Your new website

It’s important to assess what you expect from your new website. Consider the following questions as a starting point:

  • Who is your target audience? What are the demographics (e.g. adults, children, income levels, social class, location, etc.)?

  • What would they want to see?

  • What do you need to help them?

  • What are some unique selling points of your company, products or services?

Look and feel

  • What are some websites you like? (these could be from any industry.)

  • Are there any specific design aspects you like from the example sites (such as colour scheme, interactive elements or navigation)?

Goals of your website

What is it that you want to achieve with your new website? Usually, we see a combination of the following:

  • Increase sales.

  • Increase brand awareness.

  • Generate leads.

  • Improve online visibility with a modern, mobile-friendly website.

  • Bespoke requirements.


The content of your website

Begin to think about how you would populate your website. Do not procrastinate this step until the end of the web design project.

  • Think about how you will produce the copy. Do you have the skills or the resources to supply the copy for your site?

  • Do you have any corporate photographs, images or videos?

  • Can you supply your logo and corporate identity in vector format such as .pdf, .eps or .psd?

  • Can you provide brand guidelines?

Technical requirements

You must think about all technical requirements your business may have:

  • Does the website require user logins? How would you handle, authorise and manage registrations?

  • Is your website eCommerce? If so, then include details about product categories and payment methods required. How would you want to calculate shipping cost? Do you want features like discount coupon?

  • Will your site require integration with any APIs or external feeds?

  • What are some of the inner pages you will require? (E.g. Blog, interactive map, online booking, team page, portfolio section).

In-house requirements?

  • How would your site be managed on a daily basis?

  • How regularly do you plan to update and add content?

  • Would you require any form of data export?

  • Would you want to gather any other on-going data from your site other than Google Analytics?

Other important questions

  • What is your budget?

  • What is the timeline for your project?

  • Do you need ongoing support and maintenance?

  • Do you need help with ongoing SEO for your new site?

Contact Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff

These questions will help you in coming up with a solid brief that will help your agency to build a website that meets your requirements. The more details you provide, the better are the results.

Contact your Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff for a modern, mobile-friendly, future-ready website for your business.

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