As far as the process goes for building websites, it’s a creative one. Every detail is important and attention to detail is key. We’re not complaining of course, but some days, it’s a lot to work with.

With that said, sometimes distractions are necessary to make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. Rather than scroll through social media pages to ‘shut off’ for five minutes – have a play around with the new office dog. Dogs create a positive distraction and there’s nothing more calming than a little pup wagging its tail waiting for you to play!

Sometimes designing websites means you won’t stick to the standard 9-5 working week. We all know the creative processing in the brain doesn’t shut off when you tell it to, which could have you working around the clock. Having a comfort such as a pet in the office means you don’t feel so isolated and maintain that homely attachment. Introducing an office dog also means you get more of a work life balance.
A study showed that bringing a dog to work lowered cortisol levels which subsequently lowered stress levels. Other studies have shown that even petting a dog can increase the levels of oxytocin (stress-reducing hormone). So folks, rather than reaching for that chocolate bar ‘to get a bit of a boost’ go and stroke the office dog – science says it’ll help!

Of course, having a furry friend around will further cement the working relationships between non-furry friends! Having a mutual conversation topic and a centre point for entertainment helps build the bond between colleagues. It’s almost like team building but without the cringe-worthy Icebreaker ‘techniques’. An office dog will therefore be beneficial if you’re in a small office and you can guarantee that each time you look up from your computer the pup will be there waiting for some attention. What more could you want!
Admittedly, as website designers we spend most of our time sat down curled over our laptops. We don’t live in the most active industry, in comparison to other job roles and therefore it may be hard for us, in our lunch break, to go for that long walk that will help to make us become ‘fitter'.

*Queue the office dog*.

Dogs have needs. They need to be walked a few times a day minimum, which means it’s going to be someone’s duty every day to give the pup his beloved walkies. An amazing way to get out and about, be fitter and healthier without actually trying.
It’s fun, its needed and it will definitely make you feel better.

P.O. A get an office dog + it will help you in some way or another, build better websites.

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