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For people who wish to optimise their website, the first few months trying to ‘get into’ the thick of things may be frustrating. First, since SEO is a long term process, it takes time. When someone puts in a few tricks into his new website, and doesn’t get results in a few days, he will get frustrated. But to be honest, it takes at least weeks for any substantial effect to show up on a page you optimised. Yet, for the best possible chances and quickest results, you may wish to hire SEO Company in Cardiff, or alternatively keep a few techniques in mind.

A good title and URL

This is the first thing to keep in mind; a good URL can do wonders for your page in terms of increasing viewership. Having numbers in an address is a big NO, unless they form a part of the brand and make sense. Try to include a major keyword in the URL itself, so that the viewer can get a glimpse of what to expect. A URL like is good, but is not.


Well, without them, where would you be? They single-handedly make or break your online marketing campaign. Choose good keywords and try a few variations. The total number of keywords should not exceed 2% of the total word count of your page. If you pack in too many keywords, Google may just mark it as spam. The keywords should blend in with the content, and should not seem out of place, grammatically, or contextually.

Use trusted links

If you must include outbound or inbound links from and to your page, ensure that they are trusted and verified. While outbound links to spam websites will terribly affect your rankings, inbound links from suspect sources may damage things further.

Interlinking helps a lot

Suppose your blog has many posts related to different subjects. If one post is about, say, making chocolate, and there is a section about the ingredients required. Now, in another one of your posts, suppose you blogged on how and where from to buy good ingredients to make chocolate. You can use the words ingredients to make chocolate present in the first blog as the anchor text, and link it to the second post where you talk about it in details. Interlink relevant content as much as you can. This helps in increasing viewership, a lot.

Help spiders help you

Get a sitemap. In the coming years, if you do not have a sitemap for your website, you will never hear the end of it. This will ensure that search engine spiders find it easy to crawl on your site. You do not want parts of your page not indexed.

Try your hands at SEO for a few months, and if you find it difficult, it’s time to hire an SEO Cardiffservice.

Sitemaps are basically supplementary pages added on your website that contain detailed lists and links to all the pages contained on your website, with detailed information to each page and its hierarchy. While small websites with few pages do not exactly need sitemaps, larger sites are better navigated with a sitemap.

Having a sitemap for websites is not considered a necessity since it does not affect rankings directly. Besides, if and when you update your site, the sitemap may sometimes end up being an additional thing to worry about. However, having a sitemap, according to expert SEO Cardiff services, has other inherent benefits that ultimately boost your page rankings in the long run.

Easier for Crawlers

When you invest in a sitemap, you are actually making it much easier for web crawlers to access and index your site for inclusion into search results. Additionally, you can submit the sitemap of your website to popular search providers like Google, Yahoo and Bing so that they are aware of your website in detail and can index it accordingly. In the long run, this will lead to a better indexed page, improving your page ranking.

Easier for humans

For the living-breathing visitors, a sitemap can be a lifesaver while viewing lengthy complicated websites. More often than not, a website with a very large number of pages can get really cumbersome to get a grip of for most visitors. Not a good quality as far as user friendliness is considered. Site maps can easily address your problem. This will help in sustaining traffic, and in the end, show positive signs in ranking improvement.

Changes indexed faster

Search engines will index changes to your website faster if you reflect those changes in your sitemap. This can be particularly useful in cases of websites that are updated quite often. The web crawlers do not visit the same website frequently, and hence, it is crucial that the changes be indexed before the next visit. Needless to say, an updated page is one step closer to the number one position in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Page Results Page).

The way of the future

While standard procedure for crawling and website indexing may not be rendered obsolete in the near future, soon website submission may require a mandatory sitemap as well. It is always better to be future proof.  Besides, as external links to websites are minimized due to its inherent spam producingside-effects, sitemaps may become the standard way of indexing someday. Besides, the sitemap indexing algorithms of Google are still in beta, so in the near future, it may definitely be advantageous to have a sitemap handy.

Reduce skipped pages

Since all the pages of your website are internally linked by a sitemap, there is almost no chance for a crawler to skip or miss a page during indexing. This is extremely essential in terms of proper marketing of your entire webpage. Since all pages have at least one link internally, you can be almost assured that all your pages will get the proper exposure.

Creating a sitemap is not a very tough process, and with a little bit of determination, you can easily do it. However, if the need be, our SEO Cardiff services nearby are happy to offer assistance.

abbeywebdesigncardiffOptimising a website for local searches is not much different from implementing conventional SEO methods. However, certain aspects need to be changed so that the focus towards local customer base is higher. Simple techniques used by website design in Cardiff services can help increase visibility of your website in specific geographies and improve the revenue that you earn from those quarters.

Provide consistent information  

The biggest mistake that you can make is to provide different information about your business on different marketing channels. It confuses local searchers and gives rise to speculations about your credibility. Ensure that searchers get the same information about your company including company name, services, contact details, working hours and address, on all marketing channels.

In case you change your address and contact details or alter the services offered, make sure to send out an update on all channels where you have a presence. It is also important to remove old information from your company’s online public profiles to ensure that customers have access only to the latest data about your company.

Choose keywords with city names

Local searchers always use the name of the place when they search for information. You can optimise for this by including name of the place in the keyword tag as well as description tag of your site. For better results, include different keywords with names of various towns and counties within the service area of your business.

Optimise on Google Local Business Centre 

Google Local Business Centre can be a very effective source to enhance visibility of your website within specific geographies. Submitting your website here does not cost you anything. Make sure that you give in all contact details and include hours and days of operation. Choose the right category to make the entry.

Your submission is verified and your business is included in the listing. Once done, your website begins to show up whenever a local person seeks information about businesses or services belonging to your niche.

Choose local website host

Search engines take into account the place where the servers hosting your websites are located. Usually, a website is considered local to the place where its servers are located. So, choose a local host. This ensures better indexing and chances for your website to turn up in local searches are higher.

In addition to these, website design company optimises your website for local searches by effective backlinking with other well known local sites. With a well planned strategy and multi-channel approach, the service ensures maximum visibility for your business in local searches. Here is an example of a website that targets local searches for their business online.

In any given scenario, you need to remember that “people buy people”. Your website is an expression of what your company represents and what it has to offer. The content on your website, the design and the visual appeal, all contribute to making it an effective marketing and information tool. In order to get an optimal design for your website, you can either put in the effort yourself or even use professional website design services.

Overdose of creativity

In the effort to get as much information and colour into the website, some companies overlook the fact that this may end up making the website look cluttered. Creativity does play a very large role in making your website stand out; however, the importance of clarity must not be ignored.

Not updating your website

Outdated information is another aspect that is prevalent in company websites for most businesses. It is not a case with small businesses alone, even big companies sometimes have outdated information on blog pages, news pages and career sections. Dedicating time to update the information on your website is key to ensuring a steady stream of traffic. Additionally, you can use a website designer in Cardiff service to take advantage of skilled and experienced professionals so as to get the most out of your website.

Unclear interface

Consistency and clarity are two aspects that must go hand in and for a website to maintain its appeal. The user interface, the content layout, the screen resolution and creativity on your website are all important aspects to be kept in mind. Finding the right combination of all these aspects while still conveying the information is the key to creating a good website.

Unclear goal

There are two primary things to be considered extensively before you begin working on the design of your website. To start with, decide on the objective of the website; do you want to market your product, do you want to share information, or do you want to get customers to connect with you? Second, you must identify exactly who you wish to target with your website and set about designing your website accordingly.


In order to ensure that your website is appealing and at the same time conveys all the relevant business information, there are certain things that must be kept in mind. Firstly, the content layout must be well spaced and clear so as to avoid any clutter and ambiguity. The user interface in the website must be appealing and easy to navigate.

No help at hand

Having a search facility simplifies the user interface and speeds up the process of finding particular information for users. Relevant information must be constantly updated so that users are continually drawn to the website.

Designing a website involves extensive work, especially if you mean for it to achieve specific returns for your business. Using web design company is a sure shot way to ensure that you get value for your money and at the same time reduce the time and effort you invest into the endeavour. Having rebuilt many different websites, take a look at some of our previous client website testimonials

When you are hiring a Cardiff web design service, you are not only entrusting your business in their hands; your entire online reputation will be at their disposal. Needless to say, you need to be very careful and precise in doing your homework before entrusting any web design Cardiff service with the key to your business.
Web design is not rocket science, and it doesn’t take all that intelligence to get it right, but what it does need, is dedication, sincerity and a capability to think out of the box. Asking the right questions in time can save you later.

Ask for a Design Portfolio

All major services have it, and they show it. Ask for a portfolio, a small collection that shows what they have achieved and how over the years. You can learn a lot from it. Do visit the websites shown in the portfolio.

Previous clients and references

They are worth millions in any industry. A good service will have some very commendable references in satisfied clients. Nothing defines a good quality service than a list of happy, satisfied customers. Also, the actual quality that is offered by the web design Cardiff service as opposed to what they promise can be easily judged.

A service for every need

Ask the firm if they use templates for designing websites or custom build them according to requirements. If you are a business and you require an upgrade, find a service that offers a more refined and distinguished degree, it is preferred that you have the option of using a custom design service.

Platform Compatibility

Websites nowadays are viewed on innumerable platforms and display sizes imaginable. Ask the designer what kind of coding language he uses for web design. Hosting a separate website for each platform is an impractical approach and is no longer effective. Ask him if he uses latest adaptive web design techniques, as this will ensure you have a future safe website.

Website and content management

Creating a shiny new website is only half the battle. The key to keeping it alive is to update the page frequently. Ensure that your web design Cardiff service has an effective Content Management System service to complement their expertise in website creation so that adding fresh content, or modifying existing ones is never a pain.
Always remember, it is not only money you will be investing; a wrong marketing move can render years of hard work useless.

Thinking ahead is the only way you can stay ahead!

Web design technologies, or any technology for that matter, are like trendy fashion. They come and go out of style. In the 1990s, Flash become a rage. Almost all websites had extensive Flash features in them. Flashy and animated pages zoomed in and out like video game screens. However, Flash was soon considered a bad idea for website design.

Although these websites do have an excellent visual appeal, they create several other very undesirable “side effects”. With the help of a professional web design Cardiff service you can design websites that use Flash just where required so that the site looks attractive but does not fall prey to negative repercussions.

Flash is not search engine friendly

Back in the early 2000s, web designers noticed that websites that were designed using Flash garnered low search engine indexing. They realised that search engines were blind towards Flash pages. Therefore, any information that was provided in this format was not considered by these search bots. So, the website became useless from SEO point of view.

At around the same time, Apple Inc. declared that none of its devices would be Flash compatible. These days, nobody wants websites that their customers cannot access on iPhones and tablets. So usage of Flash reduced even further.

Longer loading time

A major problem that Flash websites encounter is long loading times. This cuts out a big chunk of target audience that does not have access to high speed internet. For many others, it leads to bad user experience.

In comparison, websites that are built on HTML can lead to better user experience since pages load faster and can be enjoyed equally well by people who use low speed internet.

Difficult navigation tracking

One of the main requirements of a user friendly website is easy navigation. In addition to making the website user friendly, SEO friendliness of the website is another attribute of easy navigation. When you carry out web analytics, you can identify specific pages that receive large traffic.

Web analytic systems cannot track pages constructed in Flash. So, you cannot determine which page receives maximum visitor volume. As a result, website optimisation takes a beating.

In addition, Flash websites create problems such as difficulty in usability and expensive maintenance. They also require regular technical support. Furthermore, for people looking for information without frills and fancies, Flash websites can be a disappointment, which implies that Flash cannot be used to design websites of all genres.


HTML based websites are always effective. The latest version, HTML5, is more powerful. In the present industry, WordPress has become one of the most preferred web design platforms. JQuery and AJAX are the two other effective popular languages.

Depending on the requirements of your website, web design Cardiff service builds your online portal on the most appropriate platform.

Feel free to take a look at examples of some non flash web design

cardiff-photography-webdesignDressing up your products and sprucing up your web pages is not enough to welcome customers to your websites. The average online shopper looks for much more than that. It is the entire experience of being able to flip through your products and access all your web pages without a hassle. A web design Cardiff service will be able to understand exactly what your business and customers need out of your website.

Your website has to take your customer to the product he is looking for, without losing him amid the maze of links and short-cuts.

Make your products stand out

This does not mean using great looking images instead of your actual product. Always make sure you display your products and list your services carefully. You can use the website’s background to your advantage and if that’s not enough, you can also use stylish fonts. But if your products look made up, chances are that your customer will be able to tell and he may question the quality of your original products.

Clarity and easy navigation

Your website should be extremely user friendly. Be clear about where each link will take the user. Do not disguise links with false information just to get the customer to click on it. Pay close attention to your billing page. It has to have an easy to fill form that will make the customer comfortable enough to share his credit card information. Research shows that most people tend to pull away from pages that require a lot of personal details, especially if it is not pertinent to the product and its billing.

Simple ‘add to cart’ options

Do not take attention away from this feature. If this option takes him to other pages like the ‘more details’ page, the buyer may lose interest, especially if he is shopping for more than one item.

Personal touch

Your website needs a personal touch to establish its reliability. For instance, you can have your picture listed under the ‘about us’ section.

There are other technical features that your website will have to be equipped with to take on a good amount of business. It would be easier to call on the services of a web designer or agency to help you. They will be able to assess your needs and translate them into profitable solutions for your website.

The emphasis on social media in the present internet world has increased tremendously. The biggest advantage of social media is that your readers become your promoters because they share interesting posts within their social networking circles, thereby spreading word about your business. So, optimising your website for social media is extremely crucial. The best time to do this is when the site is being designed.  A web design Cardiff service can help in creating a website optimised for social media

Easy to find sharing icons

The basic requirement is that social networking widgets should be easy to spot on the page. Not many visitors read until the end of the post to decide if the write up is worth sharing. Usually, the first few paragraphs say it all.

So, if the social networking site icons are placed way below the page, chances of readers sharing the content reduce significantly. Place these icons at the top of the article or blog post so that it is easily visible. The other advantage is that this placement encourages people to share content. An example of a website that uses social icons

Titles can make all the difference

Your page should have a title tag that is instantly captivating. When you share a post on social networks, the title tag is displayed on the page. So, you should come up with a very interesting headline that compels readers to read the rest of your article and share it. The trick here is to highlight the headline instead of the company name.  
Encourage comment sharing
It is important to encourage commenting. But also important is to encourage visitors to share the comment with the larger world. Disqus is one service that is very useful in this regard. The service allows people to share comments on social networking sites. It also helps people personalise the experience by allowing them to post their pictures and names along with the comment. The entire process is more engaging and interesting.

Optimise the landing pages

You need to begin by running web analytics to identify the social networking platform that brings in maximum of your traffic. Secondly, figure out which page attracts maximum number of visitors from these channels. It does not necessarily have to be your home page.

Once you identify these two aspects, you can optimise these pages by adding effective call of action lines, encouraging sharing, establishing your brand and linking to other pages of your website or to your blog.

Add blogs and forums

Visitors are more likely to share blog posts and join forum discussions. So, adding blogs and forums to your website and interlinking pages can be a very effective social media optimisation method. When you hire the services of a web designers Cardiff company, your website is innovatively optimised for social media.

Web Design Cardiff

web-design-voucher-site-londonMaking your website user friendly has a string of benefits. It increases your website traffic and gives you an edge over your competitors. Websites created or enhanced with the help of a good web designer in Cardiff service can make your virtual business as busy as its main branch.

Keep it obvious

Research shows that a website should be able get a customer’s attention within the first eight seconds of opening up. So your website has to work hard within this eight-second period to point out the product or service offered within. If your customer cannot understand the services you offer within this time, he will move onto the next website.

Graphics can slow you down

Make sure you use graphics only to enhance your website’s design and not to ostentatiously decorate each page. This can slow down your website considerably. For example, Flash takes a lot time to load and slows down the browser too. Splash screens add unnecessary clicking options to merely enter the web page.

Social media icons are a plus

Place social media icons on all pages of your website as it will encourage your readers to immediately bookmark their favourite pages and it will invariably reach a larger audience.

Misguiding links

Check your website’s links and navigation tools constantly to ensure that they are taking your customers to the appropriate pages. A muddled system will keep visitor’s away a second time.

Understanding the client’s needs

You would do well to anticipate your customer’s needs and let your website guide them to related supplies that he may need with his main purchase. For example, if your customer is looking for camping gear, you can also guide him to websites that offer related articles like flash lights, canned food, trekking shoes, etc.

Useful information

Your website should contain useful and pertinent information that will help the customer. A good FAQ page can do the trick.  

Quality content

Make sure that your content is crisp and clear. Your customer will not have the time for rambling stories. Avoid using repetitive content in all the pages.  

While it is easier to maintain a personal website, keep in mind that it is not the same for your business. Your business needs higher standards and usage out of your website for which a professional web design Cardiff service can help you better.


Find out more about previous clients and work and contact us

How to Use Your Website as a Selling Tool?

web design redesignIf you have a business website, then it is more than likely that you expect increased conversions and sales from this platform. A website is not going to bring in sales without any value additions. The bottom line to increasing sales using your website is to make it as easy to use and as interesting as possible for your users. If you’re looking to increase your website’s sales potential, hire a web design Cardiff service for optimum results. Here are some ways to generate sales from your website.

Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff

Your website must be listed in the first place of search engine result pages (SERPs) for it to become a sales machine. Incorporate search engine optimization strategies for best results. Include keywords in content as well as in title tags and meta tags, optimise images, build backlinks and use easy navigation to make it easy for search engines to find the inner pages of your website.

Create a User-Friendly Website with Web Design Cardiff

Design elements such as colours, content alignment, navigation, and content readability, all affect user behavior on your website. Use layout backgrounds and font styles that make it easy for readers to digest the information on your site.
Make content compelling with catchy headlines and useful information. A thumb-rule is to base content on the various benefits that consumers can derive from your product/service.

Incorporate Elements that Help Boost Sales

Elements like images, audio, video and multimedia add to the content value of your website, and help raise and sustain a visitor’s interest. When used the right way, these tools boost conversions and sales.
Images bring a product alive. If you are selling your product through your website, incorporate rich images of your products on the most prominent part of the page where a visitor’s eye is most likely to go. For example, the top section of a website or in the proximity of call-to-action buttons. Experiment with other strategic pages and positions as well that you think could draw audience interest and boost sales.
Audio content can be used to deliver authentic content that provides value to your visitors. Create an audio piece that has your customers reliving their happy moments with your brand.
Video content too helps generate credibility. Videos depicting customer experiences, interviews with industry experts and leaders, product/service demonstrations, or entertaining content such as office celebrations, are some examples.
You can offer freebies like ebooks or whitepages to build your opt-in list.
You can also create podcasts to market yourself as an industry expert, and increase credibility for your products/services. Offer beginner guides, tips and advice on your domain, and your take on industry trends, developments and hot topics.

Accelerate Conversions with Compelling Offers

Offers could be in the form of special access to information for subscribers, price discounts, freebies, and gifts and coupons. Drive customers to take action faster by limiting offers to a specific time period.
Hire a web design Cardiff service to implement proven sales generation techniques. Contact Rhys Welsh web design Cardiff service for more details.

Web Design Cardiff and Social Media

A combination of social media platforms working seamlessly with your website gives you an edge over others. It facilitates easy interaction with customers, exchanging views and eventually sales. You can maximize your reach with social networking platforms working harmoniously with your corporate website. But before you jump onto the social media bandwagon, a few pointers will ensure smooth sailing, whatever the scale of your business.

Clear Display of Social Media Icons

Social media icons should be displayed prominently on your website. Ideally, they should be placed on top, bottom or along the side of the home page. Also, make sure that you format the link in such a way that the social media page opens in a new window. This way the visitor would not have to leave your web page after clicking on the icon.
Also remember to display the icons of only those platforms where you are active. Inactive links can affect your business negatively. You can even consult a web design Cardiff service for ideas on placing social media icons on your web page. 

Live Social Media Feeds on Your Website

Direct display of social media pages like facebook and twitter on the website is quite common. However, this is only for those corporates whose business has interactions on a day-to-day basis and where updates are required daily or bi-monthly.
For businesses having limited changes in structure or nature of products, it is essential to post only latest news or updates over a specific period of time, and not every time via live feed. For instance a fashion based company’s social media activity would be different from, say, a steel manufacturing unit. So choose to display live feeds according to the nature of your business.

Share Buttons

An interesting way to enhance awareness and generate interest is to “share” or “recommend” content with as many people as possible. The Add This or Share This button allows your visitors to share your product or service instantly with their contacts. A clear positioning of the button also helps in cutting down confusions. An expert web design Cardiff service can help in making effective use of this feature.
Professionalism in Social Media
Using a personal facebook page for promoting a brand is at best amateurish and, at worst, a sure-fire way to divert customers. Similarly lengthy tweets running into continuity are unacceptable in brand promotions. Every social medium comes with its own set of dos and don’ts which you must follow in order to keep the customers engaged.

Right Terminology

Social media is a flexible mode of communication. Get a know-how into the latest trends and update your site’s icons accordingly. But maintain simplicity and don’t follow any trend blindly. See what works for you but stay updated and not outdated.

Use Analytics and Social Media Insights

Google Analytics is helpful in telling you exactly how many people are reaching your website from social media platforms. All you have to do is to set up Event Tracking in Google Analytics.
SproutSocial allows you to compare analytics and information from specific timeframes. You can alter your social media settings accordingly based on the findings of the tracker thereby making your web page more dynamic.  
The main objective of your marketing strategy is to reach out and connect with potential and existing customers. The primary goal of social media links is to enhance the quality of interaction with customers.
Be clear about these objectives when you go about integrating social media with your company’s website and you will benefit. You could even contact a web design service for creating and maintaining a strong online presence of your brand.

Web Design Cardiff can help your business

web-design-cardiff-generate-leadsYou have probably got one of the most attractive website designs in the industry. However, all your efforts will come to naught if you are not generating enough leads from your website. An expert web design Cardiff service will ensure that your website contains all the essential tools required to generate leads.

How to convert leads to customers?

Have you been often piqued by the fact that your website is getting the eyeballs but there is not enough lead generation? It is important to always remember that simply collecting visitors’ email addresses is not enough.
A lead is basically a person or company that shows interest in your company and therefore supplies his information to you. There are certain things you should do before you even contemplate converting leads into customers.
Primarily, you need to enhance your website with features such as blog, newsletter sign ups, freebies in the form of ebooks and whitepapers, and links to your social media handles where necessary. A contact form on every page of your website can also help bring customers closer to you.

Why inbound leads are better than cold calling?

When someone visits your website, he is looking for something particular. This simply means that the prospective customer has some expectations in mind. This is further strengthened when he signs up for your newsletter or leaves his email contact for you to get in touch with him.
Cold calling, on the other hand, takes individuals by surprise because they are not actually expecting a call from you.

What you can use on your website to generate leads?

You can generate a good number of leads by designing your website in a manner that will accommodate what any web designer service will suggest. A contact form must be easily accessible from your website.
Autoresponders are confirmations you send to people who visit your website and ask for newsletters or free articles. You can include some questions in the email to know your prospective customers better.
Use high visibility enquiry forms to help your prospective clients to ask you for information. The design of the enquiry forms should not intimidate them but instead encourage them to feel free to ask for more information about your products and services.

How blogging can help generate leads?

Blogging has time and again proved to be one of the best internet marketing tools that companies can use for lead generation. Interesting content and high frequency of publication can be two ways in which you can use blogging.
But it is not enough to just create a blog and then expect it to generate leads on its own. Tracking leads, linking to your lead pages and getting people to increasingly subscribe to your blogs can be of help.
Getting leads and converting them into customers can be quite a daunting effort if you do not design your website in the right manner. Approach a web designer today and get your website up and running with plenty of leads in no time.
Take a look at some of our lead generator web design portfolio.

Web Design Cardiff

A company’s brand persona works on two levels, relatively speaking – the brand image and the brand personality. Personality is what you are and image is what others think you are. You would agree that your company is just a click away from your target audience. In such a scenario, the main question that pops up is – what message are you conveying to your existing and potential customer base?
In today’s digital age, your website says it all; it is your effective brand touch-point as it builds your online reputation too. This is where an experienced web design Cardiff plays a vital role. The trick is to convey to your designer the thumb rule that a corporate website should be such that the entire communication interface is simple and clear above all.

Over Animation Kills the Main Idea

Things like too many pop-up windows, auto-loading sounds, flashy multimedia and scrolling text annoy the visitors to your site. Don’t fall into the multimedia skills trap. Make sure that the website is minimalistic and sophisticated but never dull or over the top. Remember, you have to keep the end users in mind.

Organised Content

A disintegrated content would undoubtedly confuse the visitor. Does your web page have few links? Think from the point of view of the visitor who wants ready information about a specific service and not confusing links within links spread out on the corner of the pages. Even for your company’s press room section, limit page length to 2 or maximum 6 screenfulls. After all, corporate websites should look good in not only design and content but also navigation.

Consistency in the Pages

Without clouding the message, the colours, fonts and design of the website have to be consistent in basic style. Contrasting pages end up confusing the visitor and give an amateurish touch to the website. An ideal web design Cardiff professional would be one who understands that different page styles or colour schemes for different pages are best avoided.
Browser Compatibility
It is crucial to ensure browser compatibility so that your website runs well on three or four popular browsers. You have to maximize your reach. Ensuring mobile compatibility is a good idea since these days most people use Internet on the go. So keep it simple.

Find a Designer who Understands your Website

Ensure that the designer discusses the website with you and is not in a hurry to just finish the task and move on to the next. If necessary, contact previous clients of the web design Cardiff service and get their feedback. Zero in on a designer who asks for a detailed description of your requirements.

Testing Links

Once your website is ready, don’t just leave it at that. Links that don’t work give a shoddy impression about the company. Since the website has to be an information highway about your company and its virtual mouthpiece, check that the website is regularly tested thereafter for any dead links. Make it a habit to check your website and remind the designer to constantly upgrade the links.

Give Space

Designers usually come to the clients with revisions or their versions of the brief. Don’t be too rigid or too flexible. Hold your ground but understand what the designer is saying. There may be a genuine technical problem in carrying out an idea or at times things on paper may not look good on the screen. Let it be a two-way dialogue between you and your designer.

A Designer is not a Genie

Sudden changes or flashes of brilliant ideas may not be workable right away. Unreasonable instructions result in misunderstandings. So be professional and do your homework but leave some margin for constructive discussions and alterations.
Creating and designing your website keeping in mind the end users is an integral responsibility of a web designer in Cardiff professional. As part of your marketing collateral, your corporate website should guarantee a positive user experience in a clear and concise manner.

Contact Rhys Welsh today for effective web design Cardiff service that leads to increased conversions and a better user experience. Here is a an example of an effective web design

tbuk-cardiffA corporate website acts as a lighthouse for a company and its clients. Even with the intrusion of social media and blogs into the corporate world, a website is still considered as the first parameter to judge a company. Whether self-designed or created by a web designer in Cardiff, the importance of a good corporate website far exceeds its apparent initial value. Not only is it a magnet for attracting new clients, it also exudes the functionality and efficiency of the corporation itself. Looking for the perfect recipe for a smashing corporate website? Here are few helpful roadmaps!

The theme

The very first point to swear by is that a corporate website represents a company, and NOT a specific department within it. It is okay to highlight your latest achievement/product in a small advertisement, but it is never a good idea to convert it into a marketing campaign and flood the front page with your inventory.

The front page should be simple, elegant, and contain a simple note to welcome the visitors and deliver a clear message about the vision and mission of the company. The company logo and the name should be strategically placed so that it is the first thing the visitors see on the website.

The audience

A good corporate website should ideally act like a crossroad, showing the path to various divisions. Always remember, not only clients, but a lot of other types of visitors, like job-seekers, investors and rivals, will visit your webpage. Hence, your website should be equally convenient for all of them, rather than catering to only a specific audience.

Keep it short

The very basic question a website should ask its visitors is, “what can I do for you?” This message should be delivered in the shortest and simplest way possible. You have just a few seconds before a viewer is lost. The quest is to deliver as much possible in as little a chance one gets. Deliver key business information, like the areas you cater to, your expertise, any areas you wish to venture into, in a short concise way.

Adaptive web pages

People use a variety of gadgets to access websites. Each one has its own hardware, resolution and processing speed. Adaptive websites adjust themselves to the hardware they are viewed on, and remove the hassle of creating browser-specific websites and redirecting after detection of the browser. If you still have a website that runs only on Firefox or Internet Explorer, change it today.


Browsing through the webpage should be simple and easy. The pages should be as light as possible so as to make the experience smooth. You may have a very high quality page, but if it slows down the visitor experience, it will do more harm than good. Navigation should be easy and going from one section to the other should be a breeze. If at any point, the visitor feels lost, well, the website needs to be tweaked.

Contact us page

This is the most important section in a corporate website. People may contact you for various reasons. They may be prospective clients and need a quote, or a jobseeker looking for an opening, or an investor looking to make a profit.

It is a great idea to provide separate email addresses for separate departments, and then have people to look after them. Provide links to your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your corporate address should be mentioned clearly along with current phone numbers.

Corporate websites always demand a certain amount of professionalism. Keep it simple, elegant and if you need any help, you can always hire a web design cardiff company to take off the rough edges.



Monthly Newsletter for websites cardiff

Smart and planned web marketing is essential for businesses today in order to reach out to prospective customers and also to stay in constant touch with existing customers. Web marketing involves relatively lower costs; it does however consume a lot of time and effort therefore, it is avoided by most businesses.

The direct as well as intrinsic benefits of web marketing solutions, like a newsletter, cannot be ignored. For personalized and custom services, you can contact a web design Cardiff service. This way, you can achieve the benefits of the newsletter while at the same time reducing the time and effort involved.

We can set up your newsletter template, manage your contacts and each month we can contact your audience with new content or news. This would work well with the blog package which is another marketing service we provide.

Reach out to your customers

Customers, both existing and new, are looking to utilize your services while at the same time building a relationship that they can rely on. Many companies rely on print ads or promotional emails for this purpose. However, the drawback here is that customers may feel hounded by recurring emails. Regular and timely newsletters on other hand are a better way to communicate with the end users while at the same time marketing your services without seeming bothersome.

Your existing customers may not need constant reminders of what new products or services you have to offer. This is where the newsletter will work to just keep them abreast of developments in your product offerings and developments in the industry.

Customers appreciate newsletters as they are looked upon as relationship building tools rather than selling tools.

Newsletters when customized optimally can go a long way at increasing the perceived value of your business. While using this approach to marketing, you must remember to avoid very frequent newsletters, over selling and opportunities to cross sell.

Control costs and track results

Whether you design your own newsletter or use the services of a web design Cardiff company, the cost benefits of an e newsletter are substantial. This also gives you the opportunity to focus on the operations of your business. Newsletters give you instant, measurable and track able access to your existing and potential clients and also work to place you as a knowledge leader in the industry.

Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of these newsletters is one of the greatest tools for you to use. You can find out exactly how many and which customers have been interested in the newsletter and what it had to say. You can also bank on these statistics to further design or modify your marketing strategy to focus on all interested customers.

Considering the value that e newsletters add to your business, be it a service or a product, they are the best option if you are looking for an effective yet reasonable marketing tool. Additionally, they provide you the benefit of putting your business first, positioning you as a thought leader and giving you better access to your clients.

It is good for you to use a web design Cardiff service to further reduce your time and cost utilization while maximizing your returns.

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