them. But as you set off to find a suitable designer to give the task, the reality dawns that may be it is not possible to get someone to make that dream come true for you.  

Our website design has been designed to cater for customer wanting to improve their homes, the concept portrays quality and highlights the experience and range of past projects. This was achieved through the use of a light box gallery, before and after demonstrations and many slideshows - all to create the sense of quality for my client.

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As one of Wales’s largest inline hockey team an online presence is important for the furture of the club. Having attracted a range of different aged players the website makes it easier to contact key contacts. The idea of the website concept is to maintain the high profile within the UK and allow the administrators to keep the website up to date with stats and fixtures.  Some of the website features include 

  • Dropdown menu
  • Slideshow
  • Mini Menu
  • Full page background layout

View the embedded image gallery online at:


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An investor/founder having obtained exclusive rights to film university and community sports for male, female and disabled sportsman, required a brand and website as the platform for the businesses driving force.


Having put a design team together the following was delivered

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Website
  • Video System
  • Profile System

Tv channel web design


Features of the website include:

  • Moving Slideshow
  • News Ticker
  • Monthly Payment Direct Debit sign up
  • 6 Month Sign up
  • 12 Month sign up
  • Splash Video shown on homepage
  • Database of video
  • Search by Sport
  • Search by Keyword
  • Ability to create individual sports profiles

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The website project is an ongoing project

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Web project for tea room

Tea room website created for a new, up and coming hot drinks industry

A new company in the UK, providing chai tea for the public – the first tea house of its kind in Cardiff. The Owner who I have worked with on previous projects was happy to select Rhys Welsh Design to produce the website concept to provide an online presence for the new business.

Key features of the website

Some of  the design features built using the CMS system include a light box gallery to promote the business and a simple to use contact form for visitors to ask questions. A google map was introduced to help users with directions to the venue. The website was hosted on our dedicated server and mailboxes were set up for key members of staff

A year later, the business structure changed and an online function was added allowing the customers to make product purchases online at any point (see gallery below)

The purpose of the project

The website was created to be launched with the grand opening of the café. The other reasons for the site was to utilise online traffic, specifically directed from a niche magazine that will help increase sales and brand awareness.  The site is predominately going to be used for attracting hot drink lovers – easily accessed and used in conjunction with their evergrowing twitter network.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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30 page Magazine Graphic Design

Working with the founder of the business school, a new look and feel magazine was produced ready for print.

"I've also seen a copy of the magazine, which looks really good - many thanks for your work on the design! "

Dr Fiona Davies  Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)



A community project required an eye catching poster to attract their target audience - a new look and feel graphic was created. The positive feedback led to reccomendations within the clients internl network


"You will be the first port of call. Been great working with someone so efficient. Thanks again."

Martin (Community Project funded by Newport County Council)




Here is a short selection of previous work carried out for graphic design projects in Cardiff...

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Bible Restoration and graphic design

We have replicated a number of different graphic design services, including graphic restoration of Bibles. Having a grainy image of an emblem we designed and recreated s design that replicated e original design. This was then made in to a block where it can be made in to an embossed front cover of a book or Bible.

Flyer Design in Cardiff

Platinum club needed to promote various nights, in particular student nights, we listened to what the client wanted and met their tight deadlines We provided both design and print to a high standard, we have received other flyer design projects from the same Cardiff club If you are looking for flyer designs and printing servies please dont hesitate to contact us.

Graphic Design for Cardiff Night Club

Live lounge in Cardiff provide indy and rock music to residents of Cardiff and students.

We created night Club flyer design for the established night club in Cardiff. Live lounge have a number of different nights to promote. Working closely with the manager we have produced different design for various audiences

The quick turnarounds and knowing what the client requires has resulted in a good relationship and ongoing work from the Cardiff business.

Brand new business required a flyer to advertise their services, we created a logo and flyer design and supplied print work

We intend to build a website design in the near future with this company.


menu flyer design cardiff

We have provided graphic design to create bespoke funeral service designs. This has gone down well with family members and cherished by the loved ones, sometimes a standard print out is not enough - we offer a service that is tailored to your requirements

Branding Design Idea

Recently saw this fruit image, it is very simple to create - but I'm sure it could be incorporated in some type of branding design in the future


A lot of homeowners today use military antiques to decorate their rooms. These antiques are very good in creating a unique and attractive design in the house. This has in turn led to a tremendous increase in the number of customers searching for these antiques on the market today. Due to high demand for these antiques, a lot of stores selling these products have emerged. It is easy to find a store where you can buy your military antiques. In fact, most of these stores are available online. This makes it easy for you to find everything you need for your home. You won’t have to waste your time and traveling around in search for military antiques. You can get everything you want from the comfort of your home.

Online stores are also very convenient and cost effective. They will always give you a chance to cut back on your spending because you won’t have to pay for transport and other related expenses. However, you need to understand that not all stores that sell military antiques can give you quality products. Some are only interested in making money from unwary customers. It is therefore important to take time to choose the best store for your antiques.

Web design and online shoping

A good store should provide you with high-quality products that will fulfill your needs. If you are looking for military antiques to decorate your home, you should ensure that the ones you buy are attractive and have the potential to give your house a facelift. In fact, you should choose a store that guarantees you personalised military antiques because they will give you the exact results you want to have. It is also important to ensure that the store where you want to buy your antiques from has a wide range of products to choose from. The web design was crucial to give the correct presence for their potential clients.

antiques web design in Cardiff

The website design was designed to capture the hard hitting facts of war and its memorabilia.

If you are looking for a web designer in Cardiff feel free to discuss your requirements.

Web Design in Cardiff

Details I need from Web Design  Clients in Cardiff

When a website content project begins I would need the following details:

  • All page content, provided in an email or word document (clearly seperating each page)
  • Logo in high res (if possible)
  • Any relevent images (if possible)
  • For Online shops only, provide a spreadsheet stating the info below: (mimimum amount). Please contact for excel spread sheet
    • SKU    (internal use code)
    • Name
    • Short Description
    • Long Description
    • Cost
    • Image reference (ef imagename.jpg)
    • Category
  • For Online shops only - payment details eg/ paypal address)
  • Google account details (username and password)
  • Any links to your facebook and twitter accounts

Website Design within Cardiff

Web Design Cardiff have secured another job, this time a new company based in Bridgend.

Having pitched our project we explained our knowledge of web design, seo and graphics - having won the job we have been working on a new deisgn that can be rolled out across the internet.

We intend to create a long term relationship with our clients.


The Web Design Cardiff Package

  • We aim to deliver a brochure web design
  • Fully functional contact form integrated with the website and email client
  • Provide full hosting pacakage for the web design to be held, including email set up

If you are a start up or an established business - if you understand the importance of an online presence web design Cardiff have a solution for you!

Web Design Cardiff

Our business packages are built for your brief, however you need your site to function or look we can put a package together that will get the results you want.

Our business packages are typically built using a content management system, this enables our web design clients to log in and make changes to their own site instantly. Web Design Cardiff are at hand to help with maintenance and build the site to look professional.

Types of Web Design Clients

Web Design Cardif have designed for various organisations and businesses including:

  • Mobile holiday company
  • IT company
  • Satellite and Aerial
  • Spa treatments
  • Electronics company
  • Construction company
  • plus much more

If you have a website design project in mind feel free to get in contact to discuss your site

Providing Web Design services in Cardiff, we target local business and start up companies - If your a local business interested in getting an online presence for your company, look no further.

Why is web design important?

As a Web Design Business provide a solution that can effectively produce a new channel of income, we provide a website design that allows you to grow your site organically within the search engines (for example google).
Especially in modern times, the days of yellow pages have passed and companies are searched online - this can and will convert in to people browsing your site, if they like the look of your product or service they then have the opportunity to call. Web design for Cardiff businesses is definitely the way forward in order to have a presence and to rival your competitors.

Find out more

Offering a range of online services

If you have a company or organisation, look no further than Web Design Cardiff, we have a solution

If you are unsure whether you need to get online, I have listed a few useful reasons that may help you understand the benefits of providing a brand new website for your company

  • 24 hour marketing for your services online
  • Sell your products or services globally
  • No need for expensive high street shops
  • Create a positive an professional impression for potential customers
  • Compete on search engines
  • Have an advantage over competitors
  • Point potential customer to your website to find out more
  • Increase your channel of sales

Feel freee to get in contact with your website design project

Designing for Web Design Clients

Images for websites / Website banners for a clothing retail website



If your looking for a web designer or graphic designer in Cardiff - feel free to contact us

The Process : What happens with our Web Design Clients

Stage 1
Obtain Brief from client -
The project details and client requirements will be the first step. We will understand what the client wants

Stage 2
Graphic design
The layout of the site will be constructed, allowing for quick changes and snagging before producing any coding

Stage 3
Once the the client is happy with the graphic design the website can be built. The homepage willl be presented to the client before populating the site.

Stage 4
Once satisfied the remaining pages and functionality will be applied to the web design.

Stage 5
Once the project design is completed the site can go live for the world to see. At this stage the administrator will be provided with a guide to using their website.

With all clients you will hve peace of mind that someone is on the end of the phone/email, looking after your website. We offer a range of other services to enhance your site, including SEO, copywriters and professional photographers. Some clients also opt for out maintenance contract for added peace of mind.

Web design and your business

Having been asked the question by a potential client "Will my site improve my business'...I asked an existing client how their site is working for them:

Please see their statement below:


Rhys helped us rebrand our website with his design, the new template and
seo work has increased our online performance in the following ways:

- 30% increase in visitors
- 25% in goals
- 12% increase in sales

We continue to work with Rhys to improve the website and improve its

With kind regards,


EuroParcs - Quality Mobile Home Holidays in France, Italy, Portugal & Spain

If you want to discuss a web design project please contact us

Web Design Project Introduction

Web Design Cardiff were approached by a local digital and satellite installer, the company are established and having several employees. It was decided by the director that they needed a professional look and feel aimed towards the general public and also other businesses.

Having numerous subcontracts in Cardiff and South Wales it was important that the correct impression is perceived by any visitors to the new web design.

The Web Design Brief

The website design brief involved the end user getting a good impression of the company, currently the company has no real branding - just a name. The website is non existent. Our job is to renovate the look and feel for outside companies and visitors. The initial steps look at what we can provide and what is currently on the market in terms of other website design in the same industry. The colours that were

The  Website Design

In order to look maintain a fresh and modern look web design Cardiff focussed on a minimalistic design, and used a strong image to attract the user. Having messed around with many different aerial images, we chose to use




The Functionality by Web Designer in Cardiff

The site is a fairly basic site, currently using a content management system in order to manage all the pages and menu items. The website has a drop down menu for userability and a simple contact form that notifies the administrator of the site and confirms on receipt to the user.








The Hosting

The site is currently being hosted on our server that only ever runs at 50% bandwidth and business hosting that Google recognises



If you have a project in mind feel free to contact Web Design Cardiff

Here is a small selection of our clients:



Richard Parish | Opticians in Cardfff

Web designer in Cardiff secus a new web site design project with an established opticians practice in Cardiff. We are confident that we can produce a fresh new look and feel, currently our client has no online presence and there is diffuculty finding even the most basic contact details. We intend to design a site that showcases the services they provide and help potential customers find the relevent details.

I currently stumbled across this unusual approach to explain how to improve SEO.  Entertaining and informative for your website and search engine optimisation needs

(please do not expect this type of song/dance performance from us)   :)

Richard Parish Opticians Web Design Project

Brand new website design now gone live for our client Richard Parish, owner of parish opticians in cardiff.

Having a single page website that he wanted to remove, now has a brochure website that sells his service and product, the feed back from his colleagues and customers has been all positive

Regarding the project, Richard Parish was introduced you to a content management system, this means I can provide login details - where you can instantly update your site without having to know any coding.

The site has muliple pages, professional images and a contact form to help business leads


If you are looking for website design feel free to contact us or call 07929 433318

A new website design looking to target a niche market, with the target audience predominantly women seeking a package deal to take care of their hen nights. The look and feel would have to be classy and strike a cord with the target audience

The functionality of the site uses a content management system, allowing the client and other administrator user to log in to the backend of the site. Enabling quick and easy updates to thier site, especially in a competitive market adding and updating content is very important to keep your site constantly update and fresh for users.


New Logo design for the website



Web Design that has legs

Working with Web Design Cardiff allowed this website have a web design that gives the correct impression, yet have scalability in terms of the growth of the website and their business.

The intention is to send a complimentary website newsletter to past clients in order to market the business effectively.



Moving slide show functionality to help attract visitors attention


dropdown meu set up to help with a growing content from the site



If you have a project in mind feel free to get in touch with us - contact us

Why Web Design

As humans we judge people in split second. This is based on how they look, talk, dress…it is exactly the same for websites.

It is important to associate the correct look and feel with your organisation – we believe we can achieve this and provide value for money.

It is equally important to be picked up by search engines.

If your website design needs to be modernized and we are the people to give your site a reconstruction.

Website Design Cardiff have worked with various organisations and businesses throughout South Wales, providing a website design platform that can really help obtain search engine results and visitors to get in contact.

One of the key features of the services provide involves the knowledge of

  • Web Site design
  • User journey
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engines

In our opinion having experience in these areas are vitals as they go hand in hand.

Please feeel free to take a look an example of a client that has grown their online business since working with us

Web Design Cardiff were approached by an entrepreneur based in London, Web Design Cardiff used their branding to produce a new website that can be used to allow local businesses sell their services and products using a vocher code style.

The start up company had various sections of the site which we covered, more importantly they required access to the website allowing quick and easy changes - especially as they intend to be constantly updating their website content

What Web Design Cardiff delivered

  • Moving slide show
  • Drop down menu
  • Paypal link
  • Contact form
  • Search System
  • Social Icon links
Before and After

We took the job after the client had struggled building a 'do it yourself' website. Web Design Cardiff produced a bespoke design built on a content management system.


Here are a few examples of the inner pages below




Feel free to take at some of our other portfolio work

If you have a website in mind and want to get in contact with Web Design Cardiff feel free to contact us

On a number of occasions we have delivered CMS training to our clients. We  teach small groups of a company how to manage their site.

If you would like to enquire about our web design workshops in Cardiff please contact us

Working with London start up business

I worked closely with a client in order to update her old 'off the shelf' website that was not working for their business. I created a bespoke voucher website design that is easily updated and managed. The system is designed to grow with your business.

Web Design Cardiff

I made changes the branding and theme, as well as include a login area for users to access 'registered only' pages. I have a solution for your next business idea - feel free to contact us to discuss your project




charity-funded-organisation-web-designerHaving worked with the client previously, a new project was commissioned.

Some of the website features include

  • 3 slideshow displays
  • Custom background images
  • Contact form
  • Twitter feed

The feedbck from the director was positive and left the following testimonial


Founding Director of Learn2Listen

"Rhys helped bring together 5 years of research, allowing us to shape our corporate brand and website. He works tirelessly to support his client’s objectives.  When we hit any design challenges he was able to help direct the outcomes in a positive and focused way. Rhys is incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. His eye for design and detail is exceptional and I would highly recommend his work. "


If you would like to discuss your web design project please feel free to get in touch

Rhys Welsh Freelance designer worked with knitted sheep, based in Liverpool to produce a website that allows their clients to list the latest deals online. Knitted sheep can take payments and monitor orders..etc. We have included social networking, friend reccomendation page, newsletter email collection and a count down timer for christmas.


Home Solutions in Cardiff Website Design

Working with a top end home solutions company based in Cardiff, South Wales - we set out to give their website a brand new look and feel, and importantly maintain search engine rankings

Web designer in Cardiff provided a range of design features for their client, this included

Slideshow banner
The purpose of the strong graphics is purely to welcome the visitor and quickly and effectively highlight what services are provided - in this case

Colour coded website sections
One of the big issues with the old site, was that all the services and pages blended in to one, causing confusion. The new web design now has three key sections that have been clearly separated by the use of colour

Re-enforce the brand
Inconjuction with the colour coded sections, this now creates a strong link to the branding through the use of complimentary colours throughout the design.

Use of galleries
The previous website had many galleries and high loading times, the new website now shows the images quickly and easily and more importantly without the use of flash.

Brochure request and contact form
The purpose of the site is to help encourage leads, using a simple form that links with the email address to allow visitors to contact the website administrator.

If you have a small or large business and want to improve your online presence, why not get in touch - feel free to contact us asap

Brouchure Web Design for Health Industry

We have recently secured a new web design project working with a Central Cardiff based company, they require a whole new look and feel. Their site is simply not working for them. We intend to improve search engine optimisation results as well as create a whole new web design. The brochure web design concept will be developed over time as both us and the client have big plans and ideas. The web site design structure will allow the web site to grow with their business

If you have an project in mind -feel free to contact us

Web Design for Airport Industry Company

An international business based in Cardiff approached us in order to get a new website built for one of their divisions. The structure of the website was created and now the Cardiff company are growing their own site. The joomla cms system was integrated to allow a scalable web design that grows with their company.

Some of the design features include a mega menu, which allows a variety of different links and images within the website navigation. The Cardiff company web design now greets its visitors with a striking slide show to demonstratet heir products in action.

The web design had taken the search engines in to consideration and we had provided our client with a range of configurable options in order to control how the site looks to google.

Feel free to explore our other portfolio projects

Web Design for laser company

A laser cutting company based in london required a new web site, the client had very specific requirement for exact pages. The site was delivered with a range of key functions including

  • Slideshow
  • Different forms to help speed up the process between the customer and the company

This web site was designed in conjunction with an  search engine optimisation companies

Brand new website designed for Bargoed Chiropractics, our brochure website exceeded all the requirements

Click for more information on our web design page


Check out our portfolio, we have just launched a website that allows the client to upload and sell his own images using our product management system integrated with our CMS system. We have also looked at disabiling right clicks on the site to prevent theft of images, as well as the normal watermarking of images.

Web Design Goals

Most web designers are technically or design minded or specialise in search engine optmisation

I believe it's essential to develop all of these areas for our clients, we aim to deliver an all round web design project

Our client viewed various online portfolio's and had selected to work with us.

The web design for the Cardiff photographer portrays a selection of his current art work.

The brief included various areas and as an added functionality for the web site the visitor can purchase canvas and prints directly from the site.


Having being approached by a local optometrist searching for a company to build a website design, Web Design Cardiff were selected to work with the optometrists. The company have been established since 1986 and offer a range of services and products for their clients

Website design brief

Having been asked to modenise their website to match their branding. The website  client specifically required a design that is modern, clean and easy to use.

Promoting of services and products were a key as these were areas of the business they were looking to encourage visitors to purchase.


Web Design before and after

Below shows a before and after working with our client based in Cardiff



What we built for our web design client


We built a website that compliments their branding colours (white and blue), achieving a strong branding presence. Web Design Cardiff produced a system that is fully scalable and the user has the ability to add new pages.

The website is now being tracked and can be monitored for future progression


Web Design Cardiff created various pages that included

  • Service pages
  • Product pages
  • Contact form page


Here are a few example from our website design







Optician Website Design Gallery

View the embedded image gallery online at:



Feel free to take at some of our other portfolio work by Web Design Cardiff


If you have a website in mind and want to get in contact with Web Design Cardiff feel free to contact us

Inline hockey community web design Having found a niche in the market for a minority sport allowed us to encourage all inline hockey players to one website. The site is due to be launched in the South Wales area first with the intention of expanding to the UK.

I like to think of this as the inline hockeys equivalent to facebook...but specific to our sport and will hopefully create an online community.

the website has:

Hockey Profiles & Community - The site allows you to set up your own profile - just like facebook
(upload pics, info, videos, events, groups, interact with friends...etc)

Forum - start topics or participate in discussions

Sell your kit - for free

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A lot of people we deal with assume that web design and search engine optmimisation are pretty much the same thing

Well there not..

There are aspects that can be applied to the design, but maintaining high rankings with competitive phrases involves ongoing work and various areas need attention. The level of work is dependent on the the level of competition - to rank higher than competitors we need to provide a better product (web site) for google to use. We have various solutions that can apply to your project

When asked for a quote we need to know various requirements for your projects

  • How many pages or sections do you want in your web design.
  • Are you selling any products, if so how many?
  • Does your web site have any specific functionality (eg. Calendar, bookings)
  • Do you have a logo or branding?
  • Would you like the ability to update your own website?
  • Are you looking to rank highly on search engines?
  • What are the key aspects of your business? What makes you unique?

We would love to hear about your project.

To get your web design project started please contact us for more information.

Web design Cardiff

Unlike some web design agencies in Cardiff, we can arrange meetings outside of the 9-5 working hours. If you have a full time job we can when you want and where you are. Being very flexible and can meet deadlines other agencies wouldn't dream of meeting.

Having considerably less overheads we can offer very competitive costs for identical web design services.

We can offer a one on one personal relationship.

There are numerous reasons why you should select our freelance web design services.

Please contact for more information.

Picking the correct domain name for your website is important, check out some of the most 'poorly' picked domain names:


...if you like that then here's some more of the same:

Graphic and Web design

Rhys Welsh works with graphic designer in Cardiff
Fully scalable website design for a consulting company. The Content management system allows the client to update their own site and add new pages.
This particular project was produced whilst working closely with an established graphic design company

SEO Cardiff

Understanding what google needs to see is vital to ensuring your website is a success in the rankings.

We have spent time with clients and explained why there website is not performing to their best potential

We introduce our new client to our 'search engine crash course' and then proceed to analyse their current website.

If you feel your website is not working for you feel free to contact us

In the current times, websites, like everything else, are ever evolving with constant advancements in technology. When talking about growing trends in web design, without doubt, responsive web pages are the next big thing. When Apple introduced the capacity to view full webpages on their iPhone, and soon after every smartphone in the word was able to do that, it became clear that surfing the internet will no longer be a desktop speciality.

Why the need for responsive websites

Nowadays people use their smartphones to browse webpages all the time. A few years ago, the general idea was to have two separate webpages, one for the desktop version, and one for mobile devices. But, with the advent of tablets, in all shapes and sizes, and even mobile phones with screen sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4.5 inches, it soon became clear that a different approach was needed. It wasn’t possible to sustain a separate webpage for each resolution and device type.

Responsive websites adapt to the screen resolution of the device they are viewed on. They come with a set of very profitable benefits that make it an ideal investment in today’s market.

Huge cost savings with Responsive web design

Since one website fits all, and that same site adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, there is no need for investing in a different website for each device. Maintenance cost and effort for so many separate websites can be high, and providing different content for each of them will be a pain. Responsive design saves a lot of money and man hours in hosting and maintenance in this regard.

Less work and easy analysis

When you have one page to monitor and analyse, it becomes a lot easier to combine the statistical information into useable data, either to target a specific audience, or to mend flaws in a marketing campaign that reflects in traffic.

Search engine optimisation

Although accessing a webpage on a mobile device is a common phenomenon these days, search engines still do not rank mobile web pages according to the traffic they generate. So if your webpage has two versions, and it is very popular for people who view it with their mobile devices, and not so much with desktops, well, you will be judged by the traffic to your desktop site.

You will show significant lower rankings. This problem can be easily solved with responsive web pages with the help of a design service. A single website will be monitored for traffic, and your PR will improve.

Linear learning curve

Someone who is familiar with browsing the desktop site may not find it easy to work on the mobile site in case they are two separate pages. But, with responsive web pages, since both carry the same format, adjusted and resized to requirement, the viewer has no problem in using either. In other words, there is no need to probe around in a totally new website.

Improved user experience

Since the user is freed from a lot of hassle and the need to memorize separate addresses, the overall user experience turns out to be far better, and this can ultimately lead to higher traffic, and an increased viewer to client conversion rate.

Responsive websites are the thing of the future. With the gap between mobile and desktop computing bridging exponentially, well, the time has come to choose the responsive approach to designing websites.


A Guide to Doing Business Online for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you’re an aspiring online entrepreneur, a website should be your first and mandatory investment. A series of steps follow to set your website and your online business into motion. You could get things done by yourself or hire a professional designer to save time and money.

Start With a Plan

What is your goal for your website? Who is your target audience? What is the budget? Have a look at your competitors’ websites to get a preliminary idea of how you can project your website to your audiences. Competitor analysis also helps identify areas where your brand can make a difference.

Address Website Basics

Get a domain name and server space to host your website. A domain registration service can provide you with a domain name on an annual fee basis. If you’ve a generous budget, you could host your website on your own server or rent server space from an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Develop your Website

Design your website in a way that is appealing to your readers. Use captivating content on your homepage. Provide relevant information in a simple and understandable language on other webpages. Make page-to-page navigation easier for users. Use industry vocabulary sparingly.
If you are building an online store, ensure you have a high-end shopping cart solution. Your shopping cart software must ensure that inventory and product categories are listed accurately; navigation between products and pages must be easy.

Your shopping cart solution must ensure that the entire process from searching products to placing an order, making a purchase, payment and store exit, are smooth. Provide secure payment options and employ advanced anti-virus software to provide a secure website to shoppers.
Proper website development is key to succeeding online. You could benefit from an experienced web design Bridgend service to develop a website that is highly secure and completely customized to your target audience.

Promote your Website – Employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to attract traffic. You could use pay per click campaigns whereby your website gets displayed on search engine result pages under Featured or Sponsored listing category.

Knowledge of search concepts and options available is essential to make informed decisions on these advertising methods.
There are several other promotion methods including using channels such as email and social media. Hiring an internet marketing service helps you employ the best method(s) of promotion without losing out on benefits and budget. Expert services also help prevent costly mistakes arising out of a lack of knowledge.

Contact Rhys Welsh regarding a Design service to get an end-to-end solution for your online business needs.

Web Design Bridgend

web design bridgendA purposeless website redesign can damage both your website and your online reputation, not to mention, your money and time. Website redesign must be handled by expert web design Bridgend service providers who can understand your online objectives and achieve them through your website. As important as it is to choose a good web design Bridgend service, it is equally important to know the reasons for a website redesign.

Lack of a User-Friendly Design

If your website has clustered text or unreadable font styles and sizes, it’s a good reason to get it redesigned. Unreadable font colors, text and content spacing pose difficulty for readers.
Ensure your website redesign is user-friendly by using techniques that allow easy reading for users. Online audiences usually scan text than reading an entire page. Make your content scan worthy by breaking down information under prominent headings, sub-headings, paragraphs and bulleted points.
Keep space between lines and keep sentences short; use common, user-friendly fonts such as sans-serif. Avoid placing content on highly-colored backgrounds, and backgrounds with images and design patterns, as this affects content readability. Avoid using colors that are too harsh on the eye, which will make things difficult for the reader.

Unclear Calls-to-Action

Visitors to your website must know what you expect them to do. For example, on a shopping site, a natural progression would be to request shoppers to make a purchase; on a company website, a call-to-action could be an invitation to submit a query for more information on a particular product.
Proper calls-to-action are important to guide readers to take the action you want them to take; to encourage them to stay on your website longer, and convert visitors into qualified leads or customers.

For maximum results, have call-to-action tabs on more than one page on your website. Use simple clear language on call-to-action tabs that tell readers what is expected of them next.
Inefficient Navigation
Readers are going to leave your website fast if navigation is difficult and they’re left midway, stranded. Address this issue in your website redesign. Ensure smooth and efficient navigation between pages.

Use clear-cut names on navigation links; for example, use a straightforward "About Us" instead of a vague "Learn More."
Moreover, avoid lengthy names for navigation links. Short clear names communicate the purpose of a page to the readers, save their time, and help enhance their experience.

Poor User Experience

Go for a redesign if you’re sure it’s going to provide a better user experience. Readers are always looking for better online experience, and you increase visitors and leads with such initiatives.
Redesign your website with technical updates such as coding using latest programming language versions that help enhance the look and feel, and functionality of your website.
Integrate tools that attract visitor attention, increase interaction and make the website efficient. Some examples include blogs, sharing and social networking tools, and capabilities such as image uploading. A professional web design Bridgend service can guide you through numerous other website efficiency-building options.

Create a Competitive Advantage

If your competitor analysis has revealed your competition has a better reach to customers than your brand, a website overhaul could help you. Study your competitor websites to understand where they make a difference. Ask your customers for help to guide you through online surveys and social media discussions.
It helps to have an expert to guide you through online success. Learn more about website redesign from Rhys Welsh.

Web Design Mistakes that Can Cost a Lot

web-design-investment-cardiffYour business website is your most important sales tool. It’s crucial to design a website that will engage your visitors and keep them hooked for as long as possible. Any mistake in the website design can affect the user experience detracting your visitors. Not only are you wasting time, energy and money but more importantly, you are losing the trust of your audience and an invaluable marketing platform.

Hiring a reputed web design Bridgend service can help prevent some common mistakes that could turn expensive. It helps to know of the mistakes to watch out for and avoid when creating a website for your business.

No Target Audience

Attempting to reach audiences all over the place is a recipe for quick disaster. You cannot obviously offer what everyone wants. Plan to target your website to specific audiences instead, say based on age, gender, needs, or frequency of website visits. With a target audience in mind, you can formulate your website’s objective concretely and develop a design accordingly.

Grandiose Design

Your website must allow maximum user interaction, which is crucial for converting your visitors into sales.

Using heavy graphics and Flash for no other reason than adding glitter will render bad user experience eventually affecting the number of visits. Heavy graphics slow down a website and divert a visitor’s attention. Harsh colours and backgrounds with images or patterns impact readability.

The core objective of your website – to market your products or services – gets lost behind such unfriendly design.

Use multimedia or other high-end design components only if they add value. Keep design simple, using no more than 3 colours. Keep colours and font styles consistent throughout the website. Use familiar colours for certain elements such as links (usually blue).

Crowding your Website

Too many webpages, lengthy sales pitch and excessive use of images, are some examples of unessential clutters. Clutters are an unnecessary distraction making it difficult to find essential information. This may propel them to leave the website once and for all.

Mercilessly remove content you find unnecessary. Keep content brief and to-the-point. Avoid creating too many webpages, especially if it’s a product site. Categorize products and list each category on a single page instead of dedicating a page for each product. Reduce clicks as much as possible to encourage visits and sales.

Inefficient Navigation

Using images and icons instead of text for link names, and unfamiliar navigation design that makes it difficult for users to identify and click, makes for inefficient navigation. Keep navigation simple and smooth leading to the page as indicated on the tab.

Use simple language to guide users to their destination and make it easy for them to track back.

Difficult Calls-To-Action

An unclear or difficult-to-locate call-to-action will affect the conversion rate. Place calls-to-action buttons prominently on every page so that readers don’t have to search. Tell users what is expected of them next with clear call-to-actions like “Buy,” and “Subscribe.”

The web designer you hire also plays a key role. It helps to have an experienced web design Bridgend service to design a website that assists in your brand building campaign.

Contact Rhys Welsh for more on effective web design.

Importance of a Clean and Minimalist Design

clean-web-designMinimalism in the context of a website refers to having only the most important elements to communicate the brand’s online message to its target audience. Minimalist design discards elements that do not in any way contribute to achieving your business objectives. You can consult a Website Design service for inputs on a minimalist design.

How a Minimalist Web Design Benefits Brands

Reduced Technicalitie - Since design elements are minimal, technicalities such as coding are greatly reduced. Coding required for elements using HTML, CSS or JavaScript or other, is lesser.

Content Becomes Pivotal – By doing away with irrelevant components, minimalist design allows greater freedom for content. Content can be distributed across a webpage in a way that maximizes readability and user experience. Also, readers are not disturbed or distracted by elements such as needless images or graphics; this directs their entire focus to content. The chances of your message reaching your audience are, therefore, huge.
Enhanced Website Experience for Users – Reduced coding aids in faster website performance. A simple neat design focusing on only required elements is appealing to the eye and more organised. Users find navigation easier and are able to read content clearly; they are able to accomplish their objective of visiting the website swiftly and with much ease.

Web Design Bridgend Best Practices

Plan your Minimalist Design – Just because it is simple and needs lesser coding doesn’t mean minimalist web design is easy. Lack of planning can result in ineffective designs that deteriorate user experience and brand image. A complete plan detailing your design goals, and essential elements, is necessary.

Don’t Stick to Black and White Colours - Different colours can be used for the background and to highlight the content on a page. Highlighting content with distinct colours draws reader attention and enhances content legibility. However, the webpage must not be cluttered with lots of highlighted content; use them only for your most important message.
Use Images and Graphics Only if They are Essential – Include these elements if they add value to the content on page. If you think images would be more appropriate in conveying your message, use them instead of text. Similarly, charts and graphs help explain statistics better than paragraphs of text.

Allow for Greater Readability – Choose colours, fonts and font sizes, and spacing between design elements that are not detrimental but conducive to user content consumption. Design elements must not be cluttered, and on-page text must use fonts that are easy to scan and understand.

Web Designer service can help you design effective minimalist styles.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design style where your website adjusts itself to the device it is accessed from. Responsive websites fit into the screen dimensions of the device the user is currently using, automatically. If you’re looking to build a responsive website, ensure you hire a web design Bridgend service that has suitable technical expertise in the domain.

Need for Responsive Web Design

Apart from computers, audiences are using numerous other devices including laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and e-readers, to access the Internet. A website with fixed dimensions does not then provide a good user experience across all these devices.
A website that has been designed to provide an excellent experience on a desktop screen can become disastrous when accessed on devices with smaller screens, say mobile phones. Developing different versions of one website to suit different platforms is impractical. Furthermore, technological advancements are likely to bring in more advanced devices; it would not be feasible to keep on developing versions for every emerging device.
The answer then is a design that responds to existing and futuristic developments as well – Responsive Web Design – that empowers websites to work well for any interface.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Better User Experience – Since websites can fit themselves to any screen, users have a better time browsing your website on any device. Better user experience encourages user interaction, increases stay time, and invites revisits.

Cost and Time-Saving – Obviously having different versions of the same website is a waste of time and money. In addition, you need to spend money and time on maintaining the different versions.

Better Search Engine Rankings – Having different versions can affect your Google rankings. For example, there may be some quality backlinks to your mobile site while some websites may be linking to your main website. Having a single version brings all such links to a single site thereby enhancing your chances of ranking well on search engines.

Better Scalability – As devices change, RWD doesn’t necessitate new or expensive technical design changes to accommodate the website to these devices. Modifying the parent CSS code is enough to reflect a change.

Features of Responsive Web Design

RWD employs different techniques such as fluid grid and media queries to achieve flexibility. Fluid grid is a technique that takes into account proportions of a landscape, instead of fixed pixel values or percentage values of dimensions, and adjusts content accordingly. With fluid grid, a landscape flows and fits into the screen hosting it.
CSS3 media queries use a code to communicate to the browser to adjust itself to the dimensions of the device. This technique matches and applies CSS styles as specified in the coding in response to certain conditions. Internal coding gets executed once the website is accessed by a user. Program codes are written to communicate such details as device’s screen resolution; layout adjusts itself to suit these conditions.
An expert web design Bridgend service can make all the difference in making your RWD a success or failure. Contact Rhys Welsh web design Bridgend service for a value-adding RWD.

Google holds a majority of the search market. No wonder, most small to medium websites are tailored to attract customers through Google search. But every time Google releases a new update, things start looking bleak for a moment.

With the latest penguin update, Google promises an overall increase in user experience and a distinct reduction in spammy websites. It is just another fancy way of saying, “Dear small to medium business owners, are you frustrated by your efforts being futile? Don’t worry. Here, suffer more!”

But all hope hasn’t gone in down the drain, and there are a few things you could do to penguin-proof your website.

Focus on quality

This old trick can never go wrong. Shift from posting keyword stuffed useless content to creating high quality content that actually succeeds in transferring some information over to the audience. Include keywords, but keep them limited. Take the help of a good SEO Cardiff service if you want.

Hang out of your own website/blog

For a change, promote yourself on other’s websites as well. Interact with people on other related blogs and advertise yourself there. This helps a lot in the long run.

The social network

Social networking is the next big thing to take the marketing world by storm. Instead of just relying on a webpage for promotion, try having a Facebook page and a Twitter page to promote your services. Next, cross advertise, i.e. post about your website on Facebook, and on your website, post a link to your Facebook page.

Invest time, not short cuts

There’s no alternative to action, really. Spend time promoting your site, on social media and blogs. Interact with users on your Facebook page, as nowadays, a solid referral from a friend can be a better deal sealer than Google rank in some cases.

Pictures and Videos

Perhaps this is the part that is most overlooked. If modern technology allows you to demonstrate what miracles your product can achieve, then use it. Post a nice video, or a set of great pictures showing what exactly you can do for your customer. It goes a long way in building a great customer base.

Frequency matters

With present trends in search engines, it is imperative that you blog frequently and blog a lot. The more you update your page, the greater chances there are of search spiders indexing it, giving you good ranks.

Be popular!

It seriously helps when you are the talk of the town. People will actually care to share your views and stuffs that you post. Use your popularity to your advantage.

Even if Google changes a million things, you can always find a way to stay on top with sincere hard work. And yet, if it all seems difficult, contact an SEO Cardiff service.

Business blogging is an immensely powerful tool for generating inbound links and traffic to a website. It is an absolute must-have if you wish to cement your online presence. While a properly executed business blog has the power to generate immense amounts of traffic, a wrong move can ruin your entire image. You could take the help of a good SEO Cardiff services for assured success.

Helps spread the word

Business blogging helps you immensely as far as rankings are concerned. As you write more and more pages, you get to talk more about your company. With the proper SEO tactics, as those pages are indexed, you are surely on your way to the top spot in Google’s page rankings.

Update your blog as frequently as you can. Include appropriate industry specific keywords in your website, to enhance your chances of being ranked for keywords related to your area of service. Try looking for new keywords and then, blog about it. Try to find new words every time you update your blog.

Establish yourself as the expert

The more you blog, and provided you share accurate meaningful information with your readers, you will get good fan following and it will slowly improve your reputation as an industry leader and an expert in your field. Never shy away from helping others or being their superhero out for a rescue.

While giving out business secrets is never recommended, dropping hints for getting out of pickles is perfectly all right. Gain people’s trust, and soon, people will always come to you for advice when they need it. This will help generate a lot of traffic, thereby affecting your search rankings.

A great place to advertise

A blog can be a wonderful place to highlight your services or products. Introduce a sidebar highlighting your latest offers or that special achievement your company finally nailed. The idea is to ensure the creation of a deeper bond between you and the reader. This way, casual visitors are engaged and there are chances they will look for further information and visit your website for details.

Two way communication

Always interact with your customers. Keep a separate section for that, or use the blog itself, but reader interaction is a must. It will help in creating a deeper bond and a personal touch. It shows you exist, as a person, and that you care enough to read what others have to say. When you care enough to show that kind of respect, you will get it back in other forms.

Moreover, feedbacks and testimonials aside, when readers interact, it can provide you with valuable insights on your own flaws and weaknesses, this type of direct and word to word communication can be immensely beneficial if you are really looking to benefit yourself.

Manage costs for marketing

A successful blog can easily drive away a huge chunk of your marketing requirements. So, if seen that way, a popular blog can save you thousands of pounds in marketing money, which you would have otherwise spent in trying to make people like you.

Get in touch with an Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff company for more details on how to start your own business blog and give your business the boost it deserves.


SEO Cardiff

For people who wish to optimise their website, the first few months trying to ‘get into’ the thick of things may be frustrating. First, since SEO is a long term process, it takes time. When someone puts in a few tricks into his new website, and doesn’t get results in a few days, he will get frustrated. But to be honest, it takes at least weeks for any substantial effect to show up on a page you optimised. Yet, for the best possible chances and quickest results, you may wish to hire SEO Company in Cardiff, or alternatively keep a few techniques in mind.

A good title and URL

This is the first thing to keep in mind; a good URL can do wonders for your page in terms of increasing viewership. Having numbers in an address is a big NO, unless they form a part of the brand and make sense. Try to include a major keyword in the URL itself, so that the viewer can get a glimpse of what to expect. A URL like is good, but is not.


Well, without them, where would you be? They single-handedly make or break your online marketing campaign. Choose good keywords and try a few variations. The total number of keywords should not exceed 2% of the total word count of your page. If you pack in too many keywords, Google may just mark it as spam. The keywords should blend in with the content, and should not seem out of place, grammatically, or contextually.

Use trusted links

If you must include outbound or inbound links from and to your page, ensure that they are trusted and verified. While outbound links to spam websites will terribly affect your rankings, inbound links from suspect sources may damage things further.

Interlinking helps a lot

Suppose your blog has many posts related to different subjects. If one post is about, say, making chocolate, and there is a section about the ingredients required. Now, in another one of your posts, suppose you blogged on how and where from to buy good ingredients to make chocolate. You can use the words ingredients to make chocolate present in the first blog as the anchor text, and link it to the second post where you talk about it in details. Interlink relevant content as much as you can. This helps in increasing viewership, a lot.

Help spiders help you

Get a sitemap. In the coming years, if you do not have a sitemap for your website, you will never hear the end of it. This will ensure that search engine spiders find it easy to crawl on your site. You do not want parts of your page not indexed.

Try your hands at SEO for a few months, and if you find it difficult, it’s time to hire an SEO Cardiffservice.

Sitemaps are basically supplementary pages added on your website that contain detailed lists and links to all the pages contained on your website, with detailed information to each page and its hierarchy. While small websites with few pages do not exactly need sitemaps, larger sites are better navigated with a sitemap.

Having a sitemap for websites is not considered a necessity since it does not affect rankings directly. Besides, if and when you update your site, the sitemap may sometimes end up being an additional thing to worry about. However, having a sitemap, according to expert SEO Cardiff services, has other inherent benefits that ultimately boost your page rankings in the long run.

Easier for Crawlers

When you invest in a sitemap, you are actually making it much easier for web crawlers to access and index your site for inclusion into search results. Additionally, you can submit the sitemap of your website to popular search providers like Google, Yahoo and Bing so that they are aware of your website in detail and can index it accordingly. In the long run, this will lead to a better indexed page, improving your page ranking.

Easier for humans

For the living-breathing visitors, a sitemap can be a lifesaver while viewing lengthy complicated websites. More often than not, a website with a very large number of pages can get really cumbersome to get a grip of for most visitors. Not a good quality as far as user friendliness is considered. Site maps can easily address your problem. This will help in sustaining traffic, and in the end, show positive signs in ranking improvement.

Changes indexed faster

Search engines will index changes to your website faster if you reflect those changes in your sitemap. This can be particularly useful in cases of websites that are updated quite often. The web crawlers do not visit the same website frequently, and hence, it is crucial that the changes be indexed before the next visit. Needless to say, an updated page is one step closer to the number one position in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Page Results Page).

The way of the future

While standard procedure for crawling and website indexing may not be rendered obsolete in the near future, soon website submission may require a mandatory sitemap as well. It is always better to be future proof.  Besides, as external links to websites are minimized due to its inherent spam producingside-effects, sitemaps may become the standard way of indexing someday. Besides, the sitemap indexing algorithms of Google are still in beta, so in the near future, it may definitely be advantageous to have a sitemap handy.

Reduce skipped pages

Since all the pages of your website are internally linked by a sitemap, there is almost no chance for a crawler to skip or miss a page during indexing. This is extremely essential in terms of proper marketing of your entire webpage. Since all pages have at least one link internally, you can be almost assured that all your pages will get the proper exposure.

Creating a sitemap is not a very tough process, and with a little bit of determination, you can easily do it. However, if the need be, our SEO Cardiff services nearby are happy to offer assistance.

abbeywebdesigncardiffOptimising a website for local searches is not much different from implementing conventional SEO methods. However, certain aspects need to be changed so that the focus towards local customer base is higher. Simple techniques used by website design in Cardiff services can help increase visibility of your website in specific geographies and improve the revenue that you earn from those quarters.

Provide consistent information  

The biggest mistake that you can make is to provide different information about your business on different marketing channels. It confuses local searchers and gives rise to speculations about your credibility. Ensure that searchers get the same information about your company including company name, services, contact details, working hours and address, on all marketing channels.

In case you change your address and contact details or alter the services offered, make sure to send out an update on all channels where you have a presence. It is also important to remove old information from your company’s online public profiles to ensure that customers have access only to the latest data about your company.

Choose keywords with city names

Local searchers always use the name of the place when they search for information. You can optimise for this by including name of the place in the keyword tag as well as description tag of your site. For better results, include different keywords with names of various towns and counties within the service area of your business.

Optimise on Google Local Business Centre 

Google Local Business Centre can be a very effective source to enhance visibility of your website within specific geographies. Submitting your website here does not cost you anything. Make sure that you give in all contact details and include hours and days of operation. Choose the right category to make the entry.

Your submission is verified and your business is included in the listing. Once done, your website begins to show up whenever a local person seeks information about businesses or services belonging to your niche.

Choose local website host

Search engines take into account the place where the servers hosting your websites are located. Usually, a website is considered local to the place where its servers are located. So, choose a local host. This ensures better indexing and chances for your website to turn up in local searches are higher.

In addition to these, website design company optimises your website for local searches by effective backlinking with other well known local sites. With a well planned strategy and multi-channel approach, the service ensures maximum visibility for your business in local searches. Here is an example of a website that targets local searches for their business online.

In any given scenario, you need to remember that “people buy people”. Your website is an expression of what your company represents and what it has to offer. The content on your website, the design and the visual appeal, all contribute to making it an effective marketing and information tool. In order to get an optimal design for your website, you can either put in the effort yourself or even use professional website design services.

Overdose of creativity

In the effort to get as much information and colour into the website, some companies overlook the fact that this may end up making the website look cluttered. Creativity does play a very large role in making your website stand out; however, the importance of clarity must not be ignored.

Not updating your website

Outdated information is another aspect that is prevalent in company websites for most businesses. It is not a case with small businesses alone, even big companies sometimes have outdated information on blog pages, news pages and career sections. Dedicating time to update the information on your website is key to ensuring a steady stream of traffic. Additionally, you can use a website designer in Cardiff service to take advantage of skilled and experienced professionals so as to get the most out of your website.

Unclear interface

Consistency and clarity are two aspects that must go hand in and for a website to maintain its appeal. The user interface, the content layout, the screen resolution and creativity on your website are all important aspects to be kept in mind. Finding the right combination of all these aspects while still conveying the information is the key to creating a good website.

Unclear goal

There are two primary things to be considered extensively before you begin working on the design of your website. To start with, decide on the objective of the website; do you want to market your product, do you want to share information, or do you want to get customers to connect with you? Second, you must identify exactly who you wish to target with your website and set about designing your website accordingly.


In order to ensure that your website is appealing and at the same time conveys all the relevant business information, there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Firstly, the content layout must be well spaced and clear so as to avoid any clutter and ambiguity. The user interface in the website must be appealing and easy to navigate.

No help at hand

Having a search facility simplifies the user interface and speeds up the process of finding particular information for users. Relevant information must be constantly updated so that users are continually drawn to the website.

Designing a website involves extensive work, especially if you mean for it to achieve specific returns for your business. Using web design company is a sure shot way to ensure that you get value for your money and at the same time reduce the time and effort you invest into the endeavour. Having rebuilt many different websites, take a look at some of our previous client website testimonials

When you are hiring a Cardiff web design service, you are not only entrusting your business in their hands; your entire online reputation will be at their disposal. Needless to say, you need to be very careful and precise in doing your homework before entrusting any web design Cardiff service with the key to your business.
Web design is not rocket science, and it doesn’t take all that intelligence to get it right, but what it does need, is dedication, sincerity and a capability to think out of the box. Asking the right questions in time can save you later.

Ask for a Design Portfolio

All major services have it, and they show it. Ask for a portfolio, a small collection that shows what they have achieved and how over the years. You can learn a lot from it. Do visit the websites shown in the portfolio.

Previous clients and references

They are worth millions in any industry. A good service will have some very commendable references in satisfied clients. Nothing defines a good quality service than a list of happy, satisfied customers. Also, the actual quality that is offered by the web design Cardiff service as opposed to what they promise can be easily judged.

A service for every need

Ask the firm if they use templates for designing websites or custom build them according to requirements. If you are a business and you require an upgrade, find a service that offers a more refined and distinguished degree, it is preferred that you have the option of using a custom design service.

Platform Compatibility

Websites nowadays are viewed on innumerable platforms and display sizes imaginable. Ask the designer what kind of coding language he uses for web design. Hosting a separate website for each platform is an impractical approach and is no longer effective. Ask him if he uses latest adaptive web design techniques, as this will ensure you have a future safe website.

Website and content management

Creating a shiny new website is only half the battle. The key to keeping it alive is to update the page frequently. Ensure that your web design Cardiff service has an effective Content Management System service to complement their expertise in website creation so that adding fresh content, or modifying existing ones is never a pain.
Always remember, it is not only money you will be investing; a wrong marketing move can render years of hard work useless.

Thinking ahead is the only way you can stay ahead!

Web design technologies, or any technology for that matter, are like trendy fashion. They come and go out of style. In the 1990s, Flash become a rage. Almost all websites had extensive Flash features in them. Flashy and animated pages zoomed in and out like video game screens. However, Flash was soon considered a bad idea for website design.

Although these websites do have an excellent visual appeal, they create several other very undesirable “side effects”. With the help of a professional web design Cardiff service you can design websites that use Flash just where required so that the site looks attractive but does not fall prey to negative repercussions.

Flash is not search engine friendly

Back in the early 2000s, web designers noticed that websites that were designed using Flash garnered low search engine indexing. They realised that search engines were blind towards Flash pages. Therefore, any information that was provided in this format was not considered by these search bots. So, the website became useless from SEO point of view.

At around the same time, Apple Inc. declared that none of its devices would be Flash compatible. These days, nobody wants websites that their customers cannot access on iPhones and tablets. So usage of Flash reduced even further.

Longer loading time

A major problem that Flash websites encounter is long loading times. This cuts out a big chunk of target audience that does not have access to high speed internet. For many others, it leads to bad user experience.

In comparison, websites that are built on HTML can lead to better user experience since pages load faster and can be enjoyed equally well by people who use low speed internet.

Difficult navigation tracking

One of the main requirements of a user friendly website is easy navigation. In addition to making the website user friendly, SEO friendliness of the website is another attribute of easy navigation. When you carry out web analytics, you can identify specific pages that receive large traffic.

Web analytic systems cannot track pages constructed in Flash. So, you cannot determine which page receives maximum visitor volume. As a result, website optimisation takes a beating.

In addition, Flash websites create problems such as difficulty in usability and expensive maintenance. They also require regular technical support. Furthermore, for people looking for information without frills and fancies, Flash websites can be a disappointment, which implies that Flash cannot be used to design websites of all genres.


HTML based websites are always effective. The latest version, HTML5, is more powerful. In the present industry, WordPress has become one of the most preferred web design platforms. JQuery and AJAX are the two other effective popular languages.

Depending on the requirements of your website, web design Cardiff service builds your online portal on the most appropriate platform.

Feel free to take a look at examples of some non flash web design

cardiff-photography-webdesignDressing up your products and sprucing up your web pages is not enough to welcome customers to your websites. The average online shopper looks for much more than that. It is the entire experience of being able to flip through your products and access all your web pages without a hassle. A web design Cardiff service will be able to understand exactly what your business and customers need out of your website.

Your website has to take your customer to the product he is looking for, without losing him amid the maze of links and short-cuts.

Make your products stand out

This does not mean using great looking images instead of your actual product. Always make sure you display your products and list your services carefully. You can use the website’s background to your advantage and if that’s not enough, you can also use stylish fonts. But if your products look made up, chances are that your customer will be able to tell and he may question the quality of your original products.

Clarity and easy navigation

Your website should be extremely user friendly. Be clear about where each link will take the user. Do not disguise links with false information just to get the customer to click on it. Pay close attention to your billing page. It has to have an easy to fill form that will make the customer comfortable enough to share his credit card information. Research shows that most people tend to pull away from pages that require a lot of personal details, especially if it is not pertinent to the product and its billing.

Simple ‘add to cart’ options

Do not take attention away from this feature. If this option takes him to other pages like the ‘more details’ page, the buyer may lose interest, especially if he is shopping for more than one item.

Personal touch

Your website needs a personal touch to establish its reliability. For instance, you can have your picture listed under the ‘about us’ section.

There are other technical features that your website will have to be equipped with to take on a good amount of business. It would be easier to call on the services of a web designer or agency to help you. They will be able to assess your needs and translate them into profitable solutions for your website.

The emphasis on social media in the present internet world has increased tremendously. The biggest advantage of social media is that your readers become your promoters because they share interesting posts within their social networking circles, thereby spreading word about your business. So, optimising your website for social media is extremely crucial. The best time to do this is when the site is being designed.  A web design Cardiff service can help in creating a website optimised for social media

Easy to find sharing icons

The basic requirement is that social networking widgets should be easy to spot on the page. Not many visitors read until the end of the post to decide if the write up is worth sharing. Usually, the first few paragraphs say it all.

So, if the social networking site icons are placed way below the page, chances of readers sharing the content reduce significantly. Place these icons at the top of the article or blog post so that it is easily visible. The other advantage is that this placement encourages people to share content. An example of a website that uses social icons

Titles can make all the difference

Your page should have a title tag that is instantly captivating. When you share a post on social networks, the title tag is displayed on the page. So, you should come up with a very interesting headline that compels readers to read the rest of your article and share it. The trick here is to highlight the headline instead of the company name.  
Encourage comment sharing
It is important to encourage commenting. But also important is to encourage visitors to share the comment with the larger world. Disqus is one service that is very useful in this regard. The service allows people to share comments on social networking sites. It also helps people personalise the experience by allowing them to post their pictures and names along with the comment. The entire process is more engaging and interesting.

Optimise the landing pages

You need to begin by running web analytics to identify the social networking platform that brings in maximum of your traffic. Secondly, figure out which page attracts maximum number of visitors from these channels. It does not necessarily have to be your home page.

Once you identify these two aspects, you can optimise these pages by adding effective call of action lines, encouraging sharing, establishing your brand and linking to other pages of your website or to your blog.

Add blogs and forums

Visitors are more likely to share blog posts and join forum discussions. So, adding blogs and forums to your website and interlinking pages can be a very effective social media optimisation method. When you hire the services of a web designers Cardiff company, your website is innovatively optimised for social media.

Web Design Cardiff

web-design-voucher-site-londonMaking your website user friendly has a string of benefits. It increases your website traffic and gives you an edge over your competitors. Websites created or enhanced with the help of a good web designer in Cardiff service can make your virtual business as busy as its main branch.

Keep it obvious

Research shows that a website should be able get a customer’s attention within the first eight seconds of opening up. So your website has to work hard within this eight-second period to point out the product or service offered within. If your customer cannot understand the services you offer within this time, he will move onto the next website.

Graphics can slow you down

Make sure you use graphics only to enhance your website’s design and not to ostentatiously decorate each page. This can slow down your website considerably. For example, Flash takes a lot time to load and slows down the browser too. Splash screens add unnecessary clicking options to merely enter the web page.

Social media icons are a plus

Place social media icons on all pages of your website as it will encourage your readers to immediately bookmark their favourite pages and it will invariably reach a larger audience.

Misguiding links

Check your website’s links and navigation tools constantly to ensure that they are taking your customers to the appropriate pages. A muddled system will keep visitor’s away a second time.

Understanding the client’s needs

You would do well to anticipate your customer’s needs and let your website guide them to related supplies that he may need with his main purchase. For example, if your customer is looking for camping gear, you can also guide him to websites that offer related articles like flash lights, canned food, trekking shoes, etc.

Useful information

Your website should contain useful and pertinent information that will help the customer. A good FAQ page can do the trick.  

Quality content

Make sure that your content is crisp and clear. Your customer will not have the time for rambling stories. Avoid using repetitive content in all the pages.  

While it is easier to maintain a personal website, keep in mind that it is not the same for your business. Your business needs higher standards and usage out of your website for which a professional web design Cardiff service can help you better.


Find out more about previous clients and work and contact us

How to Use Your Website as a Selling Tool?

web design redesignIf you have a business website, then it is more than likely that you expect increased conversions and sales from this platform. A website is not going to bring in sales without any value additions. The bottom line to increasing sales using your website is to make it as easy to use and as interesting as possible for your users. If you’re looking to increase your website’s sales potential, hire a web design Cardiff service for optimum results. Here are some ways to generate sales from your website.

Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff

Your website must be listed in the first place of search engine result pages (SERPs) for it to become a sales machine. Incorporate search engine optimization strategies for best results. Include keywords in content as well as in title tags and meta tags, optimise images, build backlinks and use easy navigation to make it easy for search engines to find the inner pages of your website.

Create a User-Friendly Website with Web Design Cardiff

Design elements such as colours, content alignment, navigation, and content readability, all affect user behavior on your website. Use layout backgrounds and font styles that make it easy for readers to digest the information on your site.
Make content compelling with catchy headlines and useful information. A thumb-rule is to base content on the various benefits that consumers can derive from your product/service.

Incorporate Elements that Help Boost Sales

Elements like images, audio, video and multimedia add to the content value of your website, and help raise and sustain a visitor’s interest. When used the right way, these tools boost conversions and sales.
Images bring a product alive. If you are selling your product through your website, incorporate rich images of your products on the most prominent part of the page where a visitor’s eye is most likely to go. For example, the top section of a website or in the proximity of call-to-action buttons. Experiment with other strategic pages and positions as well that you think could draw audience interest and boost sales.
Audio content can be used to deliver authentic content that provides value to your visitors. Create an audio piece that has your customers reliving their happy moments with your brand.
Video content too helps generate credibility. Videos depicting customer experiences, interviews with industry experts and leaders, product/service demonstrations, or entertaining content such as office celebrations, are some examples.
You can offer freebies like ebooks or whitepages to build your opt-in list.
You can also create podcasts to market yourself as an industry expert, and increase credibility for your products/services. Offer beginner guides, tips and advice on your domain, and your take on industry trends, developments and hot topics.

Accelerate Conversions with Compelling Offers

Offers could be in the form of special access to information for subscribers, price discounts, freebies, and gifts and coupons. Drive customers to take action faster by limiting offers to a specific time period.
Hire a web design Cardiff service to implement proven sales generation techniques. Contact Rhys Welsh web design Cardiff service for more details.

Web Design Cardiff and Social Media

A combination of social media platforms working seamlessly with your website gives you an edge over others. It facilitates easy interaction with customers, exchanging views and eventually sales. You can maximize your reach with social networking platforms working harmoniously with your corporate website. But before you jump onto the social media bandwagon, a few pointers will ensure smooth sailing, whatever the scale of your business.

Clear Display of Social Media Icons

Social media icons should be displayed prominently on your website. Ideally, they should be placed on top, bottom or along the side of the home page. Also, make sure that you format the link in such a way that the social media page opens in a new window. This way the visitor would not have to leave your web page after clicking on the icon.
Also remember to display the icons of only those platforms where you are active. Inactive links can affect your business negatively. You can even consult a web design Cardiff service for ideas on placing social media icons on your web page. 

Live Social Media Feeds on Your Website

Direct display of social media pages like facebook and twitter on the website is quite common. However, this is only for those corporates whose business has interactions on a day-to-day basis and where updates are required daily or bi-monthly.
For businesses having limited changes in structure or nature of products, it is essential to post only latest news or updates over a specific period of time, and not every time via live feed. For instance a fashion based company’s social media activity would be different from, say, a steel manufacturing unit. So choose to display live feeds according to the nature of your business.

Share Buttons

An interesting way to enhance awareness and generate interest is to “share” or “recommend” content with as many people as possible. The Add This or Share This button allows your visitors to share your product or service instantly with their contacts. A clear positioning of the button also helps in cutting down confusions. An expert web design Cardiff service can help in making effective use of this feature.
Professionalism in Social Media
Using a personal facebook page for promoting a brand is at best amateurish and, at worst, a sure-fire way to divert customers. Similarly lengthy tweets running into continuity are unacceptable in brand promotions. Every social medium comes with its own set of dos and don’ts which you must follow in order to keep the customers engaged.

Right Terminology

Social media is a flexible mode of communication. Get a know-how into the latest trends and update your site’s icons accordingly. But maintain simplicity and don’t follow any trend blindly. See what works for you but stay updated and not outdated.

Use Analytics and Social Media Insights

Google Analytics is helpful in telling you exactly how many people are reaching your website from social media platforms. All you have to do is to set up Event Tracking in Google Analytics.
SproutSocial allows you to compare analytics and information from specific timeframes. You can alter your social media settings accordingly based on the findings of the tracker thereby making your web page more dynamic.  
The main objective of your marketing strategy is to reach out and connect with potential and existing customers. The primary goal of social media links is to enhance the quality of interaction with customers.
Be clear about these objectives when you go about integrating social media with your company’s website and you will benefit. You could even contact a web design service for creating and maintaining a strong online presence of your brand.

Web Design Cardiff can help your business

web-design-cardiff-generate-leadsYou have probably got one of the most attractive website designs in the industry. However, all your efforts will come to naught if you are not generating enough leads from your website. An expert web design Cardiff service will ensure that your website contains all the essential tools required to generate leads.

How to convert leads to customers?

Have you been often piqued by the fact that your website is getting the eyeballs but there is not enough lead generation? It is important to always remember that simply collecting visitors’ email addresses is not enough.
A lead is basically a person or company that shows interest in your company and therefore supplies his information to you. There are certain things you should do before you even contemplate converting leads into customers.
Primarily, you need to enhance your website with features such as blog, newsletter sign ups, freebies in the form of ebooks and whitepapers, and links to your social media handles where necessary. A contact form on every page of your website can also help bring customers closer to you.

Why inbound leads are better than cold calling?

When someone visits your website, he is looking for something particular. This simply means that the prospective customer has some expectations in mind. This is further strengthened when he signs up for your newsletter or leaves his email contact for you to get in touch with him.
Cold calling, on the other hand, takes individuals by surprise because they are not actually expecting a call from you.

What you can use on your website to generate leads?

You can generate a good number of leads by designing your website in a manner that will accommodate what any web designer service will suggest. A contact form must be easily accessible from your website.
Autoresponders are confirmations you send to people who visit your website and ask for newsletters or free articles. You can include some questions in the email to know your prospective customers better.
Use high visibility enquiry forms to help your prospective clients to ask you for information. The design of the enquiry forms should not intimidate them but instead encourage them to feel free to ask for more information about your products and services.

How blogging can help generate leads?

Blogging has time and again proved to be one of the best internet marketing tools that companies can use for lead generation. Interesting content and high frequency of publication can be two ways in which you can use blogging.
But it is not enough to just create a blog and then expect it to generate leads on its own. Tracking leads, linking to your lead pages and getting people to increasingly subscribe to your blogs can be of help.
Getting leads and converting them into customers can be quite a daunting effort if you do not design your website in the right manner. Approach a web designer today and get your website up and running with plenty of leads in no time.
Take a look at some of our lead generator web design portfolio.

Web Design Cardiff

A company’s brand persona works on two levels, relatively speaking – the brand image and the brand personality. Personality is what you are and image is what others think you are. You would agree that your company is just a click away from your target audience. In such a scenario, the main question that pops up is – what message are you conveying to your existing and potential customer base?
In today’s digital age, your website says it all; it is your effective brand touch-point as it builds your online reputation too. This is where an experienced web design Cardiff plays a vital role. The trick is to convey to your designer the thumb rule that a corporate website should be such that the entire communication interface is simple and clear above all.

Over Animation Kills the Main Idea

Things like too many pop-up windows, auto-loading sounds, flashy multimedia and scrolling text annoy the visitors to your site. Don’t fall into the multimedia skills trap. Make sure that the website is minimalistic and sophisticated but never dull or over the top. Remember, you have to keep the end users in mind.

Organised Content

A disintegrated content would undoubtedly confuse the visitor. Does your web page have few links? Think from the point of view of the visitor who wants ready information about a specific service and not confusing links within links spread out on the corner of the pages. Even for your company’s press room section, limit page length to 2 or maximum 6 screenfulls. After all, corporate websites should look good in not only design and content but also navigation.

Consistency in the Pages

Without clouding the message, the colours, fonts and design of the website have to be consistent in basic style. Contrasting pages end up confusing the visitor and give an amateurish touch to the website. An ideal web design Cardiff professional would be one who understands that different page styles or colour schemes for different pages are best avoided.
Browser Compatibility
It is crucial to ensure browser compatibility so that your website runs well on three or four popular browsers. You have to maximize your reach. Ensuring mobile compatibility is a good idea since these days most people use Internet on the go. So keep it simple.

Find a Designer who Understands your Website

Ensure that the designer discusses the website with you and is not in a hurry to just finish the task and move on to the next. If necessary, contact previous clients of the web design Cardiff service and get their feedback. Zero in on a designer who asks for a detailed description of your requirements.

Testing Links

Once your website is ready, don’t just leave it at that. Links that don’t work give a shoddy impression about the company. Since the website has to be an information highway about your company and its virtual mouthpiece, check that the website is regularly tested thereafter for any dead links. Make it a habit to check your website and remind the designer to constantly upgrade the links.

Give Space

Designers usually come to the clients with revisions or their versions of the brief. Don’t be too rigid or too flexible. Hold your ground but understand what the designer is saying. There may be a genuine technical problem in carrying out an idea or at times things on paper may not look good on the screen. Let it be a two-way dialogue between you and your designer.

A Designer is not a Genie

Sudden changes or flashes of brilliant ideas may not be workable right away. Unreasonable instructions result in misunderstandings. So be professional and do your homework but leave some margin for constructive discussions and alterations.
Creating and designing your website keeping in mind the end users is an integral responsibility of a web designer in Cardiff professional. As part of your marketing collateral, your corporate website should guarantee a positive user experience in a clear and concise manner.

Contact Rhys Welsh today for effective web design Cardiff service that leads to increased conversions and a better user experience. Here is a an example of an effective web design

tbuk-cardiffA corporate website acts as a lighthouse for a company and its clients. Even with the intrusion of social media and blogs into the corporate world, a website is still considered as the first parameter to judge a company. Whether self-designed or created by a web designer in Cardiff, the importance of a good corporate website far exceeds its apparent initial value. Not only is it a magnet for attracting new clients, it also exudes the functionality and efficiency of the corporation itself. Looking for the perfect recipe for a smashing corporate website? Here are few helpful roadmaps!

The theme

The very first point to swear by is that a corporate website represents a company, and NOT a specific department within it. It is okay to highlight your latest achievement/product in a small advertisement, but it is never a good idea to convert it into a marketing campaign and flood the front page with your inventory.

The front page should be simple, elegant, and contain a simple note to welcome the visitors and deliver a clear message about the vision and mission of the company. The company logo and the name should be strategically placed so that it is the first thing the visitors see on the website.

The audience

A good corporate website should ideally act like a crossroad, showing the path to various divisions. Always remember, not only clients, but a lot of other types of visitors, like job-seekers, investors and rivals, will visit your webpage. Hence, your website should be equally convenient for all of them, rather than catering to only a specific audience.

Keep it short

The very basic question a website should ask its visitors is, “what can I do for you?” This message should be delivered in the shortest and simplest way possible. You have just a few seconds before a viewer is lost. The quest is to deliver as much possible in as little a chance one gets. Deliver key business information, like the areas you cater to, your expertise, any areas you wish to venture into, in a short concise way.

Adaptive web pages

People use a variety of gadgets to access websites. Each one has its own hardware, resolution and processing speed. Adaptive websites adjust themselves to the hardware they are viewed on, and remove the hassle of creating browser-specific websites and redirecting after detection of the browser. If you still have a website that runs only on Firefox or Internet Explorer, change it today.


Browsing through the webpage should be simple and easy. The pages should be as light as possible so as to make the experience smooth. You may have a very high quality page, but if it slows down the visitor experience, it will do more harm than good. Navigation should be easy and going from one section to the other should be a breeze. If at any point, the visitor feels lost, well, the website needs to be tweaked.

Contact us page

This is the most important section in a corporate website. People may contact you for various reasons. They may be prospective clients and need a quote, or a jobseeker looking for an opening, or an investor looking to make a profit.

It is a great idea to provide separate email addresses for separate departments, and then have people to look after them. Provide links to your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your corporate address should be mentioned clearly along with current phone numbers.

Corporate websites always demand a certain amount of professionalism. Keep it simple, elegant and if you need any help, you can always hire a web design cardiff company to take off the rough edges.



Monthly Newsletter for websites cardiff

Smart and planned web marketing is essential for businesses today in order to reach out to prospective customers and also to stay in constant touch with existing customers. Web marketing involves relatively lower costs; it does however consume a lot of time and effort therefore, it is avoided by most businesses.

The direct as well as intrinsic benefits of web marketing solutions, like a newsletter, cannot be ignored. For personalized and custom services, you can contact a web design Cardiff service. This way, you can achieve the benefits of the newsletter while at the same time reducing the time and effort involved.

We can set up your newsletter template, manage your contacts and each month we can contact your audience with new content or news. This would work well with the blog package which is another marketing service we provide.

Reach out to your customers

Customers, both existing and new, are looking to utilize your services while at the same time building a relationship that they can rely on. Many companies rely on print ads or promotional emails for this purpose. However, the drawback here is that customers may feel hounded by recurring emails. Regular and timely newsletters on other hand are a better way to communicate with the end users while at the same time marketing your services without seeming bothersome.

Your existing customers may not need constant reminders of what new products or services you have to offer. This is where the newsletter will work to just keep them abreast of developments in your product offerings and developments in the industry.

Customers appreciate newsletters as they are looked upon as relationship building tools rather than selling tools.

Newsletters when customized optimally can go a long way at increasing the perceived value of your business. While using this approach to marketing, you must remember to avoid very frequent newsletters, over selling and opportunities to cross sell.

Control costs and track results

Whether you design your own newsletter or use the services of a web design Cardiff company, the cost benefits of an e newsletter are substantial. This also gives you the opportunity to focus on the operations of your business. Newsletters give you instant, measurable and track able access to your existing and potential clients and also work to place you as a knowledge leader in the industry.

Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of these newsletters is one of the greatest tools for you to use. You can find out exactly how many and which customers have been interested in the newsletter and what it had to say. You can also bank on these statistics to further design or modify your marketing strategy to focus on all interested customers.

Considering the value that e newsletters add to your business, be it a service or a product, they are the best option if you are looking for an effective yet reasonable marketing tool. Additionally, they provide you the benefit of putting your business first, positioning you as a thought leader and giving you better access to your clients.

It is good for you to use a web design Cardiff service to further reduce your time and cost utilization while maximizing your returns.

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Types of web design we can deliver for organisations or businesses.

  • Brochure web design - numerous pages and information.
  • Portfolio design  - large amounts of images presented online
  • Bilingual design  - offer various language options (eg.
  • Welsh language within your web design, as well as english)
  • Online shop design  - sell your products online.
  • Directory web design - large amounts of contacts and info can be integrated in to a easy to use platform for your visitors.
  • Events web design - let us integrate calendars in to your web design.
  • Forum web design  - allow visitors to interact wit each other quickly and conveniently.
  • Booking systems for your web design can be integrated to compliment your product or service.
  • Blog
  • Classified advert web design


...The list goes on

There is no limits to what web design functionality we can provide.

Feel free to contact us for more details or a free web design consultation.


Another happy customer after working with Web Design Cardiff!

Having worked and recently going live with an new website design for an international electronics distributor - we have received the following testimonial to add to the collection:

"Sanken Power Systems are a Japanese owned electronics Company based in South Wales.  We have had a very basic web presence for a number of years and were looking for a web designer to create a new website for us that presented a more professional company image and was capable of providing our customers with technical product information in an easy to use format.

We found Rhys through Google and were very impressed with the look and feel of his own website and with his diverse portfolio of work.  When we met with him he understood our requirements easily, had lots of good ideas and came back with a very reasonable quote for the work.

Rhys was extremely reliable and helpful throughout the project and was happy to visit our offices to discuss progress and demonstrate the content management system once the site was up and running.

We were particularly impressed with how quickly Rhys was able to design and implement our requirements and respond to our requests for changes.

We are absolutely thrilled with the result!

We look forward to working with Rhys in the future to further develop and improve our web presence and have no hesitation in recommending him."


To find out more feel free to take a look at the client testimonial pageelectronics-web-design-cardiff

Our CMS Framework is..

  • Easy to use
  • It is scalable and has been used for very complex and very simple web sites... varying in functionality
  • If you are looking to expand the website or add further functionality at any point - our framework will  'future proof' it.
  • Easy to maintain web design
  • SEO compatible
  • Easy to use text editor
  • Our frame work is powerful and ideal for larger, functional sites
  • Database driven site engines- helps separate content from code and design.
  • Content  sections fully editable and manageable - you dont need to be a developer to add content.
  • Article/page content can be added to by contributing authors.
  • Fully customisable layouts
  • Browser upload of images to your own image library for use anywhere in the site

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Our travel and technology partners have been carefully selected to provide the best choice and value for our customers.

Key Target Audience

Key audience groups targeted are :
1.    Couples, Families with Pre-School children and Families with School age Children.
2.    Semi-Retired and Retired


Web Design Client Goal

Web Design Cardiff and their client aim was to drive more of our business online and to achieve this we need websites that breathe our brand values and cater for a wider range of visitors.

What Web Design Cardiff will we do for you

Website architecture – create the site structure to have the search engine structure in place and ensure keywords are embedded on every page

Internal Linking – I can optimise your own site by creating a hierarchy of pages and importance

Meta tags – We will target selected keywords and apply to all pages

<H> tags – We can target key areas of your site and really tell google what your website is all about

Images – we will make several adjustments  to appeal to visitors through graphic design

CMS System – It is vital that real time updates can be made by administrators (as google is constantly looking for fresh new content)

News section - google loves fresh new content, I will incorporate a blog/ news section for easy updates





The website has almost a hundred pages and has various styles of pages through out the site

This includes the following

  • interactive map
  • tab systems
  • external links for affiliates
  • integration of existing booking system
  • A mega Menu
  • Slide show design








We believe in building sites that are visible google, but don’t compromise on the initial impact on a visitor.

Looking for a slick and sophisticated design that appeals to families
-    Looking for a homely, personal site….not a corporate feel

I would want to give your site a design to make more of an impact
….it makes it look more professional

Ther results of the new design for their business

The result of working with Web Design Cardiff:

Rod Jones of EuroParcs

"Rhys helped us rebrand our website with his design, the new template and
seo work has increased our online performance in the following ways:

- 30% increase in visitors

- 25% in goals

- 12% increase in sales

We continue to work with Rhys to improve the website and improve its

Holiday Company Web Design Gallery

View the embedded image gallery online at:


If you have a website in mind and want to get in contact with Web Design Cardiff feel free to contact us



Feel free to take at some of our other portfolio work by Web Design Cardiff




Before and after



Having being found on the search engines, Web Design Cardiff were selected to work with Inspect who offer a range of services in the South Wales area.

We worked with an existing site with roughly 80 pages of content, and maintained all current content successfully over to the new content management system.

The new web design has lots of features including

  • Category roll overs boxes
  • Portfolio showcase
  • Contact form
  • Drop down menu

When designing we focussed on the user as the previous design was too cluttered and not simple enough

Here are a few page screen grabs of the new website










Installation Web Design Gallery

View the embedded image gallery online at:



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A brand new web design project produced to allow the client to easily add pages and grow their internet based business.

The website has pages that explore the wide range of packages and activites they offer for potential customer to view when stumbiling across their new website design

Web Design Cardiff

Offer a range of design and search engine related services for clients. If you have a website project or business idea feel free to get in contact to discuss your options in more detail


A multinational company that caters for the majority of the mobile home market, providing luxury television sets and accessories.

Having being approached by the client, and accessing the requirements a complete new web site design system was delivered.

  • Some of the functions provided included:
  • A custom slide show greeting
  • Local dealer search integrated with google maps
  • Warranty form application
  • Contact form
  • Various ways to provide product images

If you would like to discuss your project goals feel free to get in touch.

In theory a project can be started with none or little of the below information, however at some point we require a few items from you. Web design Cardiff ideally require the following details, in order to start your project, don't worry if this doesn't make any sense - we are here to help!

Domain Control Details
In order to set up hosting, please provide domain control details (eg/123-reg)
including username and password.

Current Hosting Details
If you have an old site, please provide control panel details and FTP details.

Your Logo
If applicable, please provide a high resolution logo.

Please send any images that could be useful for the website construction. (Professional photographer available on request - please ask for details)

Content for pages
Provide page content clearly stating page titles by email or word documents.
If you require a copywriter service £40 per page (400-500 words)
Please ask for details.

Google Account
In order to set up tracking, please create a google account and provide the username and password details (go to and sign up if you don’t have an account).

Social Networks URL’s
If social networks are being linked please provide urls
(for example facebook page & twitter username).


Feel free to get in contact if you have any ideas or a website design project in mind

Value adding approached 30 + wed design agencies thorougjout the UK, I pitched both my graphic,web and seo skills in order to secure the web design project.

Value adding are a national company and offer their servics throughout the United Kingdom. Value adding hq is based in Sheffield, I worked closely with an employee in Cardiff.

We had a number of meetings and discussions in order to finalise a design. That he and his directors liked. I find it important to putacross my experiences and knowledge of websites and always provide my clients with options and share my experiences thoughout the project. It was felt that i had opened the company up to the world Google.

Previous to their new web design they had a static web site, this would often mean they would have to go through hundreds of pages to make a simple change to their navigation menu. Having provided a joomla cms training workshop they now have the ability to make big changes to thier site with a few clicks of the mouse.

Value adding commented that they were very pleased with the site built and the web maintenanc workshop training.

If you are looking for a website design or a joomla training day please dont hesitate to contact us.

Take a look at the top earning website designs - and even more impressive, what they earn per second




From the list you can see that alot of the ideas are all very different, have you got the next big idea or want to push your business to tht next level why not use a designer

We offer a range of design related service and can certainly help you grow your business online - feel free to get in contact

electronics-web-design-cardiffHaving successfully pitched for a business website, concerning an international electronics company. Sanken Power Systems are a Japanese owned electronics Company based in South Wales, they contacted  Web Design Cardiff - to which we were happy to assist.

We initially looked through their old website and it was in need of a facelift - considering they have had their domain for over 12 years!

Web design Cardiff project  

As with all my website design projects first impressions counted so I listened to their requests and produced a design that they liked the concept :
"I’m very impressed with the look/feel of the site.  It looks great!"

Navigation and Content  

Web site content was provided from their previous site, all we had to do is provide a design that complimented their industry. Copywriters can be provide if your project requires creative writing to compliment a fresh new web design
Having limited high quality products photos and accounting for the end user product it will appear in - we decided to make a bold statement of using product photos, rather than electronics. The main reason as it was quickly realised that the end product which used their electronics was the primary reason for purchasing

Allowing visitors to make contact     

The knowledge of potential users for the site involve suppliers and likeminded technicians - with this in mind the menu navigation and grouping of products and components must be easily followed. Within the product data pages we used a formatted table to allow quick and easy navigation to download product information and data sheets. Of course we produced a very simple contact form allowing visitors to get in contact with the sales team. If you have a project in mind or would like to discuss your options feel free to get in contact with Web Design Cardiff

Web Design Customer Satisfaction    

Providing a web design and satisfying the clients needs and requirements are a priority, we have received the following testimonial to add to the collection:

"Sanken Power Systems are a Japanese owned electronics Company based in South Wales.  We have had a very basic web presence for a number of years and were looking for a web designer to create a new website for us that presented a more professional company image and was capable of providing our customers with technical product information in an easy to use format.

We found Rhys through Google and were very impressed with the look and feel of his own website and with his diverse portfolio of work.  When we met with him he understood our requirements easily, had lots of good ideas and came back with a very reasonable quote for the work.

Rhys was extremely reliable and helpful throughout the project and was happy to visit our offices to discuss progress and demonstrate the content management system once the site was up and running.

We were particularly impressed with how quickly Rhys was able to design and implement our requirements and respond to our requests for changes.

We are absolutely thrilled with the result!

We look forward to working with Rhys in the future to further develop and improve our web presence and have no hesitation in recommending him."

To find out more feel free to take a look at the client testimonial page

Other Useful Information:

Moving slide show for the homepage allows visitors to understand the scale of business. The idea is to produce a hard hitting website design for visitors and potential customers
An RSS Feed was set up to work in relation with the news section

Feel free to take a look as some of the web design screen shots below and get in contact if you have any questions for your web design project














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Do you have an overflow of design work?

I would like to briefly introduce myself, I am based in Cardiff, self employed, fully committed to design, reliable and have been in business for several years

  •  I currently have several subcontracts with other design agencies in Cardiff (just like yourselves)
  • I offer a unique service and offer web building websites as well as SEO packages
  • I have regular graphic design work for an established print company in Cardiff
  • Worked on web/graphic projects involving high profile clients such as Towerbridge, Financial times and a well known celebrity
  • I offer a complete web design package, that includes web design, hosting,
  • I can produce many types of sites that include 
  • including CMS (content management systems) let your client run his own sites as well as various form of functionality such as forums, online payments, community, listings, social networking, bilingual, directories, advertising...etc

If you have an overflow of web design work or simply looking to outsource your web design work - I would like you to consider our services for your future projects. Your client wont need to know who's produced it  and you can make money from my services and have considerably less hassle (...and tears)

If you would like to find out more about our service please don't hesitate to contact myself

web-design-for-cardiff-cateringA local catering company based in Cardiff, recently understood the importance of an online presence and want to start selling their services online.

When successfully pitched for the project Web Design Cardiff started looking at the competition and the industry. Throughout the project we designed several forms of media for Loaf Catering.

The website is built using a content management system allowing the user to update their site, in particular products. A fully scalable shopping system allowing the client to manage:

  • Stock levels
  • Categorise products
  • Create coupon/voucher codes
  • Product prices and quantities
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Optional extra options
  • Delivery rates
  • Payment methods

Streamlined business using an effective web design

The website was set up with lots of products set up before going live with the website, the web design was effectively an online menu allowing customers to order online. The idea is to help the client work towards a streamlined business and help their customers order quickly and effectively.

If you have a business or web design project in mind feel free to get in contact

You can see from some of the shots below that their are several types of pages throughout the site.














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web-design-cardiff-walkingCardiff on Foot recently understood the importance of google rankings -they teamed up with Web Design Cardiff.

Taking an immediate look at their old website and their stats it became obvious to us that their online presence would of been limited - they virtually featured for no key phrases.

At that point we took advantage of the position of needing to rebuild the site and produced a new, modern web design concept.

The website was designed with specific key phrases in mind - and now features well.

The client was concerned about not featuring in search engines but now has a brand new appealing website design that looks good and performs.

Some of the features included in the new website design project involve

  • A drop down menu to help users navigate to key pages
  • Improved site architecture
  • Custom slide show
  • Social links
  • Trip advisor links
  • News feed on homepage to keep the website fresh and up to date
  • Booking and contact form sent to clients email address - Call to Action
  • Category/Walking tour boxes

Here are some of the design shots that web design Cardiff created for their client





If you have a project in mind feel free to contact Web Design Cardiff or visit some of the other website design portfolio work carried out in and around Cardiff

Web Design Cardiff

If your looking for a value for money web design take a look at our business brochure package contents

For a normal brochure business website package I would provide the following:

Overview of Web Design Cardiff Service/Product Provided:
Content Management System for easy realtime inhouse updates
Basic SEO structure ability (eg/ site architecture, meta tags, description, H tags, key phrase targetted research...etc) 
Including up to 10 page installation ready for content - linked from main navigation
Web Design Functionality  
Homepage showcase module with changing showcase graphics
Homepage feature boxes to highlight primary business focus, linkable to related articles
Password protected administration panel
Basic registered user function, for a registered user name to access CMS pages
Contact form page linking to client's email account
Social Media buttons linking to various social networking websites
Dynamic Search Facility to search site-wide CMS page content and titles
Create a brand for your company
Suitable menu navigation
Media Manager - ability to upload images
Concept and client redirected redesign
Professional stock imagery
Graphic design/ webs site skin integration
Online advertising via
CMS Training
Google analytics installation for high quality user metrics
Integration of Google Webmaster Tools
Google analytics installation for high quality user metrics
Integration of Google Webmaster Tools
XML Sitemap with manual submission to Google Search Engine

take a look at some of our other website designs for business in Cardiff

web-design-cardiff-walkingCardiff on Foot recently understood the importance of google rankings -they teamed up with Web Design Cardiff.

Taking an immediate look at their old website and their stats it became obvious to us that their online presence would of been limited - they virtually featured for no key phrases.

At that point we took advantage of the position of needing to rebuild the site and produced a new, modern web design concept.

The website was designed with specific key phrases in mind - and now features well.

The client was concerned about not featuring in search engines but now has a brand new appealing website design that looks good and performs.

Some of the features included in the new website design project involve

  • A drop down menu to help users navigate to key pages
  • Improved site architecture
  • Custom slide show
  • Social links
  • Trip advisor links
  • News feed on homepage to keep the website fresh and up to date
  • Booking and contact form sent to clients email address - Call to Action
  • Category/Walking tour boxes

Here are some of the design shots that web design Cardiff created for their client





If you have a project in mind feel free to contact Web Design Cardiff or visit some of the other website design portfolio work carried out in and around Cardiff

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