1)    Customer Engagement.

Customer engagement is essential if you want an increase in sales and a better response to your content. Customers need to interact and not just feel like a visitor. Certain animations or accessible pages with good content are all little ways that the customer feels like they are involved in what they are searching.

2)    Animation.

As mentioned above, animation will naturally create a responsive reaction with the customer. For example an expandable menu or slide show. Animated web design and interactive sections will allow the customer to engage with the content. All engagement is good engagement!

3)    ‘Contact Us’ enquiry form.
As a website designer I want to be contacted! Using a generic form will give them the necessary format to enquire but allowing for something interactive will help increase those conversions. Be clear, concise and have a good design!

4)    Content.
Relevant, well written content is the difference between a responsive website generating sales and a dormant ‘portfolio’. It’s essential that customers are finding relevant content and the answers they’re looking for. Generic, boring content isn’t going to engage the customer.

5)    Ease of use.
Huge amounts of sales are generated online – if your website is difficult to use and hard to navigate the customers are not going to waste their time to try and find what they want. The bounce rate will be high and the conversion low. It’s important that you discuss your needs with your website designer.

6)    Simplicity.
Overcomplicated websites with a high number of pages may create confusion and generate disinterest rather than capturing the data necessary for those sales.  When it comes to web design, less is definitely more.

7)    Web designer
The web designer you employ will be key to business growth or not. Learning tricks of the trade to ensure your site stands out is the different between an engaging site generating customers and a boring, generic site with a high bounce rate.

8)    Plugins
There are certain extras or ‘plugins’ that may be available for your site which will be added by your website designer. These will offer various different elements that can’t be found on a generic site (tricks of the trade!) They generate a huge amount more traffic which can be prove and make for a responsive site.

9)    Visuals
Visuals are important. Generic/bland stock images and bad quality fonts (blurring and pixelating) will affect the customer engagement.

10)    Mobile optimisation
Over half of all sales are generated on mobile devices so it’s essential the website is optimised for both mobile and desktop. Your web designer should mention this to you as it’s a huge part of building and maintaining your client base. Ever been on a website that seems impossible to navigate on your phone but works fine on your desktop? It’s annoying right?!

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