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People take less than a millisecond to form an opinion about the websites they land on. And when it comes to your online presence, first impressions mean everything. The first impression you create with your website depends on a variety of factors including structure, spacing, font, symmetry, amount of text and more.

So why is it important to make the right first impression on your website visitors? Let’s take a look.

Increase your conversion rate

When a user has a good first impression about a website, you can be sure he will surf your website for a little while. And if it fails to create the right impression, the user will bounce off your website in no time.

The more time your users spend on your website, the higher the chances of conversions. Therefore, a positive first impression can have a direct effect on your bounce rate as well as your conversion rate.

Higher customer satisfaction

A study aimed at understanding the effects of product expectations on user satisfaction found that a positive expectation had an impact on the ratings of the participants. The study had participants read a negative or a positive review of a specific mobile device before asking them to rate it. The control group read no reviews.

The study found that subjects who read positive reviews about the device gave it a higher rating compared to those who read a negative review and even the control group.

Therefore, a positive prime has a direct impact on the way your users perceive your product. They’d be willing to cut you slack.

First impressions are lasting

A study by two economists studied the effect of draft order in NBA. They studied the career of players over 5 years after their draft. The study found that the playing time that a player gets is directly related to their draft order.

The study found that teams offered their highly drafted players more play time and retained those players longer.

So if your website has a negative first impression, the user can be prejudiced against you for several years down the line. And, undoubtedly, that’s bad for business.


Visual appeal is everything when it comes to impressing your website visitors. Whether you are building a new website or redesigning an existing website, do not aim to save money on design. Focus on building a visually stunning website that will impress visitors.

Looking to build a new website that will create the right first impression on your visitors? Contact Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff today. We can build a stunning website that will deliver the results you desire.

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