Your website’s domain name is much more than an address. It represents your brand and it’s your online identity.  Naturally, you’d want to choose a domain that suits your business, is memorable and easy to promote.

Given that good domain names are already taken, find an available domain that’s easy, short and inexpensive is a complex task. Here are 10 tips to consider when purchasing a domain name...


1. Keep it short

Avoid complicated domains. Steer clear of homophones, clever wording, numbers, hard to spell words and double letters. The simpler the domain name, the easier it is to remember.

2. Keep it simple

Technically, your domain name can be as long as 67 characters. However, short is better when it comes to domain names. A short domain is not only easy to remember, there are fewer chances of misspellings and typos.

3. Be memorable

As more visitors find their way to your site, your domain name will have increased value. Your domain name will play a critical role in your presence and sales. So pick a domain name that is memorable. It could be cool, fun, descriptive or interesting.

4. Incorporate keywords

Use keywords that perfectly describe your business and your products/services. When your keyword is present in the domain name, ranking it in the search engines is a lot easier.

5. Avoid special characters and numbers

It’s easy to misunderstand special characters and numbers. When folks hear a number, they don’t know if it’s spelled (seven) out or it’s a numeral. (7). Special characters like hyphens are easily misunderstood. People won’t think of typing them when searching for a business. And when you speak a domain name with dashes, it totally kills the flow of an otherwise good domain.

6. Use your location

If you are a local business, or the location of your business is critical, try using it in the domain name. Chances are, your target customers are searching for you using the location. When you put your location in the domain name, it not only helps your customers to know where you are, but it also increases your chances of ranking at the top of the search results.

7. Use the right domain extension

An extension is the suffix like .net, or .com at the end of a website address. As a rule of thumb, be sure to get a country-code top-level domain. So if your target audience is in the UK, is an ideal extension. However, if your audience is spread across the world, go for a .com domain.

8. Avoid double entendres

Ensure that the domain name does not have any inappropriate words hiding in there. For instance, the domain certainly has more than one meaning.

9. Buy multiple extensions

It’s important to protect your brand in this cut-throat world. Be sure to invest in multiple extensions and even misspelled versions of a domain name. This way, you are not giving your competitors an opportunity to piggyback on your hard work.

10. Buy from a reliable registrar

Be sure to purchase your domain name from a reputed domain registrar. Avoid companies without any reputation. You may end up losing your domain if the domain registrar goes out of business. So do not risk it. Use a recognised domain provider.

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