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You can lose your site

Many clients approach our web design Cardiff agency to build a new website from scratch to replace their old site that was lost to hackers or malware attacks. Their entire website was erased by intruders just for the fun of it.

Imagine if this happens to you. Not only will you lose your site but you will lose business for the entire time that your site is down. Not to mention the time and money you have to spend to build your website all over again.

Your customers are at risk

Hackers sometimes use malware, which infects the target website, collects data and sometimes even hijacks the data. Once an attacker gains access to your site, he can use it to inject the malware on the visitors’ computers.

There are numerous forms of malware and a variety of ways to infect a website, all of which is usually done using automated hacking tools. If your website is not secure, any intruder can gain access to your site and use it to attack your customers and visitors.

Your reputation is at risk

There are more than a billion websites floating in the cyberspace and 90% of users begin their journey with a search. If your website has been attacked, Google will warn users and even restrict them from visiting your site.

In fact, as of July 2018, if a website does not have an SSL certificate, it is marked as insecure and can even see an SEO penalty.

All of this can affect your reputation and the customers may not trust your brand. If it’s an e-commerce website, it will result in huge loss of revenue.

Be smart, secure your website today

Your website is an important asset that must be taken care of well. Just like you take steps to secure your premises, you must do all you can to secure your website from hackers and intruders.

We highly recommend that you invest in your website and take all the necessary steps to secure it at the earliest. We can help secure your website and even redesign your old site at affordable prices. Contact Rhys Welsh Web Design Cardiff today for a free consultation and quote.

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