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Price shock

Price shock is a big reason why shoppers abandon their carts. Ensure that customers know about the shipping costs while they surf your store. Consider adding a shipping price calculator before the checkout. This helps shoppers to determine shipping cost so they aren’t met by any surprises later. You could even offer a free or discounted shipping for a minimum order value.

Basket abandonment emails

If a shopper abandons their shopping basket near the end of the checkout, it’s likely that you’ve already captured their email address. Set a series of autoresponder emails that notify shoppers as soon as they abandon their carts.

Follow up with additional one or two emails over the next 24-hour period. Display the products they’ve left and add a call to action asking them to complete their shopping. If they don’t respond to these emails, then you could send a discount code in the future to motivate a sale.

Offer the option to checkout as a guest

Avoid forcing shoppers to create an account. This could make them feel like they are entering a long purchase process. Rather, offer the option to checkout as a guest. After they’ve completed the purchase, you can offer the option to create an account.

Identify leakage in the sales funnel

Google Analytics can provide some wonderful information about your visitors’ behaviour. Instead of assuming what’s wrong or testing different conversion problems, take a look at the visitor flow in Google Analytics.

Offer a money-back guarantee

Many a time, shoppers are hesitant to make a purchase either because they are uncertain or have unanswered questions. When you want to improve your conversion rates, you must find ways to overcome their objections or reassure them.

You can overcome hesitation by offering a money-back guarantee or some other form of assurance. A no-questions-asked money-back guarantee can reduce the objections a shopper may have about purchasing from you.

It takes the focus away from the terms of sale or the price to the product itself. They have the assurance that in case the product does not meet their expectations, they can claim a refund. They won’t have to fear losing their money.

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