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Inline hockey community web design Having found a niche in the market for a minority sport allowed us to encourage all inline hockey players to one website. The site is due to be launched in the South Wales area first with the intention of expanding to the UK.

I like to think of this as the inline hockeys equivalent to facebook...but specific to our sport and will hopefully create an online community.

the website has:

Hockey Profiles & Community - The site allows you to set up your own profile - just like facebook
(upload pics, info, videos, events, groups, interact with friends...etc)

Forum - start topics or participate in discussions

Sell your kit - for free

Hockey Calendar - put your event in the calendar (meetings, open training sessions, tournaments..etc)


A lot of people we deal with assume that web design and search engine optmimisation are pretty much the same thing

Well there not..

There are aspects that can be applied to the design, but maintaining high rankings with competitive phrases involves ongoing work and various areas need attention. The level of work is dependent on the the level of competition - to rank higher than competitors we need to provide a better product (web site) for google to use. We have various solutions that can apply to your project

When asked for a quote we need to know various requirements for your projects

  • How many pages or sections do you want in your web design.
  • Are you selling any products, if so how many?
  • Does your web site have any specific functionality (eg. Calendar, bookings)
  • Do you have a logo or branding?
  • Would you like the ability to update your own website?
  • Are you looking to rank highly on search engines?
  • What are the key aspects of your business? What makes you unique?

We would love to hear about your project.

To get your web design project started please contact us for more information.

Web design Cardiff

Unlike some web design agencies in Cardiff, we can arrange meetings outside of the 9-5 working hours. If you have a full time job we can when you want and where you are. Being very flexible and can meet deadlines other agencies wouldn't dream of meeting.

Having considerably less overheads we can offer very competitive costs for identical web design services.

We can offer a one on one personal relationship.

There are numerous reasons why you should select our freelance web design services.

Please contact for more information.

Picking the correct domain name for your website is important, check out some of the most 'poorly' picked domain names:


...if you like that then here's some more of the same:

Graphic and Web design

Rhys Welsh works with graphic designer in Cardiff
Fully scalable website design for a consulting company. The Content management system allows the client to update their own site and add new pages.
This particular project was produced whilst working closely with an established graphic design company

SEO Cardiff

Understanding what google needs to see is vital to ensuring your website is a success in the rankings.

We have spent time with clients and explained why there website is not performing to their best potential

We introduce our new client to our 'search engine crash course' and then proceed to analyse their current website.

If you feel your website is not working for you feel free to contact us

In the current times, websites, like everything else, are ever evolving with constant advancements in technology. When talking about growing trends in web design, without doubt, responsive web pages are the next big thing. When Apple introduced the capacity to view full webpages on their iPhone, and soon after every smartphone in the word was able to do that, it became clear that surfing the internet will no longer be a desktop speciality.

Why the need for responsive websites

Nowadays people use their smartphones to browse webpages all the time. A few years ago, the general idea was to have two separate webpages, one for the desktop version, and one for mobile devices. But, with the advent of tablets, in all shapes and sizes, and even mobile phones with screen sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4.5 inches, it soon became clear that a different approach was needed. It wasn’t possible to sustain a separate webpage for each resolution and device type.

Responsive websites adapt to the screen resolution of the device they are viewed on. They come with a set of very profitable benefits that make it an ideal investment in today’s market.

Huge cost savings with Responsive web design

Since one website fits all, and that same site adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, there is no need for investing in a different website for each device. Maintenance cost and effort for so many separate websites can be high, and providing different content for each of them will be a pain. Responsive design saves a lot of money and man hours in hosting and maintenance in this regard.

Less work and easy analysis

When you have one page to monitor and analyse, it becomes a lot easier to combine the statistical information into useable data, either to target a specific audience, or to mend flaws in a marketing campaign that reflects in traffic.

Search engine optimisation

Although accessing a webpage on a mobile device is a common phenomenon these days, search engines still do not rank mobile web pages according to the traffic they generate. So if your webpage has two versions, and it is very popular for people who view it with their mobile devices, and not so much with desktops, well, you will be judged by the traffic to your desktop site.

You will show significant lower rankings. This problem can be easily solved with responsive web pages with the help of a design service. A single website will be monitored for traffic, and your PR will improve.

Linear learning curve

Someone who is familiar with browsing the desktop site may not find it easy to work on the mobile site in case they are two separate pages. But, with responsive web pages, since both carry the same format, adjusted and resized to requirement, the viewer has no problem in using either. In other words, there is no need to probe around in a totally new website.

Improved user experience

Since the user is freed from a lot of hassle and the need to memorize separate addresses, the overall user experience turns out to be far better, and this can ultimately lead to higher traffic, and an increased viewer to client conversion rate.

Responsive websites are the thing of the future. With the gap between mobile and desktop computing bridging exponentially, well, the time has come to choose the responsive approach to designing websites.


A Guide to Doing Business Online for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you’re an aspiring online entrepreneur, a website should be your first and mandatory investment. A series of steps follow to set your website and your online business into motion. You could get things done by yourself or hire a professional designer to save time and money.

Start With a Plan

What is your goal for your website? Who is your target audience? What is the budget? Have a look at your competitors’ websites to get a preliminary idea of how you can project your website to your audiences. Competitor analysis also helps identify areas where your brand can make a difference.

Address Website Basics

Get a domain name and server space to host your website. A domain registration service can provide you with a domain name on an annual fee basis. If you’ve a generous budget, you could host your website on your own server or rent server space from an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Develop your Website

Design your website in a way that is appealing to your readers. Use captivating content on your homepage. Provide relevant information in a simple and understandable language on other webpages. Make page-to-page navigation easier for users. Use industry vocabulary sparingly.
If you are building an online store, ensure you have a high-end shopping cart solution. Your shopping cart software must ensure that inventory and product categories are listed accurately; navigation between products and pages must be easy.

Your shopping cart solution must ensure that the entire process from searching products to placing an order, making a purchase, payment and store exit, are smooth. Provide secure payment options and employ advanced anti-virus software to provide a secure website to shoppers.
Proper website development is key to succeeding online. You could benefit from an experienced web design Bridgend service to develop a website that is highly secure and completely customized to your target audience.

Promote your Website – Employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to attract traffic. You could use pay per click campaigns whereby your website gets displayed on search engine result pages under Featured or Sponsored listing category.

Knowledge of search concepts and options available is essential to make informed decisions on these advertising methods.
There are several other promotion methods including using channels such as email and social media. Hiring an internet marketing service helps you employ the best method(s) of promotion without losing out on benefits and budget. Expert services also help prevent costly mistakes arising out of a lack of knowledge.

Contact Rhys Welsh regarding a Design service to get an end-to-end solution for your online business needs.

Web Design Bridgend

web design bridgendA purposeless website redesign can damage both your website and your online reputation, not to mention, your money and time. Website redesign must be handled by expert web design Bridgend service providers who can understand your online objectives and achieve them through your website. As important as it is to choose a good web design Bridgend service, it is equally important to know the reasons for a website redesign.

Lack of a User-Friendly Design

If your website has clustered text or unreadable font styles and sizes, it’s a good reason to get it redesigned. Unreadable font colors, text and content spacing pose difficulty for readers.
Ensure your website redesign is user-friendly by using techniques that allow easy reading for users. Online audiences usually scan text than reading an entire page. Make your content scan worthy by breaking down information under prominent headings, sub-headings, paragraphs and bulleted points.
Keep space between lines and keep sentences short; use common, user-friendly fonts such as sans-serif. Avoid placing content on highly-colored backgrounds, and backgrounds with images and design patterns, as this affects content readability. Avoid using colors that are too harsh on the eye, which will make things difficult for the reader.

Unclear Calls-to-Action

Visitors to your website must know what you expect them to do. For example, on a shopping site, a natural progression would be to request shoppers to make a purchase; on a company website, a call-to-action could be an invitation to submit a query for more information on a particular product.
Proper calls-to-action are important to guide readers to take the action you want them to take; to encourage them to stay on your website longer, and convert visitors into qualified leads or customers.

For maximum results, have call-to-action tabs on more than one page on your website. Use simple clear language on call-to-action tabs that tell readers what is expected of them next.
Inefficient Navigation
Readers are going to leave your website fast if navigation is difficult and they’re left midway, stranded. Address this issue in your website redesign. Ensure smooth and efficient navigation between pages.

Use clear-cut names on navigation links; for example, use a straightforward "About Us" instead of a vague "Learn More."
Moreover, avoid lengthy names for navigation links. Short clear names communicate the purpose of a page to the readers, save their time, and help enhance their experience.

Poor User Experience

Go for a redesign if you’re sure it’s going to provide a better user experience. Readers are always looking for better online experience, and you increase visitors and leads with such initiatives.
Redesign your website with technical updates such as coding using latest programming language versions that help enhance the look and feel, and functionality of your website.
Integrate tools that attract visitor attention, increase interaction and make the website efficient. Some examples include blogs, sharing and social networking tools, and capabilities such as image uploading. A professional web design Bridgend service can guide you through numerous other website efficiency-building options.

Create a Competitive Advantage

If your competitor analysis has revealed your competition has a better reach to customers than your brand, a website overhaul could help you. Study your competitor websites to understand where they make a difference. Ask your customers for help to guide you through online surveys and social media discussions.
It helps to have an expert to guide you through online success. Learn more about website redesign from Rhys Welsh.

Web Design Mistakes that Can Cost a Lot

web-design-investment-cardiffYour business website is your most important sales tool. It’s crucial to design a website that will engage your visitors and keep them hooked for as long as possible. Any mistake in the website design can affect the user experience detracting your visitors. Not only are you wasting time, energy and money but more importantly, you are losing the trust of your audience and an invaluable marketing platform.

Hiring a reputed web design Bridgend service can help prevent some common mistakes that could turn expensive. It helps to know of the mistakes to watch out for and avoid when creating a website for your business.

No Target Audience

Attempting to reach audiences all over the place is a recipe for quick disaster. You cannot obviously offer what everyone wants. Plan to target your website to specific audiences instead, say based on age, gender, needs, or frequency of website visits. With a target audience in mind, you can formulate your website’s objective concretely and develop a design accordingly.

Grandiose Design

Your website must allow maximum user interaction, which is crucial for converting your visitors into sales.

Using heavy graphics and Flash for no other reason than adding glitter will render bad user experience eventually affecting the number of visits. Heavy graphics slow down a website and divert a visitor’s attention. Harsh colours and backgrounds with images or patterns impact readability.

The core objective of your website – to market your products or services – gets lost behind such unfriendly design.

Use multimedia or other high-end design components only if they add value. Keep design simple, using no more than 3 colours. Keep colours and font styles consistent throughout the website. Use familiar colours for certain elements such as links (usually blue).

Crowding your Website

Too many webpages, lengthy sales pitch and excessive use of images, are some examples of unessential clutters. Clutters are an unnecessary distraction making it difficult to find essential information. This may propel them to leave the website once and for all.

Mercilessly remove content you find unnecessary. Keep content brief and to-the-point. Avoid creating too many webpages, especially if it’s a product site. Categorize products and list each category on a single page instead of dedicating a page for each product. Reduce clicks as much as possible to encourage visits and sales.

Inefficient Navigation

Using images and icons instead of text for link names, and unfamiliar navigation design that makes it difficult for users to identify and click, makes for inefficient navigation. Keep navigation simple and smooth leading to the page as indicated on the tab.

Use simple language to guide users to their destination and make it easy for them to track back.

Difficult Calls-To-Action

An unclear or difficult-to-locate call-to-action will affect the conversion rate. Place calls-to-action buttons prominently on every page so that readers don’t have to search. Tell users what is expected of them next with clear call-to-actions like “Buy,” and “Subscribe.”

The web designer you hire also plays a key role. It helps to have an experienced web design Bridgend service to design a website that assists in your brand building campaign.

Contact Rhys Welsh for more on effective web design.

Importance of a Clean and Minimalist Design

clean-web-designMinimalism in the context of a website refers to having only the most important elements to communicate the brand’s online message to its target audience. Minimalist design discards elements that do not in any way contribute to achieving your business objectives. You can consult a Website Design service for inputs on a minimalist design.

How a Minimalist Web Design Benefits Brands

Reduced Technicalitie - Since design elements are minimal, technicalities such as coding are greatly reduced. Coding required for elements using HTML, CSS or JavaScript or other, is lesser.

Content Becomes Pivotal – By doing away with irrelevant components, minimalist design allows greater freedom for content. Content can be distributed across a webpage in a way that maximizes readability and user experience. Also, readers are not disturbed or distracted by elements such as needless images or graphics; this directs their entire focus to content. The chances of your message reaching your audience are, therefore, huge.
Enhanced Website Experience for Users – Reduced coding aids in faster website performance. A simple neat design focusing on only required elements is appealing to the eye and more organised. Users find navigation easier and are able to read content clearly; they are able to accomplish their objective of visiting the website swiftly and with much ease.

Web Design Bridgend Best Practices

Plan your Minimalist Design – Just because it is simple and needs lesser coding doesn’t mean minimalist web design is easy. Lack of planning can result in ineffective designs that deteriorate user experience and brand image. A complete plan detailing your design goals, and essential elements, is necessary.

Don’t Stick to Black and White Colours - Different colours can be used for the background and to highlight the content on a page. Highlighting content with distinct colours draws reader attention and enhances content legibility. However, the webpage must not be cluttered with lots of highlighted content; use them only for your most important message.
Use Images and Graphics Only if They are Essential – Include these elements if they add value to the content on page. If you think images would be more appropriate in conveying your message, use them instead of text. Similarly, charts and graphs help explain statistics better than paragraphs of text.

Allow for Greater Readability – Choose colours, fonts and font sizes, and spacing between design elements that are not detrimental but conducive to user content consumption. Design elements must not be cluttered, and on-page text must use fonts that are easy to scan and understand.

Web Designer service can help you design effective minimalist styles.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a design style where your website adjusts itself to the device it is accessed from. Responsive websites fit into the screen dimensions of the device the user is currently using, automatically. If you’re looking to build a responsive website, ensure you hire a web design Bridgend service that has suitable technical expertise in the domain.

Need for Responsive Web Design

Apart from computers, audiences are using numerous other devices including laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and e-readers, to access the Internet. A website with fixed dimensions does not then provide a good user experience across all these devices.
A website that has been designed to provide an excellent experience on a desktop screen can become disastrous when accessed on devices with smaller screens, say mobile phones. Developing different versions of one website to suit different platforms is impractical. Furthermore, technological advancements are likely to bring in more advanced devices; it would not be feasible to keep on developing versions for every emerging device.
The answer then is a design that responds to existing and futuristic developments as well – Responsive Web Design – that empowers websites to work well for any interface.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Better User Experience – Since websites can fit themselves to any screen, users have a better time browsing your website on any device. Better user experience encourages user interaction, increases stay time, and invites revisits.

Cost and Time-Saving – Obviously having different versions of the same website is a waste of time and money. In addition, you need to spend money and time on maintaining the different versions.

Better Search Engine Rankings – Having different versions can affect your Google rankings. For example, there may be some quality backlinks to your mobile site while some websites may be linking to your main website. Having a single version brings all such links to a single site thereby enhancing your chances of ranking well on search engines.

Better Scalability – As devices change, RWD doesn’t necessitate new or expensive technical design changes to accommodate the website to these devices. Modifying the parent CSS code is enough to reflect a change.

Features of Responsive Web Design

RWD employs different techniques such as fluid grid and media queries to achieve flexibility. Fluid grid is a technique that takes into account proportions of a landscape, instead of fixed pixel values or percentage values of dimensions, and adjusts content accordingly. With fluid grid, a landscape flows and fits into the screen hosting it.
CSS3 media queries use a code to communicate to the browser to adjust itself to the dimensions of the device. This technique matches and applies CSS styles as specified in the coding in response to certain conditions. Internal coding gets executed once the website is accessed by a user. Program codes are written to communicate such details as device’s screen resolution; layout adjusts itself to suit these conditions.
An expert web design Bridgend service can make all the difference in making your RWD a success or failure. Contact Rhys Welsh web design Bridgend service for a value-adding RWD.

Google holds a majority of the search market. No wonder, most small to medium websites are tailored to attract customers through Google search. But every time Google releases a new update, things start looking bleak for a moment.

With the latest penguin update, Google promises an overall increase in user experience and a distinct reduction in spammy websites. It is just another fancy way of saying, “Dear small to medium business owners, are you frustrated by your efforts being futile? Don’t worry. Here, suffer more!”

But all hope hasn’t gone in down the drain, and there are a few things you could do to penguin-proof your website.

Focus on quality

This old trick can never go wrong. Shift from posting keyword stuffed useless content to creating high quality content that actually succeeds in transferring some information over to the audience. Include keywords, but keep them limited. Take the help of a good SEO Cardiff service if you want.

Hang out of your own website/blog

For a change, promote yourself on other’s websites as well. Interact with people on other related blogs and advertise yourself there. This helps a lot in the long run.

The social network

Social networking is the next big thing to take the marketing world by storm. Instead of just relying on a webpage for promotion, try having a Facebook page and a Twitter page to promote your services. Next, cross advertise, i.e. post about your website on Facebook, and on your website, post a link to your Facebook page.

Invest time, not short cuts

There’s no alternative to action, really. Spend time promoting your site, on social media and blogs. Interact with users on your Facebook page, as nowadays, a solid referral from a friend can be a better deal sealer than Google rank in some cases.

Pictures and Videos

Perhaps this is the part that is most overlooked. If modern technology allows you to demonstrate what miracles your product can achieve, then use it. Post a nice video, or a set of great pictures showing what exactly you can do for your customer. It goes a long way in building a great customer base.

Frequency matters

With present trends in search engines, it is imperative that you blog frequently and blog a lot. The more you update your page, the greater chances there are of search spiders indexing it, giving you good ranks.

Be popular!

It seriously helps when you are the talk of the town. People will actually care to share your views and stuffs that you post. Use your popularity to your advantage.

Even if Google changes a million things, you can always find a way to stay on top with sincere hard work. And yet, if it all seems difficult, contact an SEO Cardiff service.

Business blogging is an immensely powerful tool for generating inbound links and traffic to a website. It is an absolute must-have if you wish to cement your online presence. While a properly executed business blog has the power to generate immense amounts of traffic, a wrong move can ruin your entire image. You could take the help of a good SEO Cardiff services for assured success.

Helps spread the word

Business blogging helps you immensely as far as rankings are concerned. As you write more and more pages, you get to talk more about your company. With the proper SEO tactics, as those pages are indexed, you are surely on your way to the top spot in Google’s page rankings.

Update your blog as frequently as you can. Include appropriate industry specific keywords in your website, to enhance your chances of being ranked for keywords related to your area of service. Try looking for new keywords and then, blog about it. Try to find new words every time you update your blog.

Establish yourself as the expert

The more you blog, and provided you share accurate meaningful information with your readers, you will get good fan following and it will slowly improve your reputation as an industry leader and an expert in your field. Never shy away from helping others or being their superhero out for a rescue.

While giving out business secrets is never recommended, dropping hints for getting out of pickles is perfectly all right. Gain people’s trust, and soon, people will always come to you for advice when they need it. This will help generate a lot of traffic, thereby affecting your search rankings.

A great place to advertise

A blog can be a wonderful place to highlight your services or products. Introduce a sidebar highlighting your latest offers or that special achievement your company finally nailed. The idea is to ensure the creation of a deeper bond between you and the reader. This way, casual visitors are engaged and there are chances they will look for further information and visit your website for details.

Two way communication

Always interact with your customers. Keep a separate section for that, or use the blog itself, but reader interaction is a must. It will help in creating a deeper bond and a personal touch. It shows you exist, as a person, and that you care enough to read what others have to say. When you care enough to show that kind of respect, you will get it back in other forms.

Moreover, feedbacks and testimonials aside, when readers interact, it can provide you with valuable insights on your own flaws and weaknesses, this type of direct and word to word communication can be immensely beneficial if you are really looking to benefit yourself.

Manage costs for marketing

A successful blog can easily drive away a huge chunk of your marketing requirements. So, if seen that way, a popular blog can save you thousands of pounds in marketing money, which you would have otherwise spent in trying to make people like you.

Get in touch with an Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff company for more details on how to start your own business blog and give your business the boost it deserves.


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