ways to get Google to index your website

It can take anywhere from a few days to even several months for Google to crawl a site and assign authority to the domain. How soon your website will be indexed by Google depends on a variety of factors. These include a website’s overall structure, the age of a domain, how popular the website is, whether the content can be crawled and the authority of your website.

When it’s a new website, it can take quite a while.

Here are some things you can do get Google to index your website faster.

Submit your website’s sitemap to Google Search Console

This is a very useful SEO tool and the best part is that it’s free.

Creating a sitemap is easy. As your web design Cardiff agency, we will create an XML sitemap as part of the website build. Now all you’ve got to do is submit this sitemap to Google Search Console.

This ensures that Google knows about all the pages that need to be indexed. The sitemap also helps the crawlers in finding the most important pages on your site.

Create a robots.txt file

Although it may seem to be too technical, the file is pretty simple. It’s essentially a text file that sits in your site. It provides information about what to index and what not to index.

Essentially, it’s a series of commands to the search engine crawlers that tells them where on your website they can and can’t go.
Ask your web design Cardiff agency for help with creating a robots.txt file.

Blog regularly

Blogging is a great way to index your website. In fact, a website with a blog has more indexed pages than one without a blog. A blog is a wonderful way to build your website’s authority while ensuring your pages get indexed quickly.

Earn backlinks

Inbound links are pretty important. They signal to Google how popular your website is.
The higher the links pointing to your site, the higher your site’s credibility in the eyes of Google!
Here are some ideas to generate some inbound links from credible sources:

•    Content syndication
•    Re-publish your content on Medium
•    Publish content on LinkedIn Pulse
•    Submit to infographic directories
•    Guest blog posting

Parting Thoughts

Indexing your site in Google is an important step for a successful online presence. Your site won’t show up in Google if it’s not indexed. The good news is that you can take charge of the process and do your bit to ensure your site gets crawled quicker.
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