5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website or Business

Start this New Year by re-assessing your business website. Accelerate your website’s performance and transform it into a true business asset with the expert guidance of a professional web design agency in Cardiff. Here are 5 key website and business tasks that you may want to undertake as part of your New Year resolution.

1. Revisit your Website Design

An outdated design is reason enough to drive your potential customers away. Go for a website redesign if it’s been 3 or more years since you had it designed. If your business has changed so should your website.

It is equally important to be available to your customers through your website on any device. It is time to turn “responsive” in design. Tuning your website to meet rapidly-evolving technology is a sign of a forward-thinking business. Audiences are more likely to trust such businesses.

As an experienced website design expert in Cardiff, Rhys Welsh can craft a stellar website for your business.

2. Strengthen your Content Strategy

New Year is an opportunity to re-analyse your content, and find new ways of connecting with your audiences. Plan an image-only blog; improve response rates on existing pages with better-placed calls to action; or have other strategies that suit your business needs.

3. Focus on Multiple Marketing Channels

Good organic search results are welcome. But, you cannot get in front millions of customers with organic search results alone. Consider integrating other methods such as Pay-Per-Click campaigns and social media marketing to widen your reach quickly.

Talk to an expert website design Cardiff service for successful integration with multiple marketing channels.

4. Make your Online Reputation Stronger

You may think that your online reputation is intact, but one negative comment can bring you down. Avoid such happenings by engaging with your customers regularly by email or on social media, and attending to their grievances promptly. With quality products and service, you’ll have a loyal customer base and good word of mouth reputation.

5. Don’t Ignore Offline Branding Channels

Offline branding is equally important. Your business cards, flyers, brochures and corporate stationery, are all marketing elements with the ability to make and leave an impression on customers’ minds. Hire the services of a creative web design Cardiff expert to create exceptional offline branding materials.

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