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Branding and Web presence for South Wales Therapist

Just like human beings, horses need proper care. Studies have shown that horses also experience stress and other related problems such as fatigue. You should always make sure that your horse is in good health. This is where massage therapy for your horse comes in handy. If you want your horse to give you better services, you have to make it happy. Remember, how you treat your horse determines the kind of relationship you will have with it. If your horse is frustrated, it will always give you a cold shoulder. Grooming your horse is very important because it enhances its performance.

With regular massage therapy, your horse will have well enhanced muscle tones, which are needed for better performance. With the right muscle tone, a horse will improve on its movement and flexibility. If your horse has an injury, you should take it for massage therapy because it helps to promote the healing process. When your horse is massaged properly, it will enjoy a smooth blood flow and an improved nutrient supply. Remember, it is important to ensure that your horse has strong muscles to help it offer better performance. For this to happen, the horse needs proper nutrient supply to the muscle. That is why regular massage therapy is very important.

Once there is a smooth flow of fluids in your horse, waste and other unnecessary metabolic by products will be carried away easily. Another important reason why you should give your horse regular massage therapy is that it will help to deal with inflammations and swellings in your horse’s joints. This in turn will help to prevent conditions such as joint pain. It is also important to give your horse this therapy because it helps to reduce muscle tension. This therapy also helps in balancing the horse’s body and enhancing homeostasis.  

As you can see their is a lot that needs to be accounted for, this is why a bespoke website design allows my client advertise their personality and services. The website has a range of features including a contact form and online gallery. This brochure website and branding has been produced for a new up and coming business based in Cardiff.

Various angles and pages of the design

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Have you ever been mesmerized by an untouchable house interior, one lined in smart wooden staircases and wooden finishing on windows, doors and such?

In such a case, you definitely dream about your own house interior looking something like that. However, as you move further to other areas and see more and more other creatively done house interiors, you widen your scope of what you really would like your own home interior to look like. In the process, you are gathering more ideas. In the end, you combine all those ideas to create one set of a grand idea. Now you want to present the idea to a designer who will simulate them. But as you set off to find a suitable designer to give the task, the reality dawns that may be it is not possible to get someone to make that dream come true for you.  

Our website design has been designed to cater for customer wanting to improve their homes, the concept portrays quality and highlights the experience and range of past projects. This was achieved through the use of a light box gallery, before and after demonstrations and many slideshows - all to create the sense of quality for my client.

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As one of Wales’s largest inline hockey team an online presence is important for the furture of the club. Having attracted a range of different aged players the website makes it easier to contact key contacts. The idea of the website concept is to maintain the high profile within the UK and allow the administrators to keep the website up to date with stats and fixtures.  Some of the website features include 

  • Dropdown menu
  • Slideshow
  • Mini Menu
  • Full page background layout


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An investor/founder having obtained exclusive rights to film university and community sports for male, female and disabled sportsman, required a brand and website as the platform for the businesses driving force.


Having put a design team together the following was delivered

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Website
  • Video System
  • Profile System

Tv channel web design


Features of the website include:

  • Moving Slideshow
  • News Ticker
  • Monthly Payment Direct Debit sign up
  • 6 Month Sign up
  • 12 Month sign up
  • Splash Video shown on homepage
  • Database of video
  • Search by Sport
  • Search by Keyword
  • Ability to create individual sports profiles

The website project is an ongoing project

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Web project for tea room

Tea room website created for a new, up and coming hot drinks industry

A new company in the UK, providing chai tea for the public – the first tea house of its kind in Cardiff. The Owner who I have worked with on previous projects was happy to select Rhys Welsh Design to produce the website concept to provide an online presence for the new business.

Key features of the website

Some of  the design features built using the CMS system include a light box gallery to promote the business and a simple to use contact form for visitors to ask questions. A google map was introduced to help users with directions to the venue. The website was hosted on our dedicated server and mailboxes were set up for key members of staff

A year later, the business structure changed and an online function was added allowing the customers to make product purchases online at any point (see gallery below)

The purpose of the project

The website was created to be launched with the grand opening of the café. The other reasons for the site was to utilise online traffic, specifically directed from a niche magazine that will help increase sales and brand awareness.  The site is predominately going to be used for attracting hot drink lovers – easily accessed and used in conjunction with their evergrowing twitter network.

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30 page Magazine Graphic Design

Working with the founder of the business school, a new look and feel magazine was produced ready for print.

"I've also seen a copy of the magazine, which looks really good - many thanks for your work on the design! "

Dr Fiona Davies  Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)



A community project required an eye catching poster to attract their target audience - a new look and feel graphic was created. The positive feedback led to reccomendations within the clients internl network


"You will be the first port of call. Been great working with someone so efficient. Thanks again."

Martin (Community Project funded by Newport County Council)




Here is a short selection of previous work carried out for graphic design projects in Cardiff...

Bible Restoration and graphic design

We have replicated a number of different graphic design services, including graphic restoration of Bibles. Having a grainy image of an emblem we designed and recreated s design that replicated e original design. This was then made in to a block where it can be made in to an embossed front cover of a book or Bible.

Flyer Design in Cardiff

Platinum club needed to promote various nights, in particular student nights, we listened to what the client wanted and met their tight deadlines We provided both design and print to a high standard, we have received other flyer design projects from the same Cardiff club If you are looking for flyer designs and printing servies please dont hesitate to contact us.

Graphic Design for Cardiff Night Club

Live lounge in Cardiff provide indy and rock music to residents of Cardiff and students.

We created night Club flyer design for the established night club in Cardiff. Live lounge have a number of different nights to promote. Working closely with the manager we have produced different design for various audiences

The quick turnarounds and knowing what the client requires has resulted in a good relationship and ongoing work from the Cardiff business.

Brand new business required a flyer to advertise their services, we created a logo and flyer design and supplied print work

We intend to build a website design in the near future with this company.


menu flyer design cardiff

We have provided graphic design to create bespoke funeral service designs. This has gone down well with family members and cherished by the loved ones, sometimes a standard print out is not enough - we offer a service that is tailored to your requirements

Branding Design Idea

Recently saw this fruit image, it is very simple to create - but I'm sure it could be incorporated in some type of branding design in the future


A lot of homeowners today use military antiques to decorate their rooms. These antiques are very good in creating a unique and attractive design in the house. This has in turn led to a tremendous increase in the number of customers searching for these antiques on the market today. Due to high demand for these antiques, a lot of stores selling these products have emerged. It is easy to find a store where you can buy your military antiques. In fact, most of these stores are available online. This makes it easy for you to find everything you need for your home. You won’t have to waste your time and traveling around in search for military antiques. You can get everything you want from the comfort of your home.

Online stores are also very convenient and cost effective. They will always give you a chance to cut back on your spending because you won’t have to pay for transport and other related expenses. However, you need to understand that not all stores that sell military antiques can give you quality products. Some are only interested in making money from unwary customers. It is therefore important to take time to choose the best store for your antiques.

Web design and online shoping

A good store should provide you with high-quality products that will fulfill your needs. If you are looking for military antiques to decorate your home, you should ensure that the ones you buy are attractive and have the potential to give your house a facelift. In fact, you should choose a store that guarantees you personalised military antiques because they will give you the exact results you want to have. It is also important to ensure that the store where you want to buy your antiques from has a wide range of products to choose from. The web design was crucial to give the correct presence for their potential clients.

antiques web design in Cardiff

The website design was designed to capture the hard hitting facts of war and its memorabilia.

If you are looking for a web designer in Cardiff feel free to discuss your requirements.

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