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More traffic

We all know how valuable website traffic is. It can make or break any business. When your online presence grows, so does your website traffic. And that translates into higher conversions, higher sales and more revenue.

Low cost

Digital marketing is highly cost-effective compared to traditional marketing channels like TV, radio and print, which are very expensive. What’s more, you cannot measure the results either. An online presence is far more affordable. What’s more, you can track and measure every conversion.

Highly targeted

Digital marketing is highly targeted. Whether the sales come via organic search results, PPC ads or social media marketing, you can easily track every lead and sale.

Improved visibility

Without an active online presence, you run the risk of becoming invisible to your target audience. By growing your website and social media presence, you can get your brand right in front of your target customers.

Build trust and credibility

A website that ranks on the first page of search results is seen as a trustworthy and credible website. This makes a huge impact not only on your brand presence but your conversions too. Similarly, social media signals such as likes, comments and followers also help boost your credibility. 

Your competitors are doing it

If you are not growing your website on the search engines and social media platforms, you are sending your prospective customers to your competitors who are already active and growing their online presence.

Interact with your audience

Social media gives your business an excellent opportunity to engage and interact with your audience. By interacting with your audience, you get to know what their preferences are, what they like/dislike about your offerings, what their pain points are and so on. This insight can help provide better customer service and improve your offerings too.

Your customers are online

About 72% of consumers begin their purchase journey with online search. In fact, 91% of adults keep their mobile device within reaching distance. This means that when they are ready to purchase something, they will likely look up online – a search engine, their social feed and so on. A strong presence on these channels can help boost your revenues.

We hope these 8 reasons will convince you to invest in growing your website and social media presence. Should you need help doing that, Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff is just a call away. Book your free consultation now.

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