The Sustainability and Environmental Policy Statement of

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Incorporated in 2012 and based in Cardiff, Rhys Welsh Ltd is a web designer.
The services we provide include web design, search engine optimisation, graphic design and supply print.

We are a responsible organisation that is committed to protecting the environment, ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation and continually minimising its environmental impact as much as is reasonably practicable. In addition, we have established an action plan of improvement and continued monitoring of our resources to ensure that we achieve our goals as set out in our environmental policy and that we continually reflect upon our commitments.

We consider our environmental impacts to be minimal, but these include carbon emissions from the use of transport and the use of energy in our Studios.

To protect the environment, we:
✔️Strive to have a paperless office
✔️ Using LED lighting and a “switch-off” policy to reduce energy consumption
✔️Encourage staff to cycle to work and promote a healthier life style by providing a bike rack
✔️Have a garden to create bio-diversity to attract birds and bees
✔️Support the local community by sponsoring charities.

We support the Welsh Government’s objectives outlined in The Well Being of Future Generations(Wales) Act 2015.

We are committed to the following:

✔️ The protection of the environment.
✔️ Compliance with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice that are relevant to Rhys Welsh Ltd.
✔️Setting targets for continual improvements of our environmental performance.
✔️Actively promoting the waste hierarchy treatment of reduce, reuse and recycling and to ensure the safe disposal of waste where reuse or recycling is not viable.
✔️Continual monitoring and reviewing of our environmental impacts.
✔️Raising awareness of environmental issues with all employees of Rhys Welsh Ltd.
✔️Communicating the environmental aims and objectives to all staff and stakeholders.


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Date:  13/05/2020